Explainer videos are modern-day promotions for a company’s product or service. The manner of presentation of an explainer video is designed to grab the viewer’s attention. The objective of this animated sales video creation is to convey the value and detail of the product in a clip style or short video.

What are the types of explainer videos?

Let’s start by discussing what an explainer video is. Known as explainer videos, they are used to promote your company’s products and services. A video explaining your product is usually placed on a product page, a landing page, or the homepage of your website. Some sites boast that the conversion rate for their website has increased by as much as 200% since adding explainer videos.

Each type differs from the target audience and product type being presented. The four typical types of explainer videos as follows; live-action, animation, screen-cast, and whiteboard drawing.

●     Live-action

Live-action explainer videos are created with actual video footage. This is to explain the merchandise or service personally, sort of a testimonial from a satisfied customer.

Now, including actual people in your videos can create a connection between the viewer and, therefore, the message you’re communicating, so whenever live-action recording is possible, go for it.

●     Animation

Animation is a great way to tell stories creatively. Explainer videos are more versatile than any other option, but they are the most expensive of them all.

To present a product or service to a potential customer, animations in animated backgrounds and characters are used.

Most viewers aren’t bothered by spending two or three minutes watching an animation when they come across one. As you can probably guess, character animations depict a subject, product, or service that appears in an animated setting.

●     Screencast Video

A Screencast explainer video could be a digital recording of a computer or phone screen, accompanied by a voice-over explaining the method. Screencasts are commonly used to show how a website, program, or mobile app works and allows customers to learn more about the new product even before purchasing it.

●     Whiteboard Drawing

Imagine having someone explain to you a topic and having it drawn at the same time on a whiteboard using a colored marker. This gives the actual vision of the speaker while presenting his work; every detail of his thought is being presented at the same time on the whiteboard.

There’s a particular appeal to having content created right before an audience. Use whiteboard drawings when communicating a much bigger topic within the context of its smaller parts. The power to zoom out at the tip of a whiteboard drawing to indicate everything within context may be a powerful tool.

What Types of Companies Need Digital Marketing?

★    Food Industry

Even before the pandemic strikes the whole world, people are already watching explainer videos for food. This may be a quick-cooking demo, a visual feast of the final preparation or plating cooked meal, or even simply the video of how the food is being eaten with an amplified sound of its crunch, stir, sip, bite, or how it is being devoured. This is way better marketing compared to looking at still images of the food.

New food products, especially those unusual ones, took advantage of food explainer videos, giving them a better chance of being sold; the same goes for home cooks and DIY foods. The food industry takes the most benefit from these explainer videos.

★    Law Firms

Law firms have been benefiting from a distinct digital marketing strategy,

As you can say, lawyers are experts at communicating law, so an outlet like blogging – where lawyers shine – allows them to share their expertise in a way that most people can not.

People go online and read their information. Showcasing a law firm’s capability to handle different cases through explainer videos would be the best marketing and will be easily selected from potential clients.

★    Healthcare

Like the food industry, the healthcare industry is hammered by the pandemic, crippling every possible hospital and clinic around the globe, flooding with persons infected or potentially infected with covid.

People are now afraid to go out and visit the hospital. Even if they decide to go there, they won’t be accommodated the way an average patient would be; you have to fall in an extremely long line, with a possibility of exposure to the virus, so what is the best option for this – healthcare-related explainer videos.

From a simple cut to the cases that would need first aid treatment or the attention of a medical practitioner. We could look up an explainer video. More healthcare facilities are capitalizing on this momentum by implementing explainer videos to interact with future patients.

People who seek medical help need someone they could trust, basically, for the reason that lives may be at stake. By presenting what the healthcare provider can offer, viewers can assess and measure if they could rely on them for their concerns, even if it is through a digital format.

★    Vehicle Dealerships (Auto and Motorcycle)

The pandemic struck down the majority population of commuters leaving them no choice but to walk to their work or stay at home. Those who can buy their vehicle, either a car or a motorcycle, or some would choose to buy a bicycle. For that reason, the market competition is still on.

Local dealers must extend an effort to showcase their vehicles; the best way to do this is through digital marketing. Explainer videos should cover every detail, including specification, maintenance, after-sales service, and price.

★    Entertainment

The entertainment industry has always been about engagement with fans. The ability to draw you in and make you feel like you are a part of the story is the whole purpose of the industry. The entertainment industry has always been about engagement with fans.

The ability to draw you in and make you feel like you are a part of the story is the whole purpose of the industry. Digital marketing is the new way to promote sales for entertainment.

Nowadays, celebrities explore the side of online presentation, aside from singing and dancing, these may be through a form of Cooking Show, Real Estate and Property Presentation, Hobbies and Recreation, Travelling and many more.

Why are explainer videos so popular?

They are often seen on website landing pages and as ads or as actual videos on YouTube. Easy access, free, and available 24/7, are the reasons why explainer videos have increased in popularity for the past few years.

●     Maintain viewer interest

Combining visual and verbal cues helps people retain information up to 50% better. Explainer videos retain viewers’ attention for 70% of their length.

●     Video has the highest ROI

It has been proven that video is the most cost-effective tool for all your marketing tools for your campaign.

●     Interaction with visuals (presenting)

An explainer video’s visual elements act as an attention-getting tool and have proven to be 43% more effective than other marketing tools.

●     Various forms

You have to make it easily accessible for people to get in touch with you. I’m sure they’ll choose a visual channel if they have a choice. As a result of the convenience of visual explanations, many of us use them. Visual learners make up a large part of the population.

●     Extend the duration

An average of 10–20 seconds is spent on your website or social network by prospective consumers. For your product or service to be a success, you need to capture your audience’s attention in the first 20-30 seconds. If they do not see any reason to stay on your website or social media, they will probably leave.

However, it is possible to extend that duration from 20 seconds to 60 seconds if your explainer video is embedded somewhere on your social media or website.

●     SEO- Friendly

Videos are one of the most vital part of Google’s search results. Throughout Google’s rankings, they rate how much time is spent on your website or social media. You could increase the duration that a consumer spends on your website or social media by embedding an explainer video.

As a result, you will receive a positive response from the search engines, which will increase the chances of your content appearing higher in search results and on Google rankings.

●     Relationships

Videos are relatively easy to share. Video builds bridges between brands and consumers in the same way.

●     Increase Conversion Rate

70% of Google users look up a product or service online. The higher the conversion rate, the more likely they will purchase within 24 hours of you pitching them your product or service!

Final Words

Given the pandemic situation, people are forced to stay at home for their safety, maximizing the use of social media, and digital sources became the most important source of information. Having a good presence in the cyberworld means keeping the business alive, and having an explainer video would give them a better chance for market attention and possible sales. So any company can choose the perfect explainer video from the above given types of explainer videos list.

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