What are the trendiest cybercrimes you need to be aware of? Cybercrimes strategies are constantly changing with time. Remember, cybercriminals are always a bit ahead of us, and they tend to surprise us with ever-changing techniques. 

Therefore be sure that you are updated with the latest cybercrime trends making headlines. Are you constantly aware of cyber threats? 

You need to download cybersecurity software from RarBG to manage the threats. In this article, we will discuss the trendiest cybercrimes you need to be aware of. 

Alarming Cybercrime Strategies You Need To Be Aware Of 

What are the trendiest cybercrimes you need to be aware of? Before discussing the trendiest cybercrimes, let’s take a look at the most alarming cybercrimes strategies you need to be aware of.

1. The lion’s share of breached records comes from three sectors. These include Government, Retail, and Technology. These industries are soft targets because they reciprocate highly sensitive information.

2. It is found from a study conducted by Clark school that cyberattackers attack  1 in 3 Americans every year. 

3. 43% of the attacks target small businesses. Small businesses are the most vulnerable ones. Around 64 % of the companies experience web-based attacks. 

4. Around 59% of the companies suffer from malicious codes and botnets. 

5. During the pandemic, there has been a massive increase of 350% in cybercrimes.

These facts are quite alarming so far as cyber crimes are concerned. Therefore it’s better that you keep track of the latest developments in cybercrimes. 

Top 5 Cyber Crimes That You Need To Be Aware Of 

What are the trendiest cybercrimes you need to be aware of? There are certain cyberthreats that are quite common. You know, regarding them. But if you are considering the generic ones, only then let us tell you that you are in a lost world.

The present Internet world is fraught with new forms of cyber crimes that provide you with threats.

Therefore let’s look at the five trendiest cybercrimes that you need to be aware of at this point in time.

1. Automotive Hacking 

Do you have a fascination and passion for automotive cars? They stand for fashion for the generation.

Yes, with automated technology-powered in your car, you get a seamless experience. These cars with automated technology help the drivers make decisions while driving.

They are fitted with advanced driving systems. But the sad part of the development is that the security is now vulnerable, and they are under the radar of malicious elements. Therefore lots of risks are involved here.

2. Your Smart Phones Are No Safer 

You already know that your smartphone performs multiple functions. Multiple applications run into your phone.

This involves a lot of risk and uncertainty. These are not just words. Let us supply you with information.

In the year 2019, there has been a 50% increase in mobile banking malware attacks. According to projects, things will further deteriorate in the year 2022. 

As per the opinion of the Microsoft 356 defender researcher team, you are going to expect more mobile-related threats in the coming time. 

3. Rampant Increase Of Ransomware 

Ransomware has really turned out to be a major threat to companies. This makes the security of the companies vulnerable.

This trend is quite an increase in leaps and bounds. According to a recent finding, Ransomware affected around 7000 medical equipment in Scotland and England. 

4. Cloud Computing At Risks

You know that business organizations are gradually turning towards Cloud Computing services to experience seamless services.

With the insertion of Computing, information could be sent fast and with better security. It seems that hackers are breaching into cloud data, creating many issues.

Cloud Computing came with the claim that the system is impenetrable and will turn out to be a watershed so far as IT systems and technologies are concerned.

5. Remote Work And Theat

COVID 19 literally pushed people indoors. The phenomenon stopped at the office, and employees were constrained to work from home.

We all know that the security one is getting through Cloud Computing is not possible through the systems run at home.

Therefore the systems back home turn out to be soft and easy targets of hackers.


It could be said that individuals and companies need to be in touch with the latest happening in the reign of Cybersecurity

Companies need to make decisions on safety measures that prevent their internal system from getting corrupt. In addition, decisions and steps on resistance need to be taken.

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