What do you think, are apple watch bands worth the money?

Apple Watch is meant to help its users carry their phones in the shape of a wristwatch.

Not only would the users be able to use it as an extension of their phone, but it can also be a tool to maintain healthy daily habits.

But how are the straps, which look as ordinary as an average wristwatch band, manage to track what its users’ body is doing?

Let’s see the magic behind Apple Watch bands and know the answer of the question – are apple watch bands worth the money?

Are apple watch bands worth the money?

It may not be too noticeable, but the human wrist contains countless information about the human body.

Through the nerve bundles and arteries passing right below the skin, the smart technology of Apple Watch bands assesses the human body.

Most fitness bands would be wearable on the wrist, so they can help track fitness-related metrics.

Users could see the distance they’ve walked and the calories they’ve burned.

In the case of the Apple Watch, all those features stand beside the user’s phone notifications and applications.

Users would have easier access to their phones through their Apple Watch.

The Technology Behind Apple Watch Bands

Comfort and Functionality

The difference between Apple Watch and regular wristwatch bands is the adjustable strap.

Apple Watch offers many choices of band materials, from metals and leather to fabric.

Be it velcro or magnetic bands, these Apple Watch bands are adjustable according to the wearer’s wrist.

The reason why all Apple Watch official bands are easy to adjust is not just for comfort but to fit any wrist size to help the band track the user’s body accurately while still making it comfortable to wear.

Besides tracking fitness-related metrics, users can also use Apple Pay or unlock their iPhones through the watch without authentication.

Not only the band but the Apple Watch’s case back contains Optical Heart Sensor (PPG) and Electrical Heart Sensor.

This helps the watch measure additional bio-metrics information like body temperature.

On the other hand, sweat or hydration information must be taken along the wrist so the band will send data to the watch.


Watches are a part of everyone’s clothing style, and Apple had also prepared to make their Apple Watches able to adjust to any event.

The wearer can change the watch’s band with other bands that suit their stye.

Besides their official bands, Apple works with several fashion brands like Hermes to elevate the design of their Apple Watch straps.

This makes it easier for people looking to use their Apple Watch on different occasions and who wants to match the design.

Users can change the bands at all times without losing functionality.


Apple Watch keeps growing, and it releases new models now and then.

The question is, would users be able to use the bands they’ve explicitly bought for older Apple Watch models or the other way around?

Apple developed the second generation of the Apple Watch, jumping far from the Watch Series 3 to Apple Watch SE with new features.

Customers who had bought or collected several bands to go with their previous version of the Apple Watch can still use their old bands for the new Apple Watch, as long as the size matches.

Users can still use Apple Watch bands for Series 3 for their Series 8 and vice versa.


Materials are essential to comfort. Many users have their preference for their Apple Watch bands, like those bands which are made for sports, so it’s extra comfortable and won’t hinder movements.

Some users also prefer to have their watch bands look more fitting for formal events like leather bands or metal bands.

Apple Watch bands are available in different materials, including stainless steel, nylon, leather, and water-resistant fabric.

Despite the different materials, all types of bands work the same way, but some materials can be more comfortable.

When looking for the most comfortable one, using a nylon band for your Apple Watch is the best choice.

Nylon bands are durable, and way cheaper while still maintaining a great look.

It won’t leave that sweaty feeling users might experience when wearing rubber bands, and it’s also washable.

The Future of Apple Watch Bands

So far, the Apple Watch has been performing well in the market.

It’s predicted that by 2024, there’ll be a total of 596 million units of Apple Watch shipped worldwide.

After all, the watch is a smart product that combines style, technology, utility, and health in one wearable form.

This is the beginning for Apple Watch, and it’ll continue to add more and more functions that can be expected to arrive soon.

Some patents from Apple suggest that the smart bands will soon provide new features.

These features include fingerprint and temperature sensors, infrared sensors that support finger gestures for AR/VR games control, bands with self-adjustment ability, a Wrist-ID Biometric authentication sensor, and more.

Take aways

Hope now you know the answer of the question – are apple watch bands worth the money.

The technologies are used in the apple watch bands are more than enough to choose it.

And the rest of the sides of it in comparison to other watch bands are just pluses for apple watch bands.

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