Hey, are you looking to buy a phone? And you are interested in Samsung? But you can’t make a right decision? No problem, I am here to give you the Clear and Unbiased Facts About Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 Review (Without All the Hype). Besides this, I will also consider another Samsung phone and service. I will also provide you some authentic pros and cons. You will also get some public reviews about those phones on this website. I hope that I can make you let all your confusion go away about these phones I am going to review. Let’s see what is waiting for you. You can rely on us; we are not going to deceive you. Our goal is to make your concept clear about these phones. Those topics we are going to talk about are given below:

Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 Review
Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 specs
Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 cricket (services)
Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 price
Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime review
Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime specs

Let’s begin with our first topic

Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 Review - Front look

Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 has come up with A quad-core processor of 1.3 GHz and 1GB of RAM. It has an Android operating system with the recent Marshmallow version. It’s consisted of a WVGA Super AMOLED display of 4.5.” Internal memory space is 8GB. However, it has a microSD slot for up to 128GB card. It has both front and back camera of 2 and 5 megapixels. It is a 4G enabled and LTE compatible phone with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro USB connectivity and so on.

Before giving Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 Review, I Will let you know about its official features and specs.

Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 Review - Back look


Power and Speed

The Galaxy Amp 2 can put up with your necessities with Cricket 4G LTE network. You won’t miss a beat with the powerful Quad-core processor. And it’s clear, crisp 4.5” Super AMOLED display affords, beautiful viewing experience with more rich colors. It also provides, sharper images.

Long-Lasting Performance

The Galaxy amp 2 has a long-lasting 2,050 mAh battery. Which gives you a lot of power to last you through your day. When you are so busy, and you need more extra power, use Power Saving Mode. It will help you, shut off your unessential apps. It will also extend your standby time as well. You can get up to 24 hours with just 10% charge.

Dual Cameras

Never miss a special moment with a 5-megapixel rear camera with flash. You can also make HD video with that. It has a 2-megapixel front camera by which, you can take a selfie as well as make a video call. By quickly double pressing the home key, launch the camera when the display is off. You can take a selfie, with a simple hand gesture.

Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 Review unboxing

Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 specs

Operating System
OSAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow

Display and dimensions
Display size and type – 5.22 inch X 2.70 inch X 0.35 inch
Dimensions – 5.22 inch X 2.70 inch X 0.35 inch

4G LTE compatible
Bluetooth 4.1
Micro USB
Mobile Hotspot Compatible
Wi-Fi Manager

Up to 8 GB internal storage
microSD slot for up to 128 GB

Processor/ Battery
Processor – 1.3 GHz quad-core
Battery – 2050 mAh

Rear – 5 MP with flash and HD video
Front – 2 MP with VGA video

GPS/ Maps
Google Maps turn-by-turn triangulation

Hearing Aid Compatibility
Hearing aids M3 and T3 rated as compatible

Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 cricket (services)

  • Cricket makes it easier, to access billing, make quick payments, view usages and access support.
  • There is a function called Deezer. It lets you listen on-the-go with advertise-free streaming music. You can download your favorites to your phone and get adaptive playlists based on your preferences.
  • Cricket Wi-Fi Manager benefits you, save your high-speed data. It looks for free and open Wi-Fi hotspots whenever you’re near them. It catches the network so sharply. It remembers your favorite Wi-Fi hotspots. It connects you in its automatic way. When cricket is doing the searching, you can do the saving.

Let’s know about its pros and cons. Then we will go the authentic public review section


Pros and Cons: Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 Review



  • Lightweight Phone
  • Budget Friendly
  • As a brand phone, last longer
  • Nice to talk over the phone


  • Automatic screen brightness not supported
  • Ram (1GB) is not enough
  • Pixel density screen is low (207ppi)
  • Camera resolution is low (5 MP)
  • Phone gets slow when installing more apps


Authentic public Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 Review

By Charlie29 (February 2017)

Good Phone for price

Most of the people complain about the internal storage. But you can buy an SD card up to 128 gigabytes. I bought a brand-new SD card of 128 GB worth 20$ on the Facebooks marketplace. It’s not a bad phone to me. I am an iPhone user normally. I had to choose this phone for my financial reasons. It’s cheaper than some other phones for general use. Its battery life remains all day for me. The only complaint that it won’t connect to my Wi-Fi at home. So, I am a bit upset with that. That’s doesn’t bother me, cause my boyfriend’s cheap Android Phones never get connected.


By Syrinx (February 2017)

Great for the price

I got this phone when its first came to the market. Like other reviewers noted it’s not worth $500, which is a point. I paid $50 only. If it breaks or lost, then I am only out $50. It runs an operating system of 6 and all the app I need. I installed a 16 GB SD card for music, photos, and videos. I also use it to move those apps to the SD card. That saves my space on internal storage. My only complaint is when I update the phone it doesn’t move those apps automatically. I need to do it manually.


By maggieguy23 (February 2017)


This phone was 99$ only. I recognized it wasn’t going to be great. Its original price is 60$. So, I expected a good phone. It has a lot of issues like it is slow, it delays, closes apps or web pages. Some other points like camera suck, too wide phone, buttons placed weirdly, hands hurt to hold, etc. Its keyboard is awkward. I always delete photos or videos to make space for new things. Came up with 8 GB internal storage where the phone and apps consume 7.8 of it up. Only able to keep five pictures at a time. Have memory card, but it doesn’t help much.


