How WhatsApp with new features will surprise users this year? Whatsapp is currently one of the most popular mobile device apps. However, the competition is stiff, and various other communication apps are always innovative. The same applies to WhatsApp because the company is also constantly reinventing.

We take a look at some of the top WhatsApp with new features coming out this year.

Whatsapp with new features

Hide the Last Seen Status

You can now trigger the hide WhatsApp status function on your device. Whatsapp features a unique privacy change that helps stop users of the messaging platform from accessing “Last Seen” information. However, it only applies to users you have never chatted with, based on reports from WABetaInfor. It’s also an excellent feature you can use to avoid WhatsApp spy apps.

You can also deactivate the “Last Seen” status, such that other contacts can access you were last online. The setting has a limitation of your contacts, everyone, and nobody. The report from WhatsApp states that this feature’s goal is to make it harder for people you don’t know to access your data. However, it won’t influence how you have interacted with other app users previously.

Preview Voice Messages Before Sending

Whatsapp recently unveiled a new feature that allows users to access voice messages before sending. The feature lets users check whether their audio content makes sense or contains anything conflicting. The Meta-based communication app recently announced the function is ready for roll around and is available on various devices.

The option to preview the voice message comes after pressing the stop function. You can then preview the message or perhaps delete it when you prefer its content. However, the voice messages function is among the many other features and benefits that Whatsapp will release. And, you should never worry about Whatsapp spying on you when using this feature.

Disappearing Messages

Our tech researcher consultations also informed us that WhatsApp now provides another unique feature that helps boost your device’s privacy. It works by letting users set a default timer for your messages. The WhatsApp expiration message feature lets the messages disappear within up to 90 days after it was first sent. It’s easy to learn how to disable disappearing messages on WhatsApp.

The new disappearing messages feature allows users to use a default timer to delete the messages automatically. The WhatsApp feature is also applicable for personal and group chats. You might also have to learn more about how to enable disappearing messages on WhatsApp because it involves a few steps.

Multi-Device Use

Previously, your linked devices worked through your smartphone to connect to the Whatsapp account. It meant that any other device could not encrypt data or create phone calls through the app. The only function it supported was phone mirroring. However, the phone still had to perform the remaining functions. But be careful when of Whatsapp spy tools, when using this approach. Read in Arabic on .

whatsapp new features 2022

The devices you connected to your phone also functioned slower and were prone to disconnection issues. The issue was particularly intense when your phone battery was low. However, WhatsApp has eliminated these issues through this unique multidevice use function. You can use it to extend your WhatsApp connection and maintain all the app’s functions. The only drawback is that the devices you connect can’t be smartphones.


As you have noticed, WhatsApp is constantly reinventing, which is always a good thing. The only challenge is maintaining insight into these topics because they are many. With this guide, we hope to have learned a few helpful details about the things to expect with WhatsApp. So definitely WhatsApp will blow your mind with its new features.

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