Since its launch in 2003, WordPress Website Development UK has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. Even now, it is regarded as one of the greatest tools for creating websites, and to meet the various demands of the business and digital ecosystems, it has undergone significant evolution in recent years.

One of the incredible things about WordPress is that, in only 0.28 seconds, a Google search for “WordPress” yields an astounding 1,900,000,000 results, demonstrating the platform’s enormous relevance and popularity. It also offers a large selection of layouts and themes and is free to use.

Plugins may be used to add sophisticated functionality like membership forms, analytics, and sign-up forms. The following is a list of this platform’s other salient features. Let’s look at some intriguing WordPress statistics that will further demonstrate its appeal.

Types of WordPress Websites

WordPress Website Development may be hosted in two distinct ways:



The primary distinction is that whereas is a self-hosted platform that requires additional setup procedures, is a hosted platform.

This is a free online website builder and blog starter that I may use. The entire platform is hosted. Hosting and domain names are paid for here. It provides quality, secure, and spam-free hosting for my website. It will also take care of my website’s maintenance, security, backups, and software updates.

Operating on its servers is the platform. In this instance, I will have to find the web hosting company on my own and pay for hosting. I also need to have my domain. You are in charge of my website’s security, maintenance, functioning, backup, and software updates in this situation.

Top Features in WordPress Website Development

Dark Mode

These days, the majority of important apps let users use the dark mode function. Additionally, by activating a black backdrop and placing lighter components in front, this function also helps to minimize eye strain.

It is impossible to ignore WordPress’s dark mode functionality. With the help of this function, I might use several WordPress themes and enjoy viewing websites with a dark color scheme. All it takes to have a flawless experience on your WordPress website is to install a dark mode.

Individualized Style

Now that WordPress is updated, it can function outside of the confines of pre-existing themes. Put another way, I might now alter the website’s style without having to use one of the platform’s pre-existing, specialized themes. Having a feature that grows according to unique needs is fantastic in this quickly changing digital world. WordPress website development UK features may be tailored to meet your specific requirements, regardless of the kind of website you are interested in building.

Using millions of plugins and custom themes will give me an endless amount of options. Hire a dedicated WordPress developer UK to create a website that satisfies my requirements and enables my business to expand into other areas.

Chatbots & Live Chat

Chatbots and live chat assist in keeping visitors interested so that no commercial opportunity is ever wasted. It also facilitates prompt and effective resolution of client complaints. I’ll notice that most websites include a chat option where you can communicate with a customer support agent if I visit a few different ones.

Even on its own, live chat may improve user experience, activity, engagement, and conversion rates. Therefore, in 2024 and beyond, it is not a good idea to forgo this function. The good news is that a live chat feature can now be implemented in WordPress development by activating the plugin.

Combining Blog and News Posting

By easily adding, modifying, and deleting material as needed, WordPress Website Development offers integrated blogging and category administration. The state-of-the-art block-based editor allows me to submit news items straight from my browser constantly.

A straightforward writing interface is part of this lovely style, allowing me to add the post’s title, content, images, videos, and other components. Moreover, I can use the grid design of the Gallery block that comes with this WordPress editor to organize photos in rows and columns. When I use this block, I won’t become bogged down in the photos I want to add or delete from the gallery.

Controlled Security on Websites

Having a website that frequently experiences blackouts or hacking can hurt your brand’s reputation cause prospective sales to decline and damage your customers’ trust and organic search engine position.

 Do I want to consider this difficult activity to be enjoyable? The ability to have WordPress-managed site hosting services makes it especially unnecessary.

Yes, WordPress web hosting companies like Siteground or Bluehost together with additional services like backups, core upgrades, and CMS security will assist me to make sure I monitor your website and keep hackers at bay.

Assistance with PHP 8

PHP is the computer language used to create WordPress. Like WordPress, PHP also publishes updates to address issues, add functionality, and enhance speed. Using PHP 8.0 with WordPress 5.6 or above is highly advised for compatibility if you wish to make use of this powerful feature. WordPress version 5. X is still in use on 17.2% of WordPress sites, which is one of the unexpected WordPress results. It emphasizes how considerate developers are about supporting and being compatible with earlier versions.

Before updating to PHP 8.0, seek advice from the top WordPress developer UK firm to troubleshoot any WordPress 5.6 difficulties you may be having.


There you have them, then. Some of these may be completely unknown to me, while others may be well known. These WordPress development trends should be kept in mind while creating a new website or updating an old one.

Make use of them to boost my consumer experience and internet visibility. To include these trends and create a website suitable for the market, I can also work with a WordPress website development business.

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