How to become an e-commerce web developer? If you are a fan of web development and have a passion for creating websites, then you can pursue a career in eCommerce as a web developer. In a growing eCommerce industry, demand for programming specialists is also skyrocketing. A good online store will not just increase its sales but also boost its customer base. This makes e-commerce developers highly valued specialists. So if you are an avid web developer and love eCommerce, this post will guide you on what knowledge and skills you need to gain?

Importance of Web Development for Your Business

Web development or developing e-commerce websites is the best way to enhance your online presence. It is one of the most secure, fast and powerful ways to reach your target customers and thus earn money online. The demand for web developers is increasing because of the huge tendencies and perspectives of online shopping. This makes e-commerce website development a very lucrative job in the world of technology. Thus, thousands of people dream of becoming an e-commerce web developer. And we can help you achieve this goal with optimal efforts and resources.

How to become an e-commerce web developer?

#1 – Learn the Basics of eCommerce Website Development

Make sure that you know the basics of eCommerce. This will help you in grasping the concepts and terms. Besides that, you should have a basic understanding of how eCommerce sites work. Understanding basic eCommerce site architecture, features, functionalities, and design can give you a good insight into how to build a website.

#2 – Decide on the Type of eCommerce You Want to Work on

Are you an experienced eCommerce developer or a newbie? No matter how experienced you are in eCommerce, you will require eCommerce courses to learn all the basic concepts. For your first assignment, it is better to choose a project that is easy and interesting. Do not just jump in the deep end, this approach will hardly be beneficial to you. Instead, read about different types of e-commerce sites and choose the one that is more appealing for you.

#3 – Learn Basic HTML and HTML5

HTML and HTML5 are the basic programming languages used for developing eCommerce websites. Using them, you can create a mobile-friendly, responsive, and SEO-friendly webshop. To succeed in this business, you will need to learn how to work with basic HTML code and build web pages with CSS. For an experienced eCommerce developer, learning HTML and HTML5 can be a great help. So if you are new to web development, it is always good to start with the basics.

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HTML is a way to describe the structure of your website. If you want to include certain components, you will need to create a certain type of HTML tags. At the same time, HTML5 is used in cases of responsive websites. Such platforms adapt their look and functionality according to different types of browsers.

#4 – Get a Good Knowledge of PHP

If you are not familiar with PHP, this can be a stumbling block. PHP is another programming language used in developing eCommerce sites. If you want to successfully run your own eCommerce project, you will hardly succeed without knowing the basics of PHP.

#5 – Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is another popular programming language that is used in developing eCommerce websites. If you have good knowledge of JavaScript, you will be able to develop custom modules and plugins for your own eCommerce website. Add new functionalities to your eCommerce store, customize it as per your business needs, and take care of user comfort. This is where JavaScript will come to the rescue.

#6 – Learn Angular JS and CSS

Angular JS is another programming language that will help you in making your eCommerce website responsive. At the same time, CSS will help you in making the user experience more personalised and smooth. If you already have a good knowledge of JavaScript, you most probably know what Angular JS is.

#7 – Learn How to Build eCommerce Sites

An eCommerce store is a complex website. Different types of frameworks can be used to build a webshop. If you have a basic understanding of how an eCommerce store is built and should operate from the back-end side, then you can design an eCommerce store that is customisable and adaptive to the consumer’s needs. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced eCommerce developer, learning how to build an eCommerce store is an essential step to take in becoming a web developer.

#8 – Web Design

The key to becoming a good eCommerce Web Developer is to start learning and developing an eCommerce Website design course. It involves the development and implementation of different web designs and online management systems. This would involve the development of different types of web-based interfaces including dynamic web pages, web applications, database-driven applications, and so on. This is what would make you able to make the best decisions in an eCommerce store development.

Thus, you will not be simply learning how to build an eCommerce website but also how to design, develop and deploy the eCommerce system as a whole. You would be required to learn how to use tools like Joomla or WordPress to design the eCommerce system as well as MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create websites.

Anything Else Matters?

We are here to tell you that web development is an ever-growing industry. No matter how complex or simple a website is, it requires constant updates and enhancements as the web technology evolves. Many people have the misconception that web development is only used for creating websites, it is not. You can develop web applications for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry as well, not to mention all the development tools we have now that let us create beautiful websites and web applications. All these are important and will be of great importance as an e-commerce web developer for your e-commerce project.