Nowadays, the latest gadgets are making the life of every student simple and convenient. Most students are looking for an affordable gadget to make the best out of their university life. As a student, you should make sure that you are building your own college life by enjoying while learning at the same time.

Here is a list of top indispensable gadgets for students that can help any student adopt new technology in terms of education.

1.   Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook

There are two types of students, one who wants to write notes by hand and the other one is, who only wants to type and print them up. Rocketbook can do these two things as one. You only need to write into your Rocketbook notebook by using this gadget’s special pen and scan it using the Rocketbook application. Once scanned, the pages will be optimized. Meaning, it will turn into a PDF look like file and you can easily search specific topics or words you want to read and look back. Another appealing feature of this is, you can share your digitized notes to any of your fellow friends and colleagues. You can share it using Dropbox, Google Drive, and even Evernote. After writing anything on page, you can erase it using damp cloth. This feature lets you reuse the notebook for an infinite time. This is the main selling points of this Rocketbook Everlast Notebook.

2.   Smartphone

The question is, a smartphone can be an educational tool? The answer is, yes if it has been correctly used. Smartphones can help students to prepare for their homework and projects. It is not only useful for students but also professors. Smartphones can let you easily search for useful content and learn from various academic videos. Some advantages of utilizing a smartphone are data transfer, surfing the internet, entertainment, and even instant messaging. Take note that these advantages should be used effectively and in the right way.

3.   Amazon Kindle

If you like to read and bring books everyday, it is most likely that you were experiencing physical pain everyday just by bringing it throughout the day. But before considering buying a Kindle, you should make thorough research if the book you are interested in is available in an eBook format. Kindle devices have dictionary and Wikipedia functions when highlighting a word in it. The font size, type and margins can be modified. Kindles can be charged by connecting to a laptop or computer USB port or to an AC adapter. Most likely, popular books have an eBook format either in a free or paid version. The most recent model of basic Kindle has new features such as a frontilt screen and bluetooth. Also, it has a long battery life in just a single charge.

4.   External Hard Drive

This gadget is one of the most indispensable as a student. External hard drives are really important to get a well-founded backup of your homework, dissertation papers, and other academic projects. It can also serve as your backup plan when your laptop breaks or gets stolen and as a result, you will lose all your saved works. External hard drives have different storage sizes which you can choose. One terabyte can store the entire files of your laptop.

5.   Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

With the entire gadgets you are bringing everywhere, you probably want to keep them always safe. There are budget-friendly and a good quality laptop backpacks that you can buy. There is a high-quality laptop bag that comes with a USB charging port and an additional security feature by using a passcode in accessing the key compartment.

6.   EchoSmart Pen

As a student, you tend to realize that you might want to earn while learning. You might want to consider applying to an online writing help service where you can apply your writing skills and earn while studying. This means, even while in class, ideas may pop up in your head and you just want to write it down quickly. But, if you want to look back on all the ideas you wrote down, there are chances that all ideas might be mixed up and gone. EchoSmart Pen has a handwriting recognition program that can save up to eight-hundred pages even if in offline mode. Once you get online, all the changes in your written notes can be viewed either on your smartphone or laptop immediately. This pen has a battery capacity of eight hours if used continuously.  Another special feature of this pen is, you can transcribe your notes up to forty different dialects.

7.   Coffee Maker

If you are the person who cannot work without the daily dose of caffeine, then this is for you. Personal coffee maker is very useful for many college students.

8.   Travel Mug

You had put your coffee maker to use, but now what if you are running late for class? No need to burn your tongue; just take your caffeine on the go in this handy mug. Once you take your seat in the lecture room, plug it in your laptop USB and sip it calmly.

9.   Fitbit Flex

In a world so excited that is your whole life changes each semester, you deserve a help managing your eating, sleep and fitness habits. This Fitbit Flex is your basic support and tracking device. It features completely with a silent alarm option that roommates will appreciate because they will not get disturbed.

10.  Otterbox Charging case

The academic life of students is very hectic. Students have to cover long distance running from class to class, internships, extracurricular activities and so on. Add this device to this chaos by keeping your phone safe and fully charged up all the while. This charging case extends your battery life twice and it will auto stop the charging to conserve power. This device will protect your phone from whatever obstacles you will encounter along the way.

Finishing an academic degree has never been easy. But, with the proper use of your gadgets, you can be more focused and complete your degree easier and with flying colors. Hope you can choose your perfect matches from this list of indispensable gadgets for students.

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