Why use a projector instead of a TV? When it decides on whether to replace tv for a projector or not, many things are placed into consideration. A good example s that when looking for a TV, it could a very dull moment as you have to consider lots of things.

A question that most people ask themselves first is where the TV is going to be placed. Another thing is where the people are going to sit, the size of tv, resolution and many others are. You have so many items in your sitting room.

Then you may have to remove them to make enough space for your TV. Though it may sound like a complicated situation and process, it is what happens.

Not all people are for replacing the TV for the projector. But the majority of them have that on the mind. The most impressive thing with a projector is that it goes in the opposite direction wit what TV needs. But before going on a TV or projector, there are lots of reasons involved.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why people go for a projector rather than the TV.

Why use a projector instead of a TV?

1. The large picture with a projector

One of the reasons many people give out when replacing their TV for the projector is the need for big-screen viewing. Of course, it is an essential factor, especially when you like big-screen images. Though the TV is excellent and the images are incredible, they are expensive.

It gives the projector upper hands due to the price they both have. The projector is mainly cheaper than TVs; this will make people compare the image quality and size before giving out their many to make the decision.

Some would ask why to pay much for small image display while I can spend less and get big-screen images. Every single of those questions are true and has crossed the minds of all those looking for a way forward.

With large screen viewing, you get to experi4ence the best interaction with your favorite characters and best image resolution. It becomes even better when using a 4k projector and watches 3D contents. It is not to say that everyone should ditch their TVs and go for a projector, but you have to follow your preference.

This way, you get to enjoy your entertainment your way. Though getting a TV could be hectic, but it has some advantages over the projectors.

2. Projectors setup pretty simple

When buying a projector from the market, it mostly comes with all its equipment, and if they don’t, they are easily available. This is to means that setting up the projector is not difficult. Though setting up a projector takes minutes to do so, there are lots of rumors around that setting up the projector is complicated with all the equipment needed.

All that have seen projectors before could attest to it that it is an easy task. So long as you have all the things needed is so easy. The only time that you could say is complicated when setting up a home theater. Even so, you can do t by yourself if you are a quick learner. You can even learn how to connect your speakers to a projector if that’s a setup you prefer.

Now that most of the people find that smart TV is quite good and easy to use, they have doubts about sung the projector. It does not miss out on anything as the projector can work with all other latest devices on the market. It does not matter what you want to connect or watch; it can work with the projector.

3. Save your spaces (Don’t need to dedicate floor or wall space)

There are lots of reasons why the projector could be better to be used in your living room than the TV. On e of them is the space that it takes for a projector to be installed and TV.

Both of the electronic devices are good and work with the same purpose, entertainment. When we look at the space, the projector, and TV use in a room, you would see a great difference.

Just like most of the traditional TV needs to be placed on a large piece of future in the room, it talks lots of space. The TV can also be placed on a large desk or be mounted on the wall.

Though there is an option of installing your tv on the wall, most of the people fear the potential for damage. Also, another reason they rarely install the projector on the wall is the tenuous work it has.

They prefer to have space in the room for the TV and arrange the other furniture around it for the best viewing point. When you compare both devices, the projector, and TV, you find too many reasons why you should replace them.

A projector do not need much space as it can be installed on the wall, ceiling, and also place on the tabletop. This means that if you have limited space in your home, you will still have great entertainment. Also, you will need a wall as a screen, and if you decide to buy a screen, you can get a portable one that can be removed and only placed when required.

4. Portability

Having a great entertainment device at home could be so beautiful, especially when bored or tired. Sometimes one wants to enjoy good scenic movies outside at the backyard, but it will require one to carry their devices. Now, this is where the significant difference between TV and projector portability comes in.

The portability of the devices will affect how you will enjoy your movie outside. It is not easy to have your TV set transferred to the backyard each time you want to use it. Though it is possible to transfer it on the verandah or where there is a source power, it is hectic. Also for you to carry your TV outside, it depends on the type of TV you have.

On the other hand, if you require to carry your projector outside for entertainment, it is much more comfortable. This is because they are made to be lightweight and portable. It would only take you a few minutes to connect. Also, it may not require a power supply as long as the projector is charged. You can as well charge some of the latest projectors with power bank when the power is off.

5. Stay Tension-free to getting damaged

This is another excellent reason why you need to replace your TV set for the projector. Most of the time, we are very conscious of what happens around the area that holds the TV. It s because you are afraid that the TV stand would fall off or the children will hit it down.

All these reasons are reasonable as they will greatly affect the position of the projector. You could only have al this tension and worry if you have children and pets around. When you get a projector as your home entertainment device, then you could enjoy a tension free life at home.

The difference between these two is the way they are installed at home. Most of the projector is install on the wall and the ceiling. Only a few of them are placed on the table each time you want to watch. Even so, you will note that the projectors are easy to install and handle and require less space also. It is really hard to break projector that has been placed high above than a TV set on a TV stand.

6. Advantage of 4k resolution

Resolution is one of the best factors to consider when looking for a projection because it affects the image quality. The more resolution projectors have, the more beautiful and clear the image becomes. It’s common that most people think that 4k resolution TV is expensive and not worth the money.

The 4K resolution TV ted to have beautiful images though expensive, but to some people, it’s worth it. While others are on TV, others are thinking of ways to replace the TV with an excellent 4k resolution projector.

The reason is that the 4k resolution on projectors is incredibly useful, and you can as well upscale your content to suit the 4K resolution. It also shows you a bigger image than what you get when using the 4k resolution TV. Its common knowledge that the bigger the image is, the more you benefit from, the higher the resolution of your device.

Though 4k projectors could be considered to be expensive as well, they come with excellent features, and you can watch anything you want. The set up of your 4k resolution projector is much easier than that of 4k television set.


For everyone that has a projector or a TV to replace, they must have an excellent reason to do so. Replacing a TV set for a projector is not just a simple thing, but it depends on the preference of an individual. There are so many reasons that people have to replace their TV. They want to have a much better projector that makes their viewing even better. With a projector, you can move from one place to another and use it which is different from TV. And these are all major reasons Why use a projector instead of a TV.

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