WhatsApp Plus Download number is increasing surprisingly. WhatsApp has become the most used app on Android devices; it has been downloaded by more than 1 billion people across the globe. Generally, when apps hit a large download number their ratings start to fall, keeping up with the expectation of wide variety of user is next to impossible job. But WhatsApp has been able to secure a good rating of 4.6 in the hearts of 1 Billion users.

WhatsApp has simple design compared to the other apps available in the market, but the secret of being so successful than all the other apps available out there is that all its feature has simple options to operate them. When it comes to chatting features, you get many options like message delivered time, seen time and you can also turn off the read receipt if you want to. There are many more features available for status, group making, etc.

But all such features have few restrictions on them like the size of the image, video or audio recording that you can share is limited, also there is length restrictions for video uploading for status. This app is good for the security and privacy you get all the option to limit the information to some users. All these options are good, but what if we get a few more features or some restriction was not there we will be able to enjoy this app more. If you are looking for such app, you came to the right place today we are sharing an app with you that has all the features that WhatsApp has along with a few amazing one that it provides.

WhatsApp Plus Download logics and benefits

As the suggest, WhatsApp plus is the WhatsApp app with few plus features that were not there in the original version. Its design and use are similar to that of WhatsApp, so don’t worry this app is as easy to use as the WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus has many amazing features like hiding last seen, sharing large video, themes, blue ticks and many more. You can customize your app to your desired way. There are thousands of themes app available for the app. You can send files that you were not able to send from the original WhatsApp app like pdf, apk, zip, etc. And one of the biggest things that original WhatsApp app did was that it used to reduce the size of the image and video while sharing WhatsApp Plus allows you to share the media in original size and length.

whatsapp plus download

Features to WhatsApp plus Download

  • Online status: you get a new feature to hide your online status from your friends. With this feature, nobody will know that you are online while you can freely operate WhatsApp.
  • Blue Ticks: in every group of friends there are few friends who annoy you by sending a lot off message, so to save yourself from such people WhatsApp plus gives you a brand-new feature of hiding blue ticks.
  • Second Tick: With this privacy feature you can hide second tick from your contacts and group members.
  • Writing Tick: You can hide the writing ticks now, type the message, erase it and retype no one is going to get to know that you are typing something
  • Recording Status: You can hide your recording status for all of your contact members and group members.
  • Blue Microphone: this will help you with not getting unnecessary calls from friends when they see you online on voice. You can hide your blue microphone status from anyone you want.
  • View Status: With this feature, you can see anyone status, and they will not get the information that you have seen their status.

WhatsApp Plus Download will enable all these features for you. We hope that all these new features will help you in using WhatsApp more freely.

WhatsApp Plus Download: Getting WhatsApp Plus on Android Smartphone

Before getting WA Plus for your devices check whether that your device is compatible or not as WA Plus is not available for iOS user. Check that your device has android 4.0 or above as this app only supports 4.0 and above android versions. With all these things checked let’s move forward to Downloading.

 Guide to WhatsApp Plus Download

  • Go to the official website of WhatsApp Plus app and check for the latest version.
  • When you do select the latest version of WA Plus, you automatically get an option from the website to download it.
  • Click on the download option; after this, you’re the app will be downloaded in apk format.
  • Download the app to your desired location where it will be easily accessible.

WhatsApp Plus Installation 

You need to uninstall the original WhatsApp app from your device to use this app. So go app manager settings and uninstall the original WhatsApp from there.

  • We have downloaded WA Plus in apk format, and we need to manually install it. Before we move towards the procedure of installation check whether you have allowed installation app from unknown sources.
  • To do that Go to the settings > After that go to Developer Option > Here you will get the option of installing an app from unknown source > Permit installing apps from unknown sources.
  • If you have enabled installation of the app from unknown sources to follow the below-mentioned steps to install the app.
  • Go to the WhatsApp Plus download location on your device.
  • Click on the apk after clicking you will be taken to a new screen.
  • Here you will see permission for the task that this app wants to do and features that it won’t use for its functioning.
  • Click on the install option after this the app will be installed.
  • Wait for the installation and after installation runs it from the app drawer.
  • After you install the WA plus open the app, fill all the entries and enjoy the app. You can install 2 WhatsApp Plus and access two different accounts from the same device.


All these above described new features are available in the new app. For enabling these fantastic features just confirm the WhatsApp Plus Download and enjoy. WhatsApp Plus is the modded version of WhatsApp and is updated every month. Take a look at the app and its features. You can customize the apps with the thousands of themes. Customize your WA+ and enjoys its amazing features.


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