What do you think, Will artificial intelligence dominate the planet in future? The dramatic changes in technology and limitless innovation have made it challenging to predict the future of the IT industry. Everything started from digital media that provided people a platform to connect virtually. Since then, there is no going back. Innovators have developed models that imitate humans’ intelligence levels, popularly known as artificial intelligence. At the same time, technology is promoting automation in almost every industry.

However, rapid growth in technology wasn’t expected until 2025, but the global pandemic accelerated the innovation process. With people locked inside homes, developers designed software and tools to improve connectivity. They provided a digital ecosystem – a forum where people could do everything without stepping out of their homes.

For meetings and conferences, video calling tools were available. Similarly, cloud applications offered incredible data storage and sharing solutions. Surprisingly, these innovations aren’t stopping any time soon. The next few years would be full of technological disruptions and surprises for everyone. If you wish to learn about the future of tech, have a look below. Here is a list of six technologies that will dominate the future.

1.   Remote Work & Automation

Amid Covid-19, work from home has become the new normal. Organizations have automated operations by switching to digital tools, allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world. It might seem like a temporary trend, but it is here to stay. Many companies have already given their employees a choice for remote work permanently. And to support this initiative, innovators are inventing tech-savvy tools to facilitate and foster this change.

They have designed user-friendly project management tools and Polycom video conferencing applications. These video and audio products enable employers to conduct online conferences and meetings without disruptions. In addition, we would be seeing more intuitive cloud storage applications to fulfill rising data storage needs.

2.   Blockchain Technology

Financial institutes have been trying to regulate the economy for the past few years. Even though they have been pretty successful, it isn’t going to last long. Blockchain provides a decentralized, public ledger – free from regulations. You can send and receive money without any interference from a third party. Due to the absence of a financial intermediary, users won’t have to bear any additional transactional costs, ensuring the free flow of money.

Business owners believe blockchain is likely to be a game-changing force as the lack of regulation can help in reducing expenses. In addition, blockchain will also facilitate trading in cryptocurrency, allowing you to introduce a new payment mode. In turn, you can play your part in creating a cashless economy and reducing your environmental footprint.

3.   Autonomous Vehicles

Have you heard of self-driving cars? It might seem impractical, but companies like General Motors aim to market autonomous vehicles by 2030. They are working on vehicles with driving technology and automated sensors that can navigate the road. Similarly, the owner of Tesla – Elon Musk, will be operating a fleet of Robo-taxis. The purpose behind this is to free people from labor-intensive tasks and let machines perform these functions.

Besides self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles will facilitate robotic deliveries through drones. Instead of a delivery man, you would be seeing robots dropping parcels at your doorsteps. Sounds exciting, no? These innovations would change the dynamics of the transport industry, bringing accessible transportation for millions of people.

4.   Artificial Intelligence

Really, don’t you think that will artificial intelligence dominate the planet in future? Today, almost everyone is familiar with the wonders of artificial intelligence (AI). Products like facial recognition, voice assistants, and sales forecasting are some of the few examples of AI in daily life. But, what does the future of Artificial Intelligence holds? We have known AI to imitate intelligent human behavior, but it would go beyond that in the coming years. It would be automating actions humans perform, such as giving medical advice, driving a car, etc. Precisely, the things we thought machines couldn’t function.

Besides this, AI is likely to evolve into the implementation of edge AI. It is a new technology that gives digital devices the autonomy to perform tasks by themselves. Hence, the bots or voice assistants won’t be relying on the data connection. Instead, they would be conducting activities through information stored in internal processors.

5.   Medical Technology

The emerging tech evolutions are driving change in the healthcare industry. In addition to mobile health and online consultations, we would see many more technological advancements in medicine. Soon, epidemiologists will introduce new methods of drug development. They will conduct virtual trials to explore the new antiviral treatments.

Similarly, the healthcare sector will integrate data into operations. The online records systems would allow practitioners to stay on top of patients’ medical history, improving health outcomes. Above all, 3D printing will create prosthetics and implants for patients. Will artificial intelligence dominate the planet in future, The technology can customize the elements with the patient’s natural anatomy, ensuring comfort and cure.

6.   5G Technology

There has always been hype around 5G technology, but innovators didn’t see it coming until now. Given the popularity of automation and digital collaboration, the need for a reliable internet connection is becoming crucial. Well, 5G provides fifth-generation cellular wireless services at a speed of up to 100 gigabits per second. In simple words, it would be 100 times faster than conventional 4G.

Moreover, 5G opens up high-band, short-range airwaves that can significantly reduce the buffering time. Also, it has an air interface designed to empower new development models and high-end user experience. Unlike 4G, 5G would give users an option to pick frequency. After all, it can run on low, middle, and high frequency, offering three different 5G experiences.

Final Thoughts

The world will continue to change and progress with new technological disruptions. People would get a chance to capitalize on recent innovations, whereas businesses can move ahead with more automation. After all, the goal of these tech advancements is to facilitate the users in the best possible way. Therefore, keep up with the future of technology and find ways to monetize on tech to make your business succeed.

Belayet Hossain

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