The global cloud computing industry reached a staggering 260 billion dollars in 2019. And with 50% of respondents saying that the pandemic will force them to increase cloud usage in the coming years, that growth is not slowing down any time soon. 

Businesses around the world are becoming more aware of the powerful benefits that cloud computing can offer, helping provide more security, better efficiency, and much more convenience through a variety of processes. So blessings of cloud computing for business are remarkable.

But how exactly can cloud computing benefit businesses? And why should you increase your usage of cloud technologies? 

Let’s explore a few of the key reasons for cloud computing for business below.

Analyze More Data

For a business, the difference between success and failure often comes down to the quality of the decisions that are made on a regular basis. A single lousy decision will rarely be the sole reason for a company’s demise. Still, consistently poor decision-making is sure to result in poor outcomes even when the company itself has great potential.

That’s why forward-thinking companies are leveraging technology to store and analyze data at scale, as that can allow them to get a complete picture of the situation, enabling decision-makers to find the best path forward.

By comparing solutions like Redshift vs. BigQuery, you can find the perfect platform for data warehousing and analysis and then leverage solutions like Panoply that will allow you to analyze your data at scale and get more valuable insights than ever before. 

Over time, as you collect more data and analyze usage patterns, you can leverage machine intelligence to boost performance and optimize processes using patterns that you would have no possibility to even notice otherwise.

With cloud computing and machine learning technologies making giant leaps forward every year, companies that take a systematic approach to implement the technology will continue to separate themselves from others, resulting in a more tech-driven business world across all industries. 

Risk Mitigation

As a business, you need to consider the safety of the data you transfer and the communications you have on a daily basis. There are always risks associated with third parties wanting to break into your systems, but using reliable and secure cloud computing solutions can minimize the risks and allow your employees to collaborate without worrying about the data getting stolen.

And then there’s the fact that no business is protected from unforeseen disasters. Whether it’s flooding, server breakdowns, or even a natural disaster, storing all of your data in the office could lead to it being destroyed forever. 

Meanwhile, with cloud computing, you can have it safely backed up in multiple locations, being sure that even if one backup would become corrupt, you would have a fallback option and could resume business activities almost immediately. 

Sometimes, even a file that’s accidentally deleted by an employee can cause a lot of damage and force you to scramble trying to recover it. But if your data is backed up, you can retrieve any document in a matter of seconds, significantly reducing the risk of human error. 


When it comes to data storage, predicting your needs can be a challenge. That’s especially true if you’re a relatively new business and can experience periods of rapid growth. Using an in-house system can become a hassle if your needs change since you need to upgrade and find ways to compensate, leading to inefficiencies and even financial losses.

Meanwhile, if you adopt cloud computing as your primary way to store and process data, scaling will become not much more complicated than increasing your bandwidth in a process that takes a few minutes.

Whether you need to add more users, increase the amount of data you can store, or even add new functionality, today’s leading cloud computing solutions can provide all of that and more, all for a flexible and affordable price. 


As a business, you must always be looking for ways to save money. Every dollar saved on ineffective processes is a dollar you can spend on innovation, marketing, or attracting top-quality talent. 

benefits of cloud computing

And cloud computing is one of the critical areas that can allow you to actually increase productivity while simultaneously cutting costs.

Sure, implementing cloud computing technologies can seem complicated, especially if you don’t have any prior experience. You might even need to consult with an outside expert who can guide you through the entire process and ensure you pick a solution that matches your needs.

But other than that, cloud computing technologies are very straightforward and can be implemented by almost any type of business.

You can use cloud computing solutions no matter your company size and budget and choose between three main types of clouds: private, public or hybrid. For instance, if you have a huge company that needs its own cloud you can work with a private cloud as it provides computing services and resources exclusively to a single business. Using cloud solutions is always beneficial for you as they allow organizations to scale, maintain flexibility and focus their efforts on business operations. 

Since cloud computing is an on-demand service that can be customized to fit your needs, you won’t need to worry about maintaining expensive infrastructure on-premises. You can outsource the entire process to a third-party provider who will take care of maintenance, security, and updates for a fixed, affordable price.

This means not just lower costs but also the ability to accurately predict how much you will need to spend. And that’s a luxury that can allow you to allocate your budget with much more confidence. 

Final Words

Huge opportunities are created by cloud computing for business. Whether the business is small or large. Cloud computing is here to stay. Whether you’re a small company or a large enterprise, you can reap amazing benefits from implementing cloud technology sooner rather than later.

It can provide a significant boost to your security, help leverage big data into valuable insights, and allow you to cut costs while simultaneously improving flexibility and adding powerful features to your business processes.

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