Why today help desk platforms are essential for eCommerce businesses? In today’s highly competitive e-market, winning consumer trust and respect is incredibly important. Therefore, all modern corporations strive to gain customer flavor by any means available. That’s confirmed by the Nextiva research. According to the latter, 96% of consumers worldwide consider client service quality an important criterion for brand loyalty. Therefore, most companies nowadays strive to improve their support teams’ work. And that’s why business owners use specific software to achieve such purposes.

Experts advise entrepreneurs to apply help desk platforms to enhance their customer service. Such applications assist in increasing profit, reducing the burden on support staff, and getting closer to consumers. However, these benefits are able only if a company uses a qualitative eCommerce help desk platform. Applying software of doubtful developers is fraught with wasting money. Moreover, entrepreneurs should contact trustworthy agencies (such as Help Desk Migration Service) to move data properly.

Signs That Customer Service Needs to Be Improved

Signs That Customer Service Needs to Be Improved

Any company periodically requires this option. The key signs of improving the support team work necessity, for example, are:

  • presence of cases of client requests losses or omissions;
  • reduction in the level of traffic to the company’s website;
  • receiving regular customer complaints about the slowness of service;
  • decrease in business profitability.

And, of course, business owners should consider consumer comments on the official enterprise’s website.

How Can Ticket Systems Enhance Customer Service?

Help desk platforms assist in solving all the problems above. Additionally, such apps can improve eCommerce brand in the following ways:

  1. Combining all customer service information into a single database. The latter is usually stored in the cloud and can be viewed from any device with an internet connection.
  2. Managing customer reviews, applications, and contacts. Most software has a user-friendly interface for performing such operations.
  3. Delegation of applications to certain specialists or departments. This also helps to rally the team.
  4. Routine process automation. Such a feature assists in reducing the number of support employees.
  5. Analyzing customer preferences. This helps create customized offers.
  6. Client identification. Business owners can determine, for example, the average age or location of customers. This assists in a much better understanding of consumers.

Nay, help desk platforms never get tired, even working around the clock. Such a feature eliminates the possibility of making mistakes.

How Much Does Customer Service Quality Affect Business Profitability?

How Much Does Customer Service Quality Affect Business Profitability

First, it should be noted that 75% of consumers return to companies with qualitative support. Here, business owners should keep in mind that retaining customers is up to 25% cheaper than finding new ones. Furthermore, regular clients pay 300% more when shopping. In addition, official stats view that:

  • 78% of customers forgive mistakes of enterprises whose service they like;
  • 74% of clients are willing to change brands with poor support;
  • 55% of consumers visit a company’s website if they hear about its excellent service.

Also, it’s worth noting that satisfied customers pay 60% more. So, entrepreneurs have numerous reasons to enhance their client service.

Primary Benefits of eCommerce Help Desk Apps

This software helps you save time. This is because ticket systems make customer service easier by 22%. The other advantages are:

  1. Attracting new customers through referrals from regular ones. According to statistics, 72% of satisfied consumers share a positive experience.
  2. Increasing employee engagement. This indicator grows by 20% when using help desk applications. What’s more, under surveys, about 69% of support staff said they work harder if they know their results are being reviewed and evaluated.
  3. Improving the communication skills of the customer service team members. That’s because ticket systems take up a significant portion of their work. Thus, the support staff has free time to improve their communication skills (e.g., developing friendliness or a sense of humor).

In addition, it should be noted that nearly 84% of companies enhancing their client service have started making higher profits. So, the effectiveness of such software is incredible.

Organization of Customer Service Using Ticket Systems

Organization of Customer Service Using Ticket Systems

It’s important to provide easy access to support. When a client needs advice, he’s already confused. Therefore, if the process of contacting customer service is too complicated, the client is likely to leave the site. Thus, experts advise organizing the page space of the company’s website so that the user can contact technical support within 5-10 seconds. Nay, the specialists recommend:

  1. Storing the history of communication with each client. The approach helps support staff quickly remember how the client communicates. And this increases the speed of solving the problem if this consumer asks for help again.
  2. Developing an effective knowledge base. Here, business owners should consider the keywords that site visitors enter when searching for an unfamiliar concept. It’s also worth determining which sections of the website customers visit after an unsuccessful search.
  3. Tracking the presence of missing functions on the company’s website. This can be done, e.g., by analyzing client reviews or organizing a survey on the website. Business owners may also append the option to evaluate existing features with the opportunity to add a detailed answer. In this case, the entrepreneurs can more precisely understand what their sites are missing. Help desk apps allow pretty easily embodying this.
  4. Analyzing the visitors’ behavior when they are on the company’s website. Such research will assist in determining the right time for sending a help offer. Such an approach reduces the number of angry calls to support by 80%.
  5. Creating a multi-channel support system. Customers should be able to contact client service via phone, email, and live chat or messenger. Ticket systems propose convenient tools to combine these communication channels in one interface.
  6. Monitoring customer service performance. One of the main characteristics here is the time of the first response. For eCommerce, this value should not exceed 113 seconds.
  7. Analyzing customer complaints and eliminating their causes. For example, clients frequently contact support for issues related to bugs. So, a business owner should ask a programmer to improve the source code of his company’s website.

So, ticket systems can greatly benefit online business owners with the right approach. The entrepreneurs may learn more about the help desk platforms, e.g., by visiting help-desk-migration.com.

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