256GB MicroSD Card is going to be available in June 2016. Don’t you believe that? Truly, Samsung has announced that the highest capacity of microSD Card is available in the current microSD Card market.

This is just awesome news for smartphone users who are looking for more storage in his device. It contains 256GB of storage. This is the top capacity of microSD Card till today. The Second Top microSD Card capacity is 200GB, which was released by ScanDisk. But it requires settlement for the second place currently.

256GB microSD Card releasing by Samsung


256GB microSD Card at a glance

The reading and writing speed of the EVO Plus 256GB microSD card is 95MB/s and 90MB/s severally.

The storage capacity of this Card as follows:

Around 55,200 images can be stored in this, 360-degree video record, 12 hours video of 4K can be stored or Full HD video can be stored for 33 hours, around 24000 music track can be stored.

It will also support for graphic intensive multimedia such as Virtual Reality (VR) and gaming. Regarding Warranty of this Card, Samsung announced that it could be for a limited time of 10 years warranty. EVO Plus 256GB MicroSD Card will be available in more than fifty countries including the USA, Europe, and China.

And the price will be only $249.99 (This price is suggested retail price by Manufacturers).

This guide will help you to turn it into an adaptable memory for Galaxy S7.

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