Nowadays, PDF file format is replacing the paper documents in every sphere of life. You do not need to print your resume and send it by fax anymore, or when you pay online, you do not expect a paper receipt. Those are all PDF documents now. The reason for this is very obvious.

It is much cheaper to send an electronic document than to print it and then fax it or snail mail it. This is especially true with some large manuals and books, where there are hundreds of pages to print. The costs of transportation are also non-existing because you just email it with a click instead of some courier doing an errand for you.

However, there is a certain downside to the PDF, and that is it can be hardly edited at all. The one thing that makes PDF great and secure is the one that on the other side slows down things. There are numerous reason why this is so. Mostly to keep the file formatting same on every device and OS. In most cases, we are trying to edit some already existing document instead of making them from scratch.

One thing that might help you with editing PDF documents is a PDF to Word converter app. This app will convert any PDF to an editable Word document on your iPhone/iPad or smartphone. With just a slight effort you can reap enormous benefits from using this app.

Here are 3 reasons why you should have PDF to Word Converter app.


1. Easiest way to convert files is on the phone by PDF to Word Converter app

In today’s world of mass production and mass consumption, there are 4.77 billion plus of mobile phones in 2018, and with average Millennial spending about 3 hours daily on their mobile phone, there is no doubt where people spend most of their time. Also, when you consider that most of that time spent on the phone is inside various apps, then you can see how much we have faith in using mobiles to solve our problems.

The inability to edit PDFs is certainly one of those problems. When you compare PDF to Word app with other desktop software and online tools, you can see that they are more oriented towards computer users.

The desktop software is more expensive than the other two solutions, and it is filled with lots of options that you actually don’t need. PDF to Word is a free app, and it has a simple and incredibly intuitive user interface which can convert a file in just a few taps.


PDF to Word Converter App PDF to Word on Android

PDF to Word on Android



PDF to Word Converter App - PDF to Word on iOSPDF to Word on iOS


You can see that here only options are to select the file, upload it and then convert it. Not all those falling menus offering the majority of options on desktop converters that we might never use and which may only cause more confusion. The mobile app that is just dedicated to converting PDF is much more user-friendly for mobile users and much simpler. However, its simplicity in use does not mean its conversion quality is worse in any way.


2. Convert files from anywhere with PDF to Word Converter app

The best thing about mobile phones is that we carry them everywhere with us, so we can make things done everywhere. If you are the person who travels a lot, then your phone is the only tool that you need to finish your work. You do not need to be tied to your office anymore; you can also finish some work on the go.

With cloud storages, you can almost instantly access any file from anywhere. The vast thing about the cloud is that your files are not fixed to any device you might use, which comes in handy if you very often switch between the devices. Most people use more than one device, like a computer, tablet, and phone.


When you are out of the office, just use PDF to Word app which can connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, iCloud and Box within the app and select the file you want to convert.


PDF to Word Converter App - Converting Gmail attachments on iOS


Converting Gmail attachments on iOS


Being able to convert files on the go is the big advantage of using PDF to Word app, and with this neat app, you can increase your productivity for certain.


3. Scan and Convert files as well

PDF to Word app is armed with OCR technology that stands for optical character recognition. This technology allows scanned PDFs to be converted as well.

So, at the same time, your mobile can scan and convert scanned documents to a more suitable document for editing. This means that you can turn your phone into a mobile workstation, which can do miracles with your documents.

If in some case you still have your old resume in a paper form and you want to enrich it with your newly gained work experience – with the new update you can scan the paper document with your PDF to Word, convert it and now you can update your resume with new skills and experience.


PDF to Word Converter App - Scan a document with PDF to Word on Android


Scan a document with PDF to Word on Android

With the newest update, iOS version of the app has also been updated with the document scanner feature. This made PDF to Word Convert unique as converter app. It can immediately convert hard copies of the documents into Word documents. This is a great way to remove paper clutter from your work environment and go paperless.

PDF to Word Converter App camera

Select the new “camera” feature to start scanning your paper documents


The new functionality reflects in new options to work with scanned documents, like rotating documents, ability to auto-detect edges of the document, and to apply black and white filters for better visibility.

PDF to Word Converter App scan

Make perfect scan of a document before converting to Word


There is no need to retype entire PDF document just because you cannot edit it, now when there is such a useful solution as PDF to Word Converter app. You can save the time and effort by utilizing this PDF to Word Converter app and its features. Whether you are using it to edit your document, editing lectures or business contracts, you can give this app a spin.


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