What types of freelance jobs for students are available in the market? Being a student is already a challenge. No matter how cheesy it may sound, but by deciding how you spend your student years, you define your future. Besides earning you some extra coin, taking a part-time job during your college studies can help you build a more successful personality.

Why should you freelance? It’s not only about the money.

First of all, you have surely heard about how it can be not easy to find your first job. Most employers require their potential workers to have at least some job experience; but how are you supposed to have one if no one wants a non-experienced employee? This is an eternal question. And – a rhetorical one.

That is why most of the fresh graduates do months of unpaid internships. There is also another option, which is getting a freelance job. It will count as legit working experience, and you will get paid for just a couple of hours of daily work. What is more, hiring managers will love to see that you have a balance between studies and a job. For them, this is proof that you will be an excellent employee maintaining perfect work-life balance.

Don’t get it twisted; starting a freelance job will still demand some efforts, especially in the beginning. You will need to find out what you could do as a part-time job, find the right platform, and maybe even talk to people who could help you find your first clients. In any way, all this hustle can be seen as a rehearsal of your career path and will certainly pay off later. Or, who knows, maybe it will grow into your own business? Don’t forget, Facebook was launched by a student.

Top freelance jobs for students

1.   Writer

If you have always found it easy to write essays, you can use your skills and help those who do not enjoy putting their thoughts on paper. You might even start a blog first, and if you manage to attract some audience to it, you will be able to monetize it in the future.

You can also try and write articles for websites as a freelancer or work for a paper writer service part-time. The rate here is harder to estimate because it depends on your skills and experience. But there is some good news, too: you can choose to write on subjects that are interesting to you.

2.   Web Developer

Building a website is a perfect part-time opportunity. Nowadays, every organization or business needs a website but does not necessarily have a full-time specialist who can code in their staff. So if you have coding skills, you should definitely go for it. And if not, you may want to pay attention to numerous free programming courses for beginners. They can be found in such famous platforms as Khan Academy and edX. Even MIT, the most prestigious technological university, offers free courses online.

Jobs in the IT sector are still the most well-paid. Freelance web developers earn $60 per hour on average. Not bad for a college student at all!

3.   SEO specialist

We can all agree that Google is omnipresent in our daily lives. Consequently, businesses compete in the Google ranking because no client would ever choose a website from the fourth or fifth page of the search results. SEO specialists are in demand of a freelance market.

Yet, you will need to learn how to use SEO tools before applying for a job. Some of them are Google Search Console, Ahrefs, KWFinder. These tools are intuitive; however, you will need to become fluent in basic concepts of search engine optimization. You can look for free online courses and give it a try.

4.   Game Developer

Are you into video games? If so, you should consider transforming your hobby into a job after learning that the video games industry is one of the best-monetized industries generating more than $130 billion annually worldwide. You could work on the development of a game, and you could design or test games – it is up to you.

You will be awarded with a job that you love and also a decent average rate of $31 per hour. You will not need a Computer Science degree to get a freelance job as a game programmer, but you will need to be skilled in programming and, most likely, have an understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

5.   Copywriter

This is different from writing articles or essays. A copywriter prepares content for websites, creates landing pages and describes products or services. They often work closely with social media and marketing specialists, so you will need to get familiarized with these spheres too.

A freelance copywriter has to be attentive to details and able to produce engaging and error-free content. Large businesses hire whole teams of copywriters on a full-time basis, but smaller ones are looking for specialists that can devote a couple of hours of their attention to the project. During weekends, you can take several projects simultaneously. In the future, you can continue your career in this area and become a Senior Copywriter, Social Media Copywriter and Brand Manager. If you really in need to earn some extra cents, you can choose any job from the list of top freelance jobs for students.

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