Every gamer understands why you need a highly customizable mouse. There are different brands of the mouse one can purchase for his or her gaming experience. Price is among the aspects to take into account before purchasing a mouse. However, expensive does not necessarily mean that it is the best. Logitech G300s is one of the most sought-after products on the market. The unit has several desirable features that will make you fall in love with it repeatedly. Here is a comprehensive Logitech G300s Review.


The mouse has an elegant design. It boasts of blue and black matte finish. The manufacturer has incorporated a smooth and nice design for touch. The design makes it fit different hands. Whether your hands are small or big, the unit will fit perfectly into your hands. However, the mouse might seem smaller in size for persons who have bigger hands. In addition, it is highly resistant to different forms of pressure you are going to subject it to. If you are looking for a durable and nice looking mouse then you will never go wrong with this product. The mouse’s belly is well-crafted with the blue color to make it stand out from the rest of the brands on the market. The unit is supported by polytetrafluoroethylene feet that tend to reduce the friction as well as allow the mouse to perform inaccurately on different surfaces whenever you are gaming. The manufacturer has covered the sides using the rubber compound to make it smooth and pleasant to touch. The mouse also has small bumps that have been included to increase the grip whenever you are gaming.Logitech G300s software

Logitech G300s software: Customization

The mouse offers room for easy customization as per your taste and preference. Since the most is one of the most used tools when gaming on the PC, it is wise to find one that is customizable. The product boasts of nine customizable controls, which makes it unique. Users can take advantage of the various levels to enjoy the gaming experience. The controls are not only easy to use but also highly functional. The Logitech G300s software, enhances on the customizable.

Onboard Memory

The mouse has been designed such that it can only remember three gaming profiles. Unlike other entry levels brands on the market, the unit enables users to know the active profile. It is possible to assign various colors including red, blue and gray. Users can see the log on the top as well as side stripes. The mouse has also been equipped with the automatic detection of games so that you can easily change the profiles according to the different games you are enjoying. The features are very helpful when it comes to the higher level of customization.

Technical details

The mouse has the ability to support the 1-millisecond report rate. This means that the mouse is too fast for the wonderful gaming experience. The players would not experience issues such as lagging whenever they are playing fast games on this consoles. The mouse, as well as Logitech G300s software, has been made such that they can perfectly work on different versions of windows including Vista among others. The high level of compatibility makes this mouse worth consideration for gamers of different levels of experience. The mouse boasts of an acceleration of >20G and resolution ranging from 250 to 2.500dp.


• Compact
• Three memory profiles
• Fast performance
• Ambidextrous use
• Configuring is easy
• Perfect for PC work
• Great for fps games
• Durable
• It can work on different surfaces
• Comes with nine different customizable controls


• Too small
• Only three types of lighting
• The cord is too long

Final verdict

In conclusion, finding the right gaming mouse has never been easy. There are a plethora of brands out there. Logitech G300s is a perfect product for your gaming. The mouse is small in size, easy to use, works on any surface and has a great design. The manufacturer has included a number of controls to make it effective for gaming. The performance of the mouse and Logitech G300s software will definitely impress you. It comes with a long cord for meeting your needs. The price is also affordable thus making it ideal for customers working on a tight budget. The onboard memory is adequate for entry gamers. The endless positive reviews all over the internet indicate that it is worth considering for great gaming. The mouse can be purchased online at an affordable price.


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