What does it mean to repurpose content & how to repurpose Instagram content? If you’ve run out of ideas for new content to post on your Instagram account, you should consider repurposing content. Repurposing content for Instagram can help you extend your reach and strengthen your brand image. Learn tricks to repurpose content on Instagram.

If you have a well-performing Instagram post, you should try to get more value out of that content. Regularly repurposing old content has become an important part of most Instagram marketing strategies.

Instagram has come a long way from where it began, now offering users a variety of great features for sharing content on the platform.

We’re discussing Instagram Crousels, Guides, Highlights, Reels, Stories, and Videos. It’s valuable to share your popular content in various ways using all of Instagram’s different features.

You would reach a wider audience which would increase your chance of growing your following and achieving higher user engagement rates on your content.

In this article, we’ll delve into content repurposing, downloading Instagram content, and tricks to repurpose content on Instagram; overall how to repurpose instagram content.

What Does It Mean To Repurpose Content?

Repurposing content refers to the process of taking your existing posted content, or user-generated content, and presenting it in a new way. It’s like “recycling” but for the digital world.  

What Does It Mean To Repurpose Content

Repurposing content should form part of your content strategy together with new content creation. Don’t rely solely on repurposing content for your account, as you don’t want your audience to feel that your content is repetitive.

Being repetitive and unoriginal can cause you to lose Instagram followers and lower your user engagement rate  

Why Should You Repurpose Content?

Repurposing content extends the lifespan of your popular content. It also enables you to reach a wider audience as different audiences focus on different features for viewing content on Instagram. This helps increase your user engagement rate.

It’s a good idea to repurpose content to share on all the different Instagram features like Carousels, Guides, Highlights, Reels, Stories, and Videos.

Audiences who may have missed your original popular posts get another chance to view your repurposed popular posts.

Repurposing your popular content helps when you’ve hit a blank for new content ideas or are strapped for time.

It’s a lifesaver to help keep momentum on your Instagram account, as you should be regularly posting on your Instagram account.

Repurposed content helps you provide variety on your Instagram account while staying consistent and true to your brand image.

It strategically strengthens your brand image in the eyes of your followers too.  

What Doesn’t Qualify As Repurposing Content?

Your repurposed content cannot be identical to your original post in terms of content and format. This amounts to reposting content and not repurposing content.

Referencing and linking to original content or sharing the same content between your different social media accounts is not repurposing content either, it’s cross-promotion.

Instagram Downloaders For Repurposing Content

Your old Instagram content needs to be accessible and in a high-quality format to adequately repurpose it. If you don’t have the content originally saved on your device for accessing and re-use, this could be tricky.

Especially in the instance where you need to download Instagram video to mp4 format for repurposing.

Thankfully there are fantastic Instagram downloader tools available online enabling you to download content from Instagram directly onto your device.

This includes Instagram video downloaders for Instagram video download mp4 formats and converting any video formats on Instagram to mp4 when downloading the content.



Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend cash on an Instagram downloader tool. There are top-quality free Instagram downloader tools available like the free Instagram downloader tool found on inflact.

free Instagram downloader tools

This Instagram mp4 downloader tool enables you to perform Instagram real video downloads and other content downloads directly off Instagram to your device.

It can also convert videos in any format on Instagram to mp4 format. High-quality Instagram video downloads are a game changer for content creators.

7 Tricks On How To Repurpose Instagram Content

Here are some “tricks” and ideas to start repurposing your content for use on Instagram:

Focus On Popular And Relevant Posts

You should definitely consider repurposing previously well-received content you posted. Choose your most popular posts with high engagement rates.

If a post had a low engagement rate, rather not repurpose it. You can use analytics and insights to assist you in evaluating which were your best-performing posts on Instagram.

If you’re using business account mode on Instagram, then you have access to Instagram’s very own analytics tool – Instagram Insights.

If you’re not using business account mode, there are various analytics tools available which you can use to retrieve Instagram content performance data such as on Analisa and Keyhole.

