Smart technology used by the students are not just a few now a days. A few years back the students had only a few options if they want to cheat in the exam, but now the techniques and the technology have been emerged similar to the Hollywood films. Students started to use high-tech devices to cheat without getting caught and as days passed by the new and emerging techniques in the academic have been developing.

We may not sure how people are using the latest technologies, but the student is using them in a very right way. All new advancement is creating them fresh responsibilities and they are finding a lot of ways to cheat in the exam without getting caught.

Why Students are using cheating devices?

The main reason for using cheating devices in exam is that there is some kind of students who used to afraid of the exams, and for certain students, it put a lot of pressure. All these things are making them implement certain technologies and cheat the exam.

As per certain studies, because of the fear of failure most students are trying to use smart devices to cheat in the exam. It is a fact that if we put a lot of pressure on students, rather than concentrating on the exam they will start concentrating on the cheating technologies.

Education helps the student even in the future also, so one should not try cheating devices. But today’s education system’s sole purpose is that students should get a higher mark which forces them to remember things rather than understanding them. So, they end up using cheating devices to get passed in the exams. 

What is so specific about the exam cheating devices?

Students will try all the methods when it comes to the exam, even they will have the courage to try some fraudsters to write the exam but they won’t have the courage to write the exam. This is where the smart electronic devices will extend their hand to help them.

One of the most important reasons for using such cheating devices is that you can use the devices easily without getting caught and here passing the examination is very simple.

The devices used to cheat the exam are not only easy to use but it is even easy to hide. As days pass by, the technology is getting improved so the cheating devices are also getting smaller, and we can even see in an advertisement that the industry is providing devices that is similar to the size of rice grain. 

Smart technology used by the students

  • Wireless piece method with magnetic earpice

This is one of the best methods to cheat in the exam without getting caught and this method is setting a trend in the market. Here you will get a tiny device and also in a nude color that should be inserted in the ear and no one will notice that. These kinds of devices are compatible with the cellphones and even it is suitable for secret phone communication. 

  • GSM box method

We can say this would be the most advanced method of the cheating device to cheat in the exam. In most exams, students can’t take the cellphone and if you are one among them then use the GSM box. Here you need to insert a SIM Card in the box and you will receive a phone call from your friend who can help you with the examination by dictating the answer. This device comes with an invisible earpiece that the students can wear as no one can catch the students. 

  • Headphone in sleeve

The use of a cellphone with a standard headphone is one of the most common and popular methods to cheat in the exam. But here we need to follow certain tricks to hide the headphone that can be done by sliding them through your sleeve and hide the cellphone in your pocket. But make sure to adjust the sound of the cellphone so that you won’t get caught.

In this method, there is no guarantee that you won’t get caught as it involves certain risks but still it is a cost-effective option. 

More Latest devices

Vintage watch

This watch has come with some upgraded features as it is much smaller and also it has lighter designs. So, the features will make the watch less noticeable, and without making any delay you can find the answers faster and easier. There is an emergency button that will keep you safe. 

Wi-Fi glasses

The Wi-Fi glasses come with an HD camera and these glasses have a Wi-Fi module that will allow you to stream the video through the internet. These will be the best devices to cheat in the exam without getting caught. You can easily connect the glasses to the smartphone, and that’s all you are ready to go.

Cicret Bracelet

This is a new wristband that will be able to mirror all Android, Apple devices, and Windows phone devices. There is also a vibrator that will alert you and the device will help you to project the screen on your hand.

Rolling paper pen

This looks like a normal pen but at the end, you will be having a clip that can be pulled and extend where you can hide the notes. This would be the best method to implement without getting caught.

Bluetooth eraser

This looks like an ordinary eraser but it offers multiple features that come with the earpiece and microphone on the eraser. It will give hands-free communication and it is much easier to use and hide. It is suitable for all types of people and places. 

Wrapping up

Though smart technology is used by students for the cheating exams, still the demand for the technology is getting high, and also it is hard to spot such devices. Because of all these technologies, the educational institution needs to derive some new plans to combat these new ways of cheating. The academic is the most important part of a student’s life, but still, we have high-tech which is making us do all these.

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