You will not disagree with me when I say: From waking up to sleep, technology is everywhere.

Or is it?

It plays an important role in our lives and how we work, play and more importantly education or learning. The uses of Mobile or wireless technology are now increasing day by day in our life or education system.

As you know this article about five technology trends in education that’s why we focus only technology and education. All over the world, the educational institution is now investing more in technology to reach their education system next level.

Already some schools are using the latest technology in their classroom, and they are getting massive success.

Why is Technology trending in education?

Before diving into my main article topic (5 Technology Trends in Education), I will like to say something about Why is Technology trending in education?

There are a lot of reasons for increasing technology in the education.  I have discussed only five reasons in the below.

  1. Using technology in the classroom is an efficient way to learn all the shape of education. Such as mobile devices and network systems help not only the student in the school but also their career life.
  1. Technology is the blessing for both teachers and students. It helps the teachers to develop their student’s learning ability. Even teachers teach them how to use mobile devices correctly in an ethical way.
  1. Technology can connect the students in education easily. For example, most students keep smartphone or tablet to play, talk or something like that. They can quickly read a book; watch their school lesson videos, research, etc. So, the mobile devices are the great invention of technology to engage the students. Read more
  2. Through technology, students can get up to date information for any educational field.
  1. Technology helps the students to become more responsible and digital citizenship.

 Technology Trends in Education

5 Technology Trends in Education List & description

 1. Digital Textbooks (E-book)-

Digital Textbook or eBook is another version of the physical textbook which is downloadable and stores as portable document format (PDF). The excellent example of the digital book is the tablet, but you can read them on your smartphone, PC, MAC computer etc. You can keep hundreds of books on a tablet. The price of a digital textbook is a little bit high but worth it. To provide the new books for every year and every student is more expensive than a tablet. Without breaking and damaging a tablet can be performed more than seven years. Upgrading the tablet to the latest changes is easy.

The benefit of Digital Textbook (eBook):

  1. Storage space is reduced
  2. Environment-friendly.
  3. Never out of stock.
  4. Easy to carry, read and watch videos.

 2. Social Media In Education

Nowadays, all ages of students are spending a lot of time on social media. They like to do post, tweet, comment and liking on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, YouTube, etc. That’s why the teachers and schools are using the advantage of social media to engage students. Even teacher uses social media in the classroom, and the result is better than previous, that’s why social media trends in education. By creating a group on social media, a teacher can deliver a lesson to the students without the physical presence. The Students can discuss with themselves by teacher’s guidance.

The advantage of Social Media in education:

  1. Very easy for intercommunication.
  2. Ideal for group study.
  3. Fun & study.
  4. Easy to share information, idea, assignments, etc.
  5. Reduce the teacher and students communication gap.

3. Flipped Learning Method

At first, I want to make clear that what is flipped Learning method?

Flipped Learning: The student learns the particular lesson from their own home by using the textbook, content, videos, research, etc. which is assigned by the teachers. And the next day they practice in the school what they taught yesterday. This is flipped learning method.

This education system was discovered to engage and develop the student’s creativity. In every stage of the flipped learning system, you can’t imagine without technology.

Flipped Learning Method benefits:

  1. Increase Self-confident
  2. It helps to be more creative.
  3. Learn better on how to use technology?

4. “Big Data” Learning System

 According to the “Big Data” means the combined of five different elements such as the excessive volume of data, Velocity (up to date information), variety (all types of information), Variability (which is the combination of velocity and variety), Complexity (create the real balance between all data source.).

It looks difficult, but this is the definition of ‘Big Data’.

It is not possible to think this wonderful education system without technology. Through the ‘Big Data’ system, you can find billion information within a second.

Bullet Points of Big Data in education:

  1. The most significant invention of technology.
  2. Provide very accurate information with latest changes.
  3. Get the information less than a second.

5. Distance Learning Through Technology

Everyone knows what is distance learning. But in brief, I want to tell you again in a different way, If you’re going to take a higher degree from The UK, but you live in the USA. At the same time, your chosen institute allows you to take the lesson from your home country even in your own home. This is the real example of distance learning.

You have to join the class virtually by using live video chatting. Two or three years ago only Skype had this opportunity, but now it’s increasing. The institutions currently start using live YouTube, Facebook, Twitter classes.

In the last year, more than 0.3 million students received their higher graduate degree through distance learning.

Blessing of Distance Learning:

  1. Degree from home
  2. Saving money and time.


Technology doesn’t only impact on education but also health, science, research, banking, manufacturing, etc. In this article, I just discussed on 5 technology trends in education. I hope you will get most valuable information from this article.

Thanks for reading!



Anthony Maldonado has over Twenty Five (25) years of experience in the field of Education. He specializes in setting up Educational State. He is an expert in the area of developing strategies of Education. He is presently working at SmileTutor agency, a tuition agency based in Singapore.


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