By Han (December 2016)

No memory!!

One of the worsts phone ever. Even, for its price not worth it spends $20 more that will function. Can’t Download more than three apps and not enough memory to watch the pictures. The memory is so low that can’t open the gallery app. Terrible!!

There is a lot of positive and negative review on the internet you will see. We just tried to show you some authentic ones. We hope this will help you to choose the phone. But from our personal view, this phone is budget friendly. So, if you are using another phone as the prime one, you can use it for rough use. If your budget is low, then we will recommend this phone for you. The rest of the decision depends on you.


Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 price

You can find the Samsung Galaxy amp 2 on the local market as well as Online E-commerce Site like amazon.com, Cricketwireless, BestBuy, eBay, etc.

At cricketwireless.com you can get this phone at $49.99 with a new number. So, I recommend you to buy from here.

At eBay, you can get this phone at $88.99. This price is higher than cricketwireless.com

That’s all about Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 Review. Now it’s time to sail across to the additional part. Let’s begin.

Samsung Galaxy amp prime front

Samsung Galaxy Amp prime review

Samsung Galaxy Amp prime is another Phone from Samsung. This phone came up with Android 6.0 marshmallow and a processor of 1.3 GHz. It’s also come up with a 5” HD Super AMOLED display and 16 GB internal storage, which is double than Samsung Galaxy amp 2. The camera is similar to the Galaxy amp 2. 5 MP rear camera with Flash and HD Video and a front camera of 2 MP. It has 2600 mAH battery which is more than the Galaxy amp 2. Let’s tell you about its official features, specs and some dependable public review about this phone.



Dual Camera

By double pressing the home button quickly, the camera is ready to take a picture in about 1 second. You can take pics even when the display is off. Using a hand gesture, you can take a selfie without fumbling for the camera button. With the 5 MP Camera with flash and HD video and 2 MP front camera, you can get ready to capture any moment.

Ultra-Power Savings Mode

This phone comes up with a surprising feature, and that is ultra-power savings mode. When you don’t have enough battery, but you badly needed that you can Use this feature. The ultra-power saving mode helps you to save your power of the battery. With Amp Prime’s 2600 mAh battery you won’t have to think about power. For those extra busy days, you can use ultra-power Savings mode.

Great Samsung Features

The Samsung amp prime has many features to make your life easier. With the Quick launch, double pressing the home button will quickly open the camera even when the screen is off. You will experience an easy and simple home screen if you are a first time Android user. The Super AMOLED display provides you a crisper and brighter display. It also offers you many options for one handed operation quicker.


Samsung Galaxy Amp prime specs

Color – White
Processor Speed, Type – 1.3GHz
Main Display Resolution – 1280 X 720
Main Display Size – 5.0”
Main Display Technology – Super AMOLED®
Touchscreen – Yes
Camera resolution (Front) – 2 MP
Camera resolution (Rear) – 5 MP
Digital Optical Zoom – 4X
Internal Memory – 16GB Internal Memory + 1.5GB RAM
External Memory/microSD™ Capacity – Up to 128GB
Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Bluetooth – Bluetooth v4.1
Location Technology – Yes
OS – Android™ 6.0 (marshmallow)
Form Factor
Form Factor: Touch Bar
Weight & Size
Weight: 4.90 oz
Product Dimensions: 5.6 inches x 2.80 inches x 0.31 inches
Battery: Standby – Up to 240 Hours
Battery, Talk Time – Up to 22 Hours
Battery Capacity – 2600 mAh
Music Play Time – Up to 77 Hours
Video Play Time – Up to 14 Hours
Audio Playing Format –
Video Playing Format –
Video Playing Resolution -FHD @ 30fps
Key Features
HD Display – Yes
Advanced Camera – Yes
Expandable Memory – Yes
Package Containing
Included in Box – Phone, Travel Adapter, battery cover, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, standard battery pack, Health & Safety Guide, Terms & Conditions.


Pros and Cons

Galaxy Amp Prime

By FlaTigger (May 5,2017)

Pros: Durable, Bright display, Lightweight, inexpensive

Thanks to Samsung. This is one of the fantastic phones I have ever bought. It’s fast, stable and well setup.


Excellent smart phone

By Cothrom (April 26, 2017)

Pros: Durable, Bright display, Inexpensive.

Cons: Hadn’t found any.

The battery life and performance is unbeatable. I never experienced a call drop on this phone.



By Sandy98 (January 19, 2017)

Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Didn’t meet the expectation

What I thought about this phone, it’s wholly different. Drops calls, shut down automatically, gets hot or over heating, etc. issues I have faced.



In this article, I have tried to define some facts about Samsung Galaxy Amp 2, and Samsung Galaxy amp prime. It was an unbiased review. I have tried to show you the facts of this phone impartially. At last, I can say that there is both positive and negative review of this phone. You have to determine whether to buy or not. If those phones meet your requirements, you are welcome to purchase. If not, just ignore those phones. I hope I could make your confusion go away.

So, thank you so much for reading this article about Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 Review. We will be so happy if this article helps you in any way. Share your opinions, thoughts with us in the comment section. Also, if you have any suggestion for us, let us know. That will help us to improve from next time. Share this article with your friends. Always, spread the goodness.

You can also search for “Galaxy amp 2 case”, “Samsung Galaxy amp 2 manual”, “Samsung Galaxy amp 2 root” on google for more info.


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