Today in this article we will discuss 4 effective tech tips on how to use Instagram to promote brand. More than a billion people use Instagram on a daily basis. Forget everything you know about billboards, TV ads, radio ads, and flyers. Your audience is on Instagram, and you need to promote your brand to get more conversions. Social media is evolving daily, and Instagram is no exception. It started with images. Then they added stories. Now they have reels, and the quickest ones to adapt to the newest version of the algorithm have the highest chance of growth, success, and profit.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a car agency, a watch company, or an eCommerce store. You’re not trendy if you’re not on Instagram. That’s especially true if your audience is younger. As with any platform, users are primarily interested in following celebrities or influencers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use technology to your advantage and become more appealing to your audience.

How to use Instagram to promote brand?

Use bots

A lot of brands have no social media activity at all. Even if they do, it’s twice a day when they like another person’s post or uploads a story. But the algorithm doesn’t measure how much you post. It also measures how you interact with your audience.

Are you replying to comments? Are you following up with the people who are messaging you? Are you engaging with relevant influencers in your niche?

Instagram has a built-in bot that auto-replies to people you don’t follow. That way, you can sort out who to reply to and get even more conversions at the end of the day. Not only that, but they also have a scheduler where you can upload photos, reels, or stories, and they get posted at the selected time.

Other bots automatically like people’s comments on your pictures or comment on posts of the people you select.

Enrich your content

If you focused only on photos, try videos and see how they perform. Most people love videos, and they’re much more engaging. Short videos that last less than a minute have the best conversions, and you can repurpose your images into animations.

When people make a review of your product, you can repost it in multiple ways. Not only that, but you can use other platforms and cross-promote your content. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Tik Tok integrate with this app, and you can cover more ground.

People usually have one social media platform they love, avoiding the rest. So that would be like marketing to 4 or 5 different audiences simultaneously, and they’re all going to react to your posts differently. By cross-promoting, you will increase the profiles you reach with a single post.

Use the newest features

Whenever platforms make new updates, they automatically promote the people who use the latest features. It’s always like that. Following the newest trends will increase your chances of getting into the Explore page. That could be by hashtags, posting in a different format, adding a “shop now” section in your company profile, or making your stories more interactive.

Getting to the Explore page exposes your brand to a massive audience, and you’ll receive an influx of followers, website visitors, leads, and happy customers.

Use a VPN and antivirus

The best tip is always saved for last. Hackers are always on the lookout to do harm. Social engineering attacks are rising, and clicking on a link or downloading a file that a random person sent you might cost you the account.

These programs do a couple of things to protect you. First of all, a VPN will encrypt your connection and data. That way, your IP address will never leak online, and hackers won’t associate your company profile with a specific device. VPN Cyber Monday is around the corner, and you can get a pretty good deal. Next come antivirus programs. They will scan every file you download for malware, keeping ransomware and spyware at bay.

Cyberattackers often target influencers or company profiles because they know that gives them a lot of leverage. If you’ve got a blue checkmark, that makes you a prime target because Instagram has already verified your identity, and they can steal your profile and use it for their selfish needs.

A few final words

Hope now you know how to use Instagram to promote brand. Even though the technology is excellent, you still need to pay attention to the human touch. Make sure you reveal some of your personality in your posts to avoid sounding like a massive, soulless corporation. Being friendly and doing something unexpected once in a while might make some of your posts go viral.

Maybe you can interact with a few followers or influencers publicly, host a livestream, or think of another creative way to engage your audience. At the end of the day, it all boils down to being human online.