Let’s learn how to fix Windows host process rundll32 high CPU usage. This is an Incredibly Easy Method That Works for All. Now read the detail.

Windows is the most popular platform used by the pc users all over the world. Most of the PC users either they have a laptop, or a desktop uses Windows by Microsoft. It has different versions like XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and the latest Windows 10. You might face problems using windows on your computer sometimes, and you do not need to worry about it. For the reason that wherever there is a problem, there is a solution.
As there are a lot of people all over the world who uses Windows, so there are many challenges as well. It is quite impossible to talk about all the problems and solutions in one place. However, it is possible to speak about some. Here, today we are going to discuss Windows host process rundll32 high CPU; An Incredibly Easy Method That Works for All and some other problems and solutions. To have a clear view of our discussion today look down below to distinguish the problems and solutions.
• Windows host process rundll32 high CPU Usage
• taskhost exe high CPU usage
• How to stop host process for windows services

Let’s start with the First one

Windows host process rundll32 high CPU Usage

This is one of the most famous problems of windows which don’t have any relevant solution on the internet. You can do the research, and at last, you will get confused. I am telling this from my personal experience. It will be rigid for you to find the correct info about this problem. It is a never-ending problem. If you are lucky you will not face this issue but if you are unfortunate then you had to face it, or you can face it in future. Here, I will try to make it easier for you and the rest are depending on luck. So, before going to the solution, you need to know what the problem is or why this is happening.


What is rundll32exe?

If you have been around Windows for any measure of time, you have seen the zillions of *.dll (Dynamic Link Library) documents in each application organizer, which are utilized to store regular pieces of the application that can be accessed from numerous applications.
Since there’s no real way to open a DLL file straightforwardly, the rundll32exe application is essentially used to dispatch usefulness stored in shared .dll documents. This executable is a legitimate piece of Windows, and typically shouldn’t be a danger.
Note: The legal procedure is regularly situated at \Windows\System32\rundll32.exe, yet occasionally spyware utilizes a similar filename and keeps running from the other registry with a specific end goal to disguise itself. If you think you have an issue, you should dependably run a scan certainly, yet we can confirm indeed what is happening. So continue reading.


Research using process explorer for Windows (10,8.1,7 & vista)

Download Process Explorer utility from Microsoft instead of task manager. It is easier to use in all versions of Windows.
• Click on file
• Then choose Show details for all processes
• Place your mouse on the rundll32.exe. You will see the details of the program.

windows host process rundll32 high CPU - process explorer

windows host process rundll32 high CPU -rundll32

Disabling the rundll32 host process high CPU usage on windows 7

Open run or go to the search box. Then type msconfig.exe, you will find command column. Go to startup. Just uncheck the box to prevent from starting automatically.
Note – the process does not have a startup item sometimes if this happens you have to make some inquiry, to figure out where it was started from. For example, on the off chance that you open up Display Properties on XP you will see another rundll32.exe in the list since Windows inside utilizations rundll32 to run that dialogue.


windows host process rundll32 high CPU -Windows-7-disable


Disabling rundll32 host process high CPU in Windows 8 or 10

Disabling the rundll32.exe is easy on Windows 8 or 10. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to enter into the task manager. Go to startup and disable it from there.

windows host process rundll32 high CPU - dll-on-8-or-10


Using Windows 7 or Vista Task Manager to Disabling rundll32 host process high CPU

In Windows Vista or 7 open the task manager and go to process. You will see the host process rundll32.exe. By right-clicking on the process, you will see the properties option. Enter into the properties and look all the details. If you need to disable it, then you can do that, and if not, you can ignore that.


windows host process rundll32 high CPU -task-manager

After we know that what the program is we can figure out should we disable it or not. You can search for host process for windows tasks high memory usage, host process for windows tasks high CPU windows 8, windows task host process, host process for windows tasks 100 disk.


taskhost exe high CPU usage

TASKHOST is a generic procedure which goes about as a host for forms that keep running from DLLs as opposed to EXEs. At startup, TASKHOST checks the Services segment of the Registry to develop a rundown of DLL-based administrations that it needs to load, and after that loads them. There can be many cases of TASKHOST running, as there will be one example of TASKHOST for each DLL-based administration or gathering of administrations (the collection of services is dictated by the software engineers who composed the services being referred to).

Since this is a fundamental piece of the working framework, I would not propose you to erase it.

Nevertheless, for the high CPU consumption problem, please utilize Performance Monitor to see execution information either continuously or from a log file.

The new Resource Monitor gives you a chance to see itemized real-time information about equipment assets (CPU, system, disk, and memory) and framework assets (including modules and handles) being used by the working framework, administrations, and running applications. Moreover, you can utilize Resource Monitor to stop procedures, begin and stop administrations, break down process halts, see string hold up chains, and distinguish forms locking records.

You can also search in google for dism host servicing process high CPU usage, host process for windows tasks high disk usage, windows host process high disk usage.


How to stop host process for windows services

• Press CTRL+ALT+DEL. Click on task manager
• Go to the processes tab
• You might find several instances of svchost.exe Under ‘Windows processes’
• Watch out which of the ‘svchoste.exe’ process is consuming high data and expand
• Right-click and select end task
That is all.



I am fascinated that you have read this windows host process rundll32 high CPU usage fixing and will be happier if you have taken any advantage of it. I have tried to give you the solution to those problems in the easiest way which will help you to understand the process simply. If you have any suggestion for us, we would like to hear that. Take care and spread the goodness.


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