For a student to succeed in digital marketing, they need to know the basics of digital marketing. As a student, you will need to be able to create a research paper. By using the guidelines that academic experts from custom research paper writing company have provided below, you will be able to learn how to create and write a research paper related to digital marketing.

Writing a Digital Marketing Research Paper: Process

  • Collect resources.

The initial step that you need to take is to begin collecting resources. You could visit the library and look for books related to digital marketing, for example, start by looking at an encyclopedia, which will define digital marketing and should lead you to learn more about digital marketing on the whole. Don’t rely on one author; choose a few who will give you different perspectives on the subject. While reading these books, remember to take notes as you go along so that you have a collection of essential ideas. If you remember, write down any relevant facts that you could add to your research paper. As well as using the library for books and resources, you should also use the Internet in the same way.

  • Devise your plan.

After you’ve done your research, you are ready to think about the overall purpose of your digital marketing research paper. Consider what chapters you will have and also what subcategories you intend to cover. Once you have decided, it is worth discussing your intention with your tutor to see if you are on the right track. If they provide you with any feedback, make sure that you take this into account. Once you have received the go-ahead from your tutor, you can begin to research the topic you have chosen. It is crucial to create this outline, and it’s something that many students don’t do or underestimate the importance of doing. The overall aim is not to create an outline that is too complex to look at too many angles. Stick to something where you look at two or three crucial aspects of digital marketing. When you have planned what you intend to do it will be much easier to carry it through. Once you have decided on what sections you will have in your research paper, you will be able to work on each part individually, logically and systematically. When it comes to digital marketing, for example, you could look at the history of digital marketing, new approaches and the latest developments and strategies in the digital marketing industry. Additionally, you could look to include a practical aspect, which will highlight examples of digital marketing that can be found online.

  • Create your thesis statement.

You need to build a thesis statement that shows your concept and the main idea of your digital marketing research paper. Make sure that your thesis is clear and that you keep it brief. An example could be ‘ digital marketing will continue to be the future of marketing.’

  • Style of writing.

You will be expected to format your research paper in a particular way, so make sure that you adhere to these rules. Write your research paper in the third person and avoid using long sentences and passive tense.

Research Paper Writing

  • Introduction.

The introduction is a crucial part of your digital marketing research paper. The aim is your introduction is to attract the attention of your reader so that they are interested in the content of your research paper. You could begin your introduction by highlighting the current state of marketing and how it’s gradually become digitized. You can then go on to discuss why the topic that you have chosen is relevant, and mention authors who have in the past tried to analyze the topic that you have chosen. Your introduction also needs to highlight what the idea behind your paper is and what you expect to achieve from your research on digital marketing.

  • Main body.

The real body of your digital marketing research paper needs to be separated into a few chapters. You could begin by focusing on the history of marketing and what the current situation of digital marketing is. Point out the importance of technology when it comes to digital marketing, look at important strategies related to digital marketing, and describe these in detail. Make sure that you provide evidence with examples and quotations.

  • Citation.

Your research paper will carry value if it is quality and contains a good amount of quotes. When you research a topic thoroughly you will have read lots of literature and information related to the topic, and you should have made notes of all of this information. In order to make your research paper credible, point out the different opinions of different authors but bear in mind the credibility of the sources that you choose to use. Try and use authors who are reputable in the digital marketing industry and use their thoughts. Try not to use sources that are out of date as these can affect the quality of your digital marketing research paper. This should not be that difficult as the topic you will have chosen should be an issue that’s recent and relevant, and therefore, your sources should be current and up-to-date.

  • Conclusion.

The conclusion is the final part of your digital marketing research paper. In your conclusion, you need to list the results of your research, your research methods and discuss the outcome of your analysis.


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