Definition of fraction

In the world of mathematics, the word fraction is used with the motive of denoting any portion or any part of any of the whole thing. It is used in depicting the equal parts of the whole. The fraction has 2 parts, which are known as the denominator and the numerator. The number which is in the position of the head is the numerator and the number which is in the bottom position is the denominator. The numerator helps to maintain the number of equal parts that have been taken and the denominator provides the depiction of a total number of the equal parts in the whole. For example, 7/10 is a fraction where 7 is the numerator and 10 is the denominator.

What do you mean by improper fractions?

Improper fraction, as the name suggests means all kinds of fractions that are not done correctly for any kind of object, part of the number. In mathematics, improper fractions refer to the fraction in which the numerator is bigger than the denominator for example 8/3. On the other hand in the proper fractions, the denominator is bigger than the numerator, for example, 6/10. 

How to simplify the improper fractions?

The whole concept of improper fractions has been explained above. Now let us discuss how to simplify them:

  • You need to discover if the fraction is proper or improper
  • You need to understand the denominator and then check it for how many parts it is sharing the numerator with. 
  • Then, you have to check out the common factors for both numerator and denominator.
  • Lastly, you have to eliminate the like terms from both the numerator and the denominator so that you can get the final answer.

Interesting Ways to Learn Improper Fractions

Don’t Memorize, Learn

A lot of students start learning the concepts by memorizing improper fractions and their facts. While this technique can work, it could also create difficulties and confusion in the future. An improper fraction is very simple and can be broken down into a stepwise manner that will make it very straightforward to perform and use in mathematical problems.

Set Goals

Once the people have an idea about the basics of the term factors, then they will be setting goals so that they can focus on them accordingly. This approach will allow the people to solve the problems perfectly and excel into it. If the people are interested to get good with solving of the improper fractions, then having access to right goals and working on them is very important. Goal setting is one of the most important steps to get a good hold of the concepts and master them.


To become master of any subject, the most authentic way is to do daily and persistent practice. Improper fractions will be easier once you get the hang of their concepts. Practice will always help students to outshine and be confident while solving math. Practice is the only thing needed to completely comprehend the basics as well as the complex problems in math.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Improper fractions are one of the topics where you must take notes to become successful. You cannot afford making mistakes while working with fractions. Also, if we look at it from a whole changed perspective, mistakes can also allow the students to learn things perfectly and have a good hold on them.

Grasp Concepts

While improper fractions are more about numbers and other related practical aspects than mere theory, there are also a few comprehensive and complicated concepts make sure that students understand things better. Most students work on memorizing and don’t pay proper thought to the actual concept in the world of fractions. Hence it is very important for the student to focus on actual concept rather than focusing on memorizing them.

Ask Help When Needed

Asking for help is highly advisable especially when learning something new. Even if the students are confident still, they might need extra guidance to move in right direction and ensure success. Students can go with tutor, asking a friend, or seeking help from their parents. Remember, asking for help is okay while practicing improper fractions. There are various online learning platforms that provide free worksheets that can help you understand the concept of improper fractions. Cuemath is one such platform that uses interactive worksheets in order to engage students. You can visit website and download the pdf interactive worksheets by Cuemath for free.

Once the student understands the improper fraction, the further concept covered in this topic is how to convert mixed fractions into improper ones. There are some logics and patterns that must be crystal clear in the mind of the students to carry out learning skills. Nowadays the teachers and even parents take help of the new activities to teach this concept of math. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Maze: This concept of teaching is more like an engaging activity as the student doesn’t see any problem. Nowadays in most smart classes, this way of teaching is commonly used. In a very effective manner, the mazes are being used to convert the mixed fractions into improper ones.
  • Paperchain: If the kids experience the math concept on their hands, there would be more clarity of thoughts. So to do this, the perfect way is the top used the paper chain. For giving answers the children can use the paper chain. No doubt it is quite hard work but it can be presented in a cool way. Even it will provide great results.
  • Knockout game: This is one of the most favorite games to play and learn the concept of converting fractions. These games are played on the projectors; all the problems are displayed on the board. The children can write their answers on small papers. The children who get the right answer are provided with the kick out of the bonus of the game.
  • Worksheets: Even the children can be provided with the worksheets. There the students can solve their problems and write all the answers. For this, they need to colour some of the pictures given with the question just to make the study more creative for the students. 
  • Hands-on lesson: Each of the students needs to get hands-on all concepts that are used in solving the problem and the main one is the multiple tables. These lessons will make the work of the student much easier than before.

So, it is very important to give proper lessons to the children through Cuemath.

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