Are you new to PC games and looking for the best action adventure PC games? We are here to help you. For the first time, our IT Phobia team is working on it and will provide you with the top 5 action adventure PC games for the beginner in this writing. Hope you will like this.

What do you need to play this game?

It is a confusing question to answer. And most importantly there is no right answer also. As we try to pick the best action adventure games for the beginner, we select a medium PC setup instead of a high-quality PC. But there is a surprise game that will need higher requirements. So what will be the requirements of our PC gaming setup to play beginner game? Let’s check that.

Processor and MotherBoard: Dual Core or Core i3 processor is enough. The generation of the processor plays an important role in this case. Pick the best depends on your budget.

Choose a motherboard that will support your processor. A quality processor needs a good motherboard.

Ram: Ram is an essential part in PC games. Choose at least 2 GB though our suggestion will be 4 Gb ram for smooth gameplay.

Hard drive and graphics card: The hard drive is not that important to play this. 500 Gb to 1 Tera 7200 Rpm Hard drive is enough for you.

No need to take external graphics card for beginner action adventure games. You will get internal graphics from the above pc setup. This will work for you.

Power Supply and others components: Power supply holds the life of your pc. So try to take a quality power supply. Others components like keyboard, mouse, sound box or headphone are also important, but try to take the basic one.

So, those are the basic requirements to play action adventure PC games. Make sure of it before playing games.

Top 5 Best Action Adventure PC Games For Beginner

Best Action Adventure PC Games For Beginner - pc games

In this portion, we will discuss the games, it’s requirements, simple tips and guidelines to play our selected action adventure games.

Commandos series

So, first start with the commandos series. It is a real-time tactics video game best fitted for beginners. Commandos series release 5 games in the year frame 1998 to 2006 and all are based on world war II.

When I am a young boy, I played this game series in my Duel core 2 Gb ram PC without any issues. That’s why action lover beginners love to start with commandos series. Each of the games of this series contains different levels and supports many crazy characters. In every mission, you will get 3-4 characters with  You have to complete every mission to win this games with your tactics. As a newcomer, you should try this game.

Freedom Fighters

Freedom fighters is an action adventure third person shooting game. You will find better graphics, gameplay tactics and sound quality than the commandos series in this game. This game is divided into 10 levels to complete and win this game.

Each of the levels is very unique, harder than the previous one and will add some soldiers in your team.

Duel core Pc setup, 2 Gb graphics and internal graphics are enough to play this game. Please try this game and let us know your feelings.

Call of duty

You may argue with this that call of duty is a high graphics game requires best quality PC setup. Yes partially, it is true. The recent releases of COD series need expensive PC arrangements but you can still play the previous older release in normal PC setup. And for beginners, it is wort to play those games. Those also features quality graphics, better gameplay and tactics. Apart from these mentioned game, League of Legends is also a huge success and played worldwide. Click here to buy lol accounts.

There are several missions in this game and each of them has different tasks to finish to win this game.

Special One – Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting

Best Action Adventure PC Games For Beginner - elite dangerous

Now this a surprise game from us for you as a gift. Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting is a popular game but you will need a higher configuration to play this game. In this space shooting game, the player has to destroy other ships to collect the bounty and make some real money.

You may think that this game is not suited to the newcomer but they can also play this game. There is an option for them to practice bounty hunting and get some experience. You should try this game once.

Final Words

So this our top picks for you. Like and share if you find this writing helpful and let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you.

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