Web development vs software development: Which is The Better Choice? If you are a newbie in the IT sphere, some terms may seem interchangeable for you. For instance, what is the main difference between web vs software developers? Plus, you may wonder what type of apps are more popular among users. Or how to find reliable web application development services among plenty of suggestions available nowadays.

            This article will help you find answers to some related questions. Moreover, it will describe the main difference between software engineers vs web developers. Check it out to get an idea of what you should pick if you’ve decided to start a new career.

Web development vs software development: What are the differences?

            In general, both terms can mean the same thing for the majority of users. Indeed, websites, as well as software programs, rely on web-based software. However, if you deepen into the topic, you will find out that:

  • software development focuses on computer systems. Thus, software engineers create solutions for desktop and mobile platforms. They need to know many programming languages and also rely on theory;
  • web development focuses on the creation of a website for the Internet or an intranet. Shortly, web developers are in charge of programming the code that ‘tells’ a website how to function. They build user-friendly websites and ensure that everything works smoothly.

Main Pros And Cons Of Being Software Developer and Web Developer

            So, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of being a software or web developer? Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Software Engineers

The main pros are:

  • the whole world still needs software, and lots of companies prefer to have custom ones. It means that the demand for such specialists will continue to be high;
  • the code has a lifetime as it’s being changed constantly. Plus, code-sharing is still a dream. Indeed, GitHub and open-source libraries help a lot nowadays, but it is still not enough. Again, it leads to the fact that software engineers are highly demanded;
  • plus, the average salary is really attractive, and most engineers can also expect diverse bonuses and perks

The main cons:

  • such specialists need to study a lot and get various certificates. Moreover, it’s highly appreciated if they get MA degree and take part in diverse conferences;
  • this profession requires constant learning as technology changes rapidly;
  • AI is developing pretty fast, and some believe that it can replace software engineers. It’s difficult to predict. But, if it happens, some specialist may lose their jobs

Web Developers

The main advantages of being a web developer are:

  • It’s easier to become a web developer than a software engineer. Firstly, there are plenty of bootcamps that suggest intensive courses at affordable prices. Secondly, you may become a web developer without a degree and tons of certificates. Plus, it takes less time to learn the needed skills to start a new career;
  • the salary is also high, and even junior specialists get good money;
  • the demand is quite high;
  • it’s easy to work remotely and freelance as there are plenty of orders

As for cons, you may expect such things as:

  • high competition. Due to the variety of courses and their affordability, lots of people decide to change their profession. They choose web development as it helps them enter the IT-sphere considerably fast;
  • continuous learning and lots of sitting and extra working hours. Even though you may have a flexible schedule, in reality, you will often stay late;
  • plus, this profession is stressful, and you need to know how to cope with your emotions

Web Development Vs Software Development: What To Pick?

            In general, both options have similar advantages and drawbacks. You will have a chance to get lucrative work conditions as well as a great salary. Still, you will need to learn non-stop, work extra hours, and spend lots of time in front of your devices.

            The main difference is that you may become a web developer faster. This profession lets you enter the IT-sphere without a degree and tons of certificates. But, consequently, this sphere is more competitive.


            All in all, it’s up to you whether to pick a web or software development. In both cases, you will get an opportunity to become a top specialist with a high salary and nice working conditions. Plus, you may always try some courses for free to check whether these professions are the ones you are searching for.