Change is inevitable. No one can really tell what triggers a certain change today when the world has become a global village. Organizations have to move with the beneficial trends especially when it comes to the management of the workforce.

Currently, there are many new trends that are changing how managers relate to employees, how production is accomplished and a lot more especially in the service industry, which is flexible. That said, let us dive into some of the current trends that are shaping the management of the workforce in the current world.

Workforce Management Trends: Direct Sourcing

Organizations are now flooded with workers who have different skills and capabilities. When an opportunity to hire arises, they prefer to obtain candidates from the internal pool of employees. Therefore, you will find internal advertisements for new positions. Candidates in any department can apply and fairly compete for the position. Direct sourcing also involves promoting workers to fill senior positions that are vacant.

Mobile Workforce

Have you heard about the online collaboration of employees? Many companies now hire employees in different locations who will use various online tools to achieve their goals. Service companies that do not require any physical meetings for work to continue have been successful with this type of workforce. To ensure that every person is working, work is subdivided into projects that can be tracked. In many cases, employees are paid per piece of work they perform.

Self-Service Work Modules for Employees

As the mobile workforce grows, employees are looking for convenience in work schedules. Any company that is focused on physically monitoring their employees through making them log in and out or enforcing physical work schedules will only have low employee satisfaction and consequently productivity. The trend of letting employees develop a flexible work schedule, with results being the main way to measure success, has already been put to the test by many companies.

Online operations have enabled this to be a success as many companies are kicking employees out of confined offices. They can chat and shop as they work, but the results they deliver will determine whether they are fit for the job or not.

Adoption of Technology

Technology is the epicenter of all the evolving trends in current organizations. It keeps getting better as organizations are forced to dump the old solutions for new ones. In the case of workforce management trends, for instance, Synel Americas will take care of your organization with the most updated solutions. Such dependable solutions providers also keep your software updated. This ensures that technology does not become obsolete as quickly. Both small and large organizations should invest in employee management software, which is now a trend. It increases their productivity, simplifies their management and motivates them.

AI Working Behind the Scenes

Artificial intelligence is a new technology that is changing everything in the world today. The workforce in any company is heavily relying on such technology to run operations behind the scenes. Probably, you have seen how automobile companies have been utilizing robots and other machines to make work easier.

Management-level employees are also relying on AI to analyze data and make reports that are used for decision-making in an organization. Actually, almost every company is now relying heavily on IT operations to succeed in their work. It is nearly impossible to find a business that is fully manual in their operations.

Human Involvement in Financial Investments

Employee engagement in all sectors of a company is common. But it is now a trend that employees are becoming involved in financial matters from many angles. For instance, companies have been disclosing to employees investment plans and strategies to achieve ROI so that all may understand the company’s position.

According to experts, this helps every employee, especially the management and marketing employees, to work hard in an effort to see the financial success of the company. In other cases, employees are allowed to buy initial shares at a better rate than outside investors so that they can be part of the company.

Increased Employee Focus

Many companies are now concerned with the comfort of their employees while the employees are working so that they can remain productive through motivation. Gone are the days when managers could instill fear into workers so that they would work. Today, you will find senior managers discussing various work-related matters with junior employees and considering their proposals on how to improve work. Employee benefits are also on the rise. For instance, shopping vouchers and holiday packages for the employee of the year are popular.

More Strategic Human Resources Managers

Data-driven human resources departments are now cropping up, thanks to technological solutions. The human resources offices are relying on data collected using various tools to know the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in the workforce. Both small and large organizations are now using these solutions because they do not want to be left behind when others are moving forward through the use of various solutions.

The Gig Economy

As of now, there are numerous companies that outsource their work under short-term contracts or what are commonly known as gigs. It is anticipated that this will pick up momentum very quickly. Actually, there are many platforms where businesses can look for an IT expert, financial expert or receptionist to work for them. It is less costly, and one does not need to have an office.

Again, this is made possible by the fact that many operations can be carried out online from remote locations. Americans are now closing offices and working from home because it is convenient. After all, the workforce is going online and willing to take up any gig available and deliver quality results within a short time.


From the above information, it is clear that workforce management trends has taken a new direction that every organization should look at and tap into. However, all precautions should be taken to know the pros and cons of each of these trends that you choose to follow.

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