Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM is the name of Reliable Electronic Identity

Advances in the field of information and communication technology have created an opportunity for citizens to create their own digital identities and prove who they are in the online world.

Digital documentation, electronic identification, and biometric systems have become essential tools when it comes to quick access to a wide range of electronic transactions and public services.

However, since the information exchanged in such a way is considered critical, it is of utmost importance for it to be properly protected, which is achieved by using systems and solutions provided by experts such as Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and his VLATACOM Institute.

Why is electronic identity important?

Digital identity has changed the way individuals, businesses, and officials interact.

To begin with, reliable electronic identification has managed to completely transform the entire public sector and become the backbone of fast, secure, and accurate e-government services and various public service transactions.

What’s more, eID also plays a vital role in the digital economy, by enabling secure communication channels, accurate authentication and identification of individuals, together with safe online money transactions.

In today’s digital world, electronic identity is even more important than the traditional form of identification.

The main advantages of having a digital identity are greater accountability of users, reduced ID fraud rates, customized public service-delivery, improved national security, constant service provision, enhanced mobility, facilitated cross-border document recognition, and increased administrative efficiency.

However, in order to truly harness the power of digital identity, both governments and individuals have to prevent possible data breaches, as this type of information is very sensitive.

If breached, this data could easily end up in the wrong hands, which could have dire consequences to the security of individuals, businesses, and authorities. This is where Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM’s biometric solutions come into play.

Vladimir Cizelj

What are the benefits of VLATACOM’s biometric technology?

Biometric technology is the most reliable method of authentication and accurate recognition which is based on the identification of individual biological traits each user possesses.

As the entire system of biometric authentication is built upon the unique physical characteristics of individuals, it is almost impossible for it to suffer any kind of data breach, fraud, or forgery.

In fact, this technology is virtually impenetrable, which makes it the perfect candidate for handling critical data.

VLATACOM Institute, founded by Vladimir Cizelj, is one of the leaders in technology innovations that contribute to greater online security. The institute focuses on using information and communication technologies to create safer online environments and keep personal, business, and national information protected at all times.

Their biometric solutions enable reliable biometric enrollment and identity management, a highly-efficient process of verification, and accurate authentication.

One of their most popular biometric solutions is called Vlatacom Portable Biometric Workstation (vPBW). This device is used for biometric and demographic data collection which is then used to issue different types of electronic documents.

Vlatacom Verification Kiosk (vKIOSK-V) is a self-service station that is designed to identify an individual based on their unique biometric data.

Vlatacom Login & Access Device (vLAD-1) is a biometric security device that provides a three-factor authentication system used to gain better access control to logical resources.

Who is Vladimir Cizelj, the CEO of VLATACOM?

A scientist, engineer, visionary, entrepreneur, and academician, Vladimir Cizelj is well-known in scientific circles as a passionate innovator and technology provider whose mission is to create systems that will boost security and enhance socio-economic growth.

After receiving first-class education, Vladimir Cizelj started his career at “Vinča”, the largest Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Serbia, where he was in charge of his own department.

His talent, knowledge, and efforts were soon noticed and he received widespread professional recognition.

Once he established his own institute, called VLATACOM, in 1997, Vladimir Cizelj put all his efforts into the development of state-of-the-art ICT systems, including biometric identification solutions, smart city concept, traffic management systems, surveillance systems, and cybersecurity solutions.

The institute is now regarded as one of the best manufacturers and integrators of ICT solutions worldwide, operating in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Southeastern Europe.

To sum up

Electronic identification has successfully answered numerous urbanization and public service challenges, enabled easier and more reliable transactions, as well as facilitated interactions between individuals, businesses, and local authorities.

To enable secure use of online data, digital identity should always be reinforced with reliable biometric technology, like the one patented by Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM Institute. Such technology is the key to accurate user authentication and identification – two steps that are crucial for enabling top-notch electronic data protection. 

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