If you are reading the news at all lately, then you know that digital currencies are all the rage. Currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be in the news every day. Even major corporations, such as Walmart and Facebook, are getting in on the act. They are pushing to create their own digital currencies, as are several countries across the globe. Here we will look into available jobs in Crypto and blockchain technologies.

Attracting the Biggest and Brightest

There are many who have been hesitant to jump in on this market, fearful that their coins will be taken or that they will have their accounts, transactions, or information hacked in some way.

This is where blockchain technology has filled the void. This technology has helped to create secure transactions and accounts that have revolutionized the industry in general.

One indicator of how important or revolutionary an idea maybe is when influential people across several industries come together to help in the development of a project.

This is true with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The most famous blockchain experts come from fields such as program development, cybersecurity, currency trading, and investing, as well as major retailers and corporations.

With big names like this, you know that this technology is the foundation for the future.

Get in on the Action

Blockchain technology is going to dominate the future and it is very likely that we will reach a point where digital currencies are the only form of tender that can be used. This is why, if you are looking for a job, it makes sense to start looking at one of these industries.

Jumping in one of these industries is a smart move, but it also pays to know what employers are looking for. You can research the type of employees that tech companies need and that can help you to get ahead of the competition.

Once you have done this, it is time to start looking at jobs that may interest you the most. Here are some of the more unusual kinds of jobs that are available Jobs in the Crypto and Blockchain Technologies industries.

Data Scientist

Because of the relative newness of blockchain technology, there is a lot of information that needs to be retrieved, analyzed, and used to support future design and development. A data scientist is someone with strong analytical skills who is able to analyze this data and formulate what that data is saying.

This is a job with huge growth potential. As this technology is used, even more, the need for future analysis is going to grow exponentially.


This may seem out of the realm of these industries, but there is a need for journalists to explain the latest crypto news and to report what is going on with blockchain technology.

Whether writing for a newspaper, blog, or other types of news outlet, there is a major need to explain these industries.

There is a lot of misinformation and ignorance related to them, and a good journalist who understands these industries is going to find him or herself finding gainful employment rather easily.

Machine Learning Engineer

Any type of industry that involves investment is going to be looking for these types of employees. By how quickly markets move, it is virtually impossible for any human being to keep up and provide the proper analysis. What is needed is for computer programs to be able to learn on the fly and provide immediate insights as to what action should be taken.

Machine learning often referred to today as artificial intelligence gives the program the ability to process millions of bytes of information in fractions of a second, then provide the correct solution as to what action should be taken. Engineers who are skilled in this development are going to find jobs in just about any industry using computers these days, but this is one with a huge potential for growth.


Security is especially important for exchanges, such as the Independent Reserve, who buy and sell large amounts of crypto every day. Security can encompass a number of different areas, including cybersecurity. This is especially true within the blockchain industry, which has touted itself as the solution to providing the kind of security needed to maintain the integrity of transactions and accounts. A person who focuses their education in this area is going to find a job months before they graduate.

Web Developer

Web developers were becoming far less necessary with the advent of website development tools like WordPress, but blockchain technology has reinvigorated this industry. Developers are needed to create websites that integrate the new technology with sites that can provide transaction and account information in a secure way.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are going to be thousands of new types of jobs in the crypto and blockchain technologies industries. It is unimaginable how far these technologies and currencies will advance, and those who have found a niche or who gain education for professions related to these industries are going to have no difficulty finding jobs.

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