What are the most popular WordPress plugins in this digital era? WordPress has made web development easier. Even people without coding knowledge can build websites, thanks to WordPress.

One of the reasons building a website is so easy on WordPress is because of the many plugins that are compatible with the platform. Among them, here are six most popular WordPress plugins that people widely use to this day.

Popular WordPress Plugins

#1 WooCommerce

Designing an eCommerce platform or website from scratch is tedious. The slightest of errors can render the website useless. Besides, your platform is likely to have thousands of products. You’ll have to create all their web pages separately when building the site from scratch.

WordPress makes building an eCommerce website easier. With WooCommerce, it becomes even more convenient to develop such a platform.

WooCommerce provides a complete eCommerce solution. From creating product pages to managing inventory. WooCommerce will handle it all for you. It’s a free plugin that lets you fully control your data with hundreds of features. The plugin is secure and also makes Search Engine Optimization easy.

#2 WPForms

WPForms makes collecting form data more convenient. It takes only a few minutes to set up and doesn’t require any technical witchcraft to master.

The plugin comes with a collection of form designs and layouts that you can choose from. WPForms also has many other supporting plugins that provide extra form designs and layouts.

#3 accessiBe

Addressing your site’s accessibility issues is of utmost importance today. A site accessible to only fully-abled people is not a website for the masses. Thus, you have to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act – ADA – and ensure proper accessibility functions on your site.

accessiBe is the best web accessibility plugin that you’ll ever find. It ensures ADA compliance by maintaining proper web content accessibility guidelines when you require it to. From screen readers to visual interpreters. accessiBe has everything you need to make your website accessible to the masses. It’s a plugin that raises the standard of your website by making it usable to everyone, irrespective of their abilities.

#4 Smush

People tend to upload high-quality images on their websites. That’s not a bad thing. However, the problem with high-quality images is that their dimensions and sizes are too large. So, while the website can adjust the dimensions and fit the images accordingly, there’s not much it can do about the sizes.

That’s where Smush comes in.

Smush is an image optimization plugin. Its job is to take the images on your WordPress site and compress them. However, Smush doesn’t do that at random. It sees where you’re placing the image and what its dimensions need to be. Then, Smush will accurately compress that image to those dimensions, making the image less space-consuming while preserving its quality.

#5 LiveChat

Many websites have the option of talking to the support team directly via a live chat feature. That’s a useful feature to have, especially when you’re running a support platform or an eCommerce website. People can simply open a chatbox and directly talk to your support team. They don’t have to call or send emails and wait for a reply.

LiveChat is a plugin that facilitates this feature. It allows end-to-end communication (chatting) between the user and the website (support team). The plugin also allows for template-ready messages, where you can enable automated responses for faster replies.

#6 MonsterInsights Lite

As the website owner, you’ll often want to check its insights. That means every once in a while, you’ll want to know how the website is performing. For that, you’ll have to keep an eye on different metrics like the number of unique visitors, link clicks, average session duration, and so on. The best way to keep track of all this is via Google Analytics.

You might have to hire an analytics expert to monitor these metrics in many cases. However, with MonsterInsights Lite, you don’t have to take anyone’s help.

This plugin will help you set up Google Analytics on your website easily. Afterward, it’ll help you keep track of all the vital metrics and update you accordingly. MonsterInsights Lite is more user-friendly than any other analytics plugin on WordPress. Besides, since it’s working with Google Analytics to provide you with necessary site data, there’s no reason to doubt its reports.

Bonus Plugin: WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Labels

As already listed in this article, WooCommerce is one of the best and the most popular plugins for WordPress. It allows WordPress website owners to start an online store and expand their business.

One of the crucial things required to run any store is the various documents needed starting from when an order is placed until the order is fulfilled. An invoice needs to be created when an order is placed. In between placing an order and it reaching the customer you will need to create a packing slip, a shipping label, a dispatch label, and a delivery note. This can be overwhelming and this is where a WooCommerce invoice plugin comes in handy.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Labels plugin will help you create customized invoices and other shipping documents that will be needed for your online store to fulfill a customer’s orders. There are a ton of things needed when running an e-commerce store and a lot of things can be managed and automated using a plugin.
This plugin also has a premium version that allows you to create even more documents like proforma invoices, picklists, address labels, etc. The plugin also comes with a lot of customization options, additional features and templates that will allow you to run your e-commerce business with ease and have you just one less thing to worry about.

Among these most popular WordPress plugins, most of these plugins are free or have a free version that you can use. The premium or paid versions provide additional features that might interest you. Whatever you choose, there’s no denying that these plugins make life much easier for WordPress web designers.

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