If you are in the market for Android spy software and are not sure what Android spy software can do? By spy app for android without target phone, you can spy a lot of things such as view call history logs, read incoming & outgoing messages, GPS tracking, read emails, view contacts, view calendar events, remote monitoring, view photos and videos, website URL logs, call recording, SIM change notifications and more. Analyzing all features of an Android spy app you can pick the best spyware for android phones for you. Here is a list of the most common features found on most of the popular Android spy phone software sold today.  Keep in mind that each spy phone vendor could have various versions of their product, so make sure you double-check that the version you are buying has the Android spy feature that is most important to you.

Features of Spy App for Android without target phone

Read Incoming & Outgoing Messages 

Android spy software enables you to read all incoming and outgoing text messages. You will get to see both sides of the conversations — even if the messages are deleted. Other details you get to see such as time, date, and cell number which the message was sent to/from by most of the spy apps for android without target phone.

GPS Tracking

With this Android spy feature, you will be able to track the Android user’s every move. Some Android spy apps even have ‘on demand’ location information which enables you to get immediate location coordinates sent to you.  The nice thing about this feature is that the location is displayed using Google Maps, which means you can zoom in, zoom out, and get various location information. You can enjoy this feature by the average spy app for android without a target phone.

spy app for android without target phone

Read Emails

This feature will show all contents of emails sent/received from the Android cell phone.

View Call History Logs

This Android spy feature will give you access to all the call details from the Android phone. You will get to see whom the Android user is calling, and who has called them. Additional information shown are time/date stamps along with the number and name associated with the number in the address book. With this information, you can now do a reverse cell phone lookup using services such as Cell Phone Snoop to find out who owns any suspicious numbers you find. Spy app for android without target phone of user you can get this information.

View Contacts

With this Android spy app feature, you will get to see every contact that is on the phone. New contacts are added also recorded.

View Calendar Events

Every calendar event that is entered on the Android device is logged. The information recorded is the date, time, and location.

Remote Monitoring

This cool Android spy phone feature turns an Android cell phone into a remote listening device. The way it works is when you call the Android phone, it will answer without notifying the user, which means you will be able to listen in on the phone’s surroundings by most of the spy apps for android without target phone.

View Photos & Videos

This feature enables you to view photos or videos snapped on the Android phone. The photos/videos are then uploaded to your online account where you can view or download them.

Website URL Logs

All URL website addresses visited using the Android cell phone’s browser are logged. Some vendors also enable you to view bookmarks saved.

Call Recording

This Android spy feature will record calls made/received from predefined numbers. The calls are then uploaded to your online account (this is set up at the time of purchase), where you can listen or download them.

SIM Change Notification

If the Android cell phone you are monitoring has a new SIM card inserted into the device, a notification with a new number will be sent via SMS to a predefined number.

As you can see, Android spy phone software sold today has a ton of features. It is really up to you to choose precisely what you want to do, what type of evidence you want to get your hands on, and what your budget is.  For a list of Phone Spyware vendors that sell Android spy software that has some, or all of these features, click HERE.

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