For generations and generations, women always faced massive hurdles to gain equality. However, ever since women began to push back against inequality, we have witnessed a growing number of women succeeding in male-dominated environments, including in workplaces. So women in business is the real fact.

In this short document, ICON offer three important tips that may help a woman advance their career in their field.

Women in Business: Always show that you are up for a challenge.

According to research conducted by Hewlett-Packard (aiming to know why a majority of women do not hold more managerial positions) –  it was discovered that men apply for a promotional position when they attain roughly 60% of the position’s criteria; while women, on the other hand, tend to doubt themselves unless they have met 100% of the job’s criteria.

Now! What point should you derive from this? The bottom line is Just Apply.

Rather than thinking of the qualifications you are missing (weaknesses), concentrate on your strengths. Think of it as an opportunity to sell yourself and your determination to succeed. Never be afraid of promoting yourself.

Consider the opportunity as a way of improving your experience. For this reason, consider using tasks such as ‘I have done something related to it’, ‘That is an interesting task’, ‘It will not be a problem to learn a new skill’, ‘I have faced a challenge like this in the past’, and other similar phrases. If there is a need for additional skills and experiences, you must be familiar with; then consider looking for training or learning materials beforehand as a way to prepare yourself. If you are not familiar with a particular system but have the drive to learn the ins and outs, find a way to get noticed.

Take pride in advancing your career.

Never fear or shy away from communicating your drive or dedication to climb the corporate ladder. It does not matter if you are in a large commercial company, corporation, startup environment, or nonprofit organization; you are your best advocate for getting the position you needed. For this reason, give it your all.

The first thing you should learn so that you can achieve this is communication. In other words, learn how to communicate with others is very important. In the process, this will teach you how to communicate the things that drive you. Consider all the things that make you excited to show up to the office every day. In a nutshell, if you love your job, show it!

Note; the more you channel your energy towards your work and its environment will inspire you to keep on driving forward. This will also inspire your colleagues or team to advance in the organization’s goals.

How can you achieve this? Below are a few tips to try:

Embrace a language that explains the impact your efforts have on the customers, clients, and the community. Using this, align it with your personal goals.

Believe and create a mentality that your efforts are contributing to your future and career advancement.

Maximize the opportunities that come your way.

Building a network

There is no way to emphasize the importance of building a strong network. Building a network begins by being open and to others about your career ambitions, as well as, eagerness to learn. Only by acknowledging this point, will you be in a better position to build a very strong network. Also, do not forget to ask your colleagues and superiors to explain their experience, roles, and advice on how to advance a career.

Why do this?

According to psychological research, people are always happy to explain and describe any activities they have achieved. For this reason, your superiors will be happy to describe their journey to success if you intend to follow a similar path.

If you show that you are eager to learn from their experiences, they will surely help you. Taking such a simple action will help you build a strong network.

Remember, if you are building a network with a person outside your organization, you should consider having a refined elevator tone to describe your position and future goals. Therefore, come up with a one-minute elevator pitch. How do you do this? Well, when women in business, consider completing these sentences: –

‘I am passionate about the work I am doing because…’

‘In my current role, my responsibilities are…’

‘My ideal role would allow me to leverage the qualities…’

‘My ultimate goal is to have more of an impact on…’

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