Which is the best projector for gaming and video? In the world of home cinema, projectors play a vital role. It is true that most of the TV cinemas can provide you with the content of 4K HDR but you when you want any picture that is more than 75 inches tall, you are definitely going to need a projector.

So whether you just want the BluRay movies to get projected on the large wall or you want to magnify the gaming experience or just see the photos of slides from any smart device on the plus screen a projector is going to provide you with everything that you might look for. Don’t waste time thinking about the cost. You can get a projector for less than $100. But I will suggest you to go for a $300 projector like Optoma HD39Darbee. You don’t need to research either. Gadget Lounge has a list of top $300 projectors on their blog.

And if you are thinking of purchasing a projector that delivers that perfect combo of features and performance, then nothing can beat the Optoma HD39Darbee.

Let us take a closer look at this amazing model of best projector for gaming

About Optoma HD39Darbee

In the series of a 1080p projector, this Optoma HD39Darbee holds a high position for being multi-talented. Everything looks appealing on the projection of this device so whether you are watching any movies or games, you will be getting the best experience. This projector provides an amalgamation of the high-end performance of home cinema with brighter and vibrant visuals for producing the stunning view experience of full HD 1080p. It also includes the technology of image enhancement for controlling the realism and depth of the images. So, Optoma HD39Darbee is one of the best projector for gaming in the current market.


  • Gaming mode: It has the game mode which will optimize the projector for providing the maximum contrast with vivid colors. It will capture all the tiny details for providing you with the liberty of focusing on all the minute things projected from it.
  • Design: The best part of this projector is it is portable. Though the size of it is slightly on the larger side and it measures around 12.4X8.8X4.5 inches and is having a weight of 6.2 lbs. Optoma Hd39darbee comes with an optical zoom of 1.66 and it helps you to maintain 1.4:2.24 ratio. This is the true ratio which makes it ideal for the medium to small sized rooms. If you are thinking of using it on large walls then you will have to project it on the ceiling.
  • Integrated Speaker: This projector comes with the inbuilt speaker which enhances the overall entertaining experience. The sound quality of the speakers are exceptionally good and is very easy to set it up. So you don’t have to invest anything in additional speakers.
  • Quality of image: The main work of the projector is to cast a small thing into the large space without ruining the quality. We can only say that a projector is doing its job efficiently if the image quality is not poor. The image which will be formed will have detailed, smooth and bright quality because of the advanced technology used in it which gives it an added depth. You won’t be able to spot the fact that it is not the 4K projector.
  • Optional 3D: You can easily change the quality of the image and make it immersive by using the system of optional 3D. All you have to do is connect to the glass system of Optoma 3D with the source and you will be enjoying the 3D images without any hindrance. This system uses the radio frequency in place of infrared. It not only will reduce the interference possibilities but will also produce brighter and higher contrasting images. You can also recharge the glasses provided by it.
  • HDMI with MHL: It has the twin HDMI sockets which will help you to easily handle the digital sources. This HDMI interface is well compatible with the mobile high definition link. By using it you will be able to connect your tablet or smartphone with the HDMI socket and enjoy the HD videos having a resolution of up to 1080p.

Apart from the fact that this projector comes with a premium matte finish surface, all the main features that gamers look for in a projector are already present in this model. Besides, this is also an affordable option when compared to other gaming projectors available today.

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