Gone were the days when you have to think about starting your business. As at those times, people find it difficult to advertise their businesses or brands. But today, there are a lot of platforms available which assist you in making more customers. In such a media culture, you may find it difficult that which social platform suits best for the promotion of your business. The advertisements done on the social media provides a convenience to the customers. But, which is the best platform in terms of Instagram vs Facebook? Facebook? Instagram?

Let’s have a faceoff between these two platforms (Instagram vs Facebook) to have the best site for your promotion strategies. As Facebook is now the big guy on campus and Instagram is a kid who has newly got its seat on the campus. The two platforms are quite different from each other. There are some people who manage to have the account on both the sites.


instagram vs facebook - Instagram

Instagram vs Facebook: Facebook is Huge

Many Facebook users stated that this platform is best for getting in contact with your family, friends and relatives. This site was majorly made for the people to get in touch with each other, no matter how far you live. The platform is now being used as a marketing base. Old users of Facebook still find it to be used in the sense of connecting with the people instead of gathering new customers and promoting their brands. But now, Facebook has bent towards a side which gives a lot of exposure to the news, traffic, weather, events, politics, hotels, places and many more. This helps the people to have bold new ideas and a new way of thinking. If you want to share the worthy content with descriptions than Facebook is a good choice. But, now, people don’t have much time to read the descriptions. They need the small description of one or two lines and majorly focus on the images and videos.

instagram vs facebook - Facebook

Instagram vs Facebook: Instagram – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The best point at which Instagram wins the debate is its impressive visuals as an impact at Instagram vs Facebook. The platform is all about showing your work in a creative way and by visuals. The pictures itself force you to stop, wait, look, share, and save it. What else you want from a social platform that your high-quality pictures are attracting people and it is getting shared.  At first, you may find it a bit less working than any other platform, but once you gain the followers, the marketing strategies will work best. At the start of the campaign, you may buy Instagram followers or contact a professional Facebook ad agency just in case of making people get attracted.

Instagram draws in the massive audience interested in the creative images. People visit your site in search of some inspiration through the visual appeal, whether your visual appeal is of the beauty, food, design, clothing, art, travel, fashion and many others. Your target audience likes to spend more time on your site when they get something really catchy.


Instagram vs Facebook: Conclusion

So, in my regard, Instagram would be the best site for your brand’s promotion. This is the review on Instagram vs Facebook. As the site is new in the market, but it has arrived in a very great time. Instagram’s growth is extremely strong and is driven in the right direction. Another best part of using Instagram is that it has highly engaged users compared to all the other social media platforms. The other biggest difference between the two is that Instagram tends to be more popular among younger audiences as the Instagram use is especially high among young adults.


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