Keep in mind that even if a previous post was popular, the content should still be relevant if you wish to repurpose it. The content you choose to repurpose needs to be able to achieve your Instagram goals, such as strengthening brand awareness.

If a previously popular post is outdated, you might have to update it when repurposing it for use. 

Use Old Content In Carousels

It was reported that Carousels were the second most popular form of content on Instagram in July 2022. With so many Instagram users posting Carousels, there must be merit in using this format to post content. 

You could group a couple of previous Instagram image posts together in a new Carousel to tell a story to your followers or show a growth pattern of a product.

Another idea is to take bits from your longer-form blog content and compress them into slides for an Instagram Carousel post.

Edit Long Videos For Instagram Video

It’s a known fact that Instagram users thoroughly enjoy video content. If you often create video content for instance on Youtube or webinars, why not repurpose these videos in long format for Instagram Video.

These Videos can help promote your business. Instagram Video content can be up to 60 minutes long. It’s also simple to resize and trim original video content for repurposing on Instagram.

You can use video editing applications like Filmora. If an original video is long, you could repurpose the content by stitching together short important clips from the original video to create a highlights Instagram Video.

Create Infographics From Content Data

If you have old content containing valuable data or stats, repurpose this content by creating infographics to post on your Instagram account. This is an excellent content repurposing strategy as data visualizations attract high levels of attention.

Users enjoy seeing data presented in an image, and visual representations tend to be more memorable for Instagram users. Repurposing data content into infographics can also help to simplify hard-to-understand data content. Ensure your infographics are eye-catching. 

Save Stories In Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights is a fabulous feature on your profile to store your Instagram Stories content. If you’re operating a business, you should definitely be using the Instagram Highlights feature to save past valuable Stories for instant viewing below your bio when potential customers view your Instagram profile.

Repurpose your Stories by grouping them under different themes in Highlights on your profile. What’s great is that Highlights offers you the opportunity to permanently store your Stories on your profile, which would otherwise disappear from your profile after 24 hours with the Stories feature.

Stitch Instagram Image Posts Together For Reels And Stories

Instagram Reels are trending. Reels were reported to have the widest reach and highest percentage of likes on Instagram in July 2022 compared to the other Instagram content formats.

These short videos can be up to 90 seconds long, and the Instagram algorithm has been prioritizing Reels on the platform. Repurpose content into Reels to reach a wider audience and increase user engagement with your content.

You should already be sharing everything you post in your Instagram feed to your Instagram Stories as a way to increase your engagement rate on Instagram. Users spend more time swiping through Stories than scrolling feeds. If you haven’t shared past feed content to your Stories, hop on it!

Repurpose your Instagram image posts by stitching a few correlating posts together to create a short clip for Reels or Stories. You can add effects, audio tracks, and so much more to old content to liven it up.   

Post Quotes From User-Generated Content

If you have access to user-generated content on Instagram or any platform which positively refers to you, your brand, or your business, repurpose this content for sharing on your Instagram account.

We’re talking about creating snippets from customer success stories, using quotes from good client reviews, or sharing content where users post about using your products or services. Get creative in the way you present this repurposed content.

You should obtain the original content creator’s permission before posting repurposed user-generated content. It’s just good etiquette and leaves you in good light with your followers and customers.

Instagram Mp4 Downloaders To Repurpose Content

Takeaway: Instagram Mp4 Downloaders To Repurpose Content

Hope now you know how to repurpose Instagram content. Repurposing old content for your Instagram account can help save you stress and time when hitting a blank for new content ideas. Repurposed content helps you reach a wider audience and drive home your brand message. For starters, focus on repurposing content into Videos or Reels for Instagram, which is trending. Strike while the iron is hot!

A good Instagram Mp4 Downloader will help you download content from your Instagram account for repurposing or to convert content into Mp4 video format for sharing on Instagram.

Focus on repurposing your best-performing content and only repurpose relevant content which will help you achieve your Instagram goals. Have fun giving your “pre-loved” content a new lease on life. 

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