As technology progresses from era to era, so should the way we live. Otherwise, what is the point! A technologically advanced mind should live in a technologically advanced environment too. Gone are the days that everything needed a human presence to be done.

No longer do you have to pay the guard extra so that he can keep an extra watch on your home while you are away on vacation. Or you had to call in your cousin, or trusted friend to house sit your home. The examples mentioned above have been dated as old methods that are no longer a necessity because of technology.

Today, we are in a better position to perform the necessary tasks such as putting on the lights or turning on the house alarm at the touch of a button. A simple Smart home infographic has never been better. Below are a few of the smart home devices that will, for sure, make your life a whole lot easier.

Popular Smart Home Devices

1. Alexa

Alexa is an Amazon-owned sound-activated speaker device. Alexa has been sold worldwide and is known to carry out several tasks that make everyday life more comfortable. If you require a simple search on the internet, you call out Alexa’s name, ask the question, and she will answer you.

You can set the alarm, create a reminder, and even request her to play you music from whatever genre you desire. No longer will you have to manually type in your query on a computer considering you now have Alexa. It is now possible to cook as you listen to that audiobook you have been keeping on hold.

The best thing about Alexa is that you are also able to use her in combination with other home smart systems such as the air conditioning or security system.

2. Smart Home Security Gadgets

Today, there are several smart devices to beef up the security of your home. The outdated installment of heavy doors and the use of hefty padlocks are no longer efficient. There have been burglary cases reported despite their usage.

Example of smart home security gadgets includes motion detector sensors, automated cameras, audio and video activated doorbells to mention a few. These devices can be used singly or in integration with each other to create an impenetrable security system.

These systems have been engineered in sophisticated ways that you can access their functionality as well as control them remotely. For instance, in the case of a security camera, you can access both live and recorded footage through your phone or laptop.  Not only are you able to go on that month-long vacation stress-free, but you also get to monitor your home remotely.

3. Remote Controlled LED home lighting Systems

While we are still on the topic of home security, another device used today is the remote-controlled LED home lighting system. What this system does is allow you to switch individual room lights by the touch of a button. You can switch on the lights to your bedroom while you lounge in the Livingroom.

The security aspect comes in as you are able to switch on the lights of your home on and off even when you are out of the house. As long as there is a working and robust internet connection, you are able to switch the lights on and off to dupe the lurking eyes that may want to steal from your home. It creates an illusion that you are home, while in the real sense, you aren’t. Are you searching for casinos that accept Bitcoin? On this post specialists ranked top which take deposits and withdrawals via crypto.

4. Smart Appliances

Despite the use of sophisticated systems, there is also the use of smart appliances that go a long way into making your life easy. There is a wide range of these appliances from the basic ones that automatically make you coffee when you walk into the kitchen, to more complex ones that change a room’s temperature by comparing the weather outside.

There are also systems that draw your curtains when you wake up, automatic window blinds as well as bedside alarm mats that switch off only when you place both your feet on them. The primary functions of such appliances go a long way into making your life easier, especially in the busy world we live in today. All these appliances do come at a cost, but they will, for sure, change your home life.

5. Smart Home Gym Equipment

Working out has become the in-thing in today’s world. Everyone is taking better care of themselves by enrolling in gyms and numerous dance classes. All these are amazing steps towards a better life, but finding time to squeeze all these activities into our schedules, has proven to limit the whole dynamic.

In as much as you would love to go to the gym and attend a specific trainers session, your job may not allow it. And that is where smart home gym pieces of equipment come in. It is quite possible to have a device that helps you work out in the comfort of your home.

There is a wide range of equipment that one can purchase, but perhaps the most sophisticated one is one that incorporates all kinds of exercises in one interface. This device looks like a vertical screen installed on a wall and once turned on; it can guide you through your workout session.

The system comes in different versions as well as varying levels of adjustability. Meaning external working out equipment such as punching bags, windmills, for example, may be added. If you love yoga, you can set it to yoga settings, if it is boxing that you fancy, this is possible too.

The best feature such an equipment hold is that it also has an option of having a personal trainer, who takes you through your routine.


Living has never been more effortless. Just by the touch of a button, we are able to do so much. As long as you have a stable network connection and a device, you are good to go. Technology today has and is still taking huge steps into bettering our everyday lives. And if you are keeping up with the trends, grab yourself one or all of the systems mentioned earlier. You won’t regret it!