Bitcoin and retail investors are growing hand-in-hand. According to the statistics and data available, they are spending millions of dollars every day and throwing the whole market off.

However, investing in Bitcoins can be considered to be an unsafe investment due to price fluctuations. Most of the newcomers are afraid of Bitcoin’s volatile nature because it can affect their invested amount in the market. At the same time, other traders are generating a huge profit via the volatile strategy.

So far, the future of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin seems to be promising as the demand and supply for the same is continuously increasing.

5 Reasons Retail Investors Stay Away From Investing In Bitcoins

Retail investors are finding ways to leverage digital currencies as their profitable investment vehicle. On the other hand, the UK regulator has banned Crypto derivatives for retail investors.

Therefore, here are the causes of why retail investors should eliminate investmenting in Bitcoins.

1. Bitcoin’s Volatility

The price of Bitcoin lacks stability, and sometimes its price reaches a topmost level and vice versa. This can create a problem for retail investors and other individuals, especially those who are new to this profession.

For those retail investors who are trading in Bitcoin for the first time by using a Crypto exchange platform, it can be an issue for them as it requires KYC and bank details. So, during the Crypto exchange platform, the price difference can be a little complicated for them.  

2. Tax Troubles

Another issue that most retail investors can face is tax trouble. There is nothing mentioned in the laws about Cryptocurrency tax and how it should be charged. Besides, there are more than one lakh individuals who have gained high returns on Bitcoin investment, but the profits were not mentioned in their income filing taxes.

Some experts believe that it can either be taxed in the capital gains or the business income, but there is no evidence yet by the income tax department or government.

3. Not All Cryptocurrencies Give Sky-High Returns

Another reason why retail investors should stay away from investing in Bitcoins and other digital currencies because all virtual currencies do not give the same sky-high returns.

The value of Cryptocurrencies entirely depends upon the supply and the demand for this asset. There are numerous virtual currencies to invest in, but each consists of some restrictions either in the trading platform or during the exchange. Even this digital currency has a limited supply of twenty-one million.

4. Banks Are Not Accepting The Purchase Of Cryptocurrencies Via Their Cards

There are many countries where Crypto purchases are not legal, and this can be an issue for most retail investors who are using bank accounts for the purchase or sale of digital currencies.

Thus, you should not invest in this Cryptocurrency; however, there are other assets that you can look into, and these include real estate and gold. These are the best assets for retail investors rather than choosing Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies.

5. Limited Use

There are many merchants who don’t accept Bitcoin and other Crypto payments at all. So, this can be an issue for you if there is a limitation of digital payments, especially while buying online goods and services. However, traditional currencies do not possess any limitations during payments, and this is one of the best benefits of using fiat currencies.

As already discussed above, some firms don’t consider Bitcoin as legal and so the central authority. It is because Bitcoin is totally decentralized that doesn’t require any monetary intermediaries for the transaction. 

The Final Thoughts

According to this link, investors should invest in Bitcoins because of the enormous potential it holds for the future. Yes, it is true that it is important to exercise caution. However, the chances of earning sky-high growths within a few months is a very attractive proposition that no one wants to pass up.

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