Kingo Android Root is a real one-click tool which allows you to root your android device in the easiest method. Rooting your device enables you the following: Installation of Custom ROM and Recovery, Using different themes & fonts, moving apps to external storage, increasing RAM, overclock and undervolt device, hacking many games, removing bloatware, installing root-only apps etc.

Generally, by rooting a device someone can overcome many limitations and modify it as he likes. Just need to keep in mind that rooting device voids the warranty of your device. Also, there is a risk that your device can be bricked by rooting. Learn how to recover your Windows Phone step-by-step.

Check the supported device list with Kingo Android Root here. This list is not the full list. Lots of devices are not enlisted yet. If your device is not listed, you can contact here for confirmation.

Step-by-Step rooting instruction using Kingo Android Root with Computer

Step 1: Checklist to rooting process by Kingo Android Root

  1. A windows pc with internet connection
  2. USB cable (original) to connect your device with pc
  3. Battery charge level required 50% minimum

Step 2: Installation of Kingo Android Root and Launching

a. Get Kingo Android Root Software here or here which is available for free.

b. After completing the download, Launch the installer file and install it just following its easy installation instruction.

c. It will create a shortcut icon on the desktop. Double-click on it to launch. It will display the interface if the application.


Kingo Android Root interface

Step 3: Enabling USB Debugging Mode in Android Device

In this step, you have to enable USB debugging mode on your android device to connect the android device with a computer.

i. For Android 2.0 – 2.3.X follow the steps as shown in image

a. Go to your Android device and tap on “Settings” from menu

b. Tap on Applications

c. And then Tap on Development

d. Finally Tap on USB debugging


Kingo Android Root usb debugging


ii. For Android 3.0 – 4.1.X follow the steps as shown in image

a. Go to your Android device and find “Settings”

b. Go and Tap on the “Developers options”

c. Scroll down and Tap on “USB debugging”


Kingo Android Root usb debugging2


iii.  For Android 4.2.X and higher, Android 5.0 Lollipop also included; follow the steps as shown in image:

a. Go to your Android device and find “App Drawer”

b. Find and click on “Settings”

c. Go down by Scrolling and click on “About phone”

d. Tap on Build number


Kingo Android Root usb debugging3


e. After that 7 times tap on “Build number” option

f. Find “Settings” once again

g. Search out and Click on “Developer options”

h. And then click on “USB debugging”

Learn in detail about USB debugging here.

Step 4: Connecting Android Device with your Computer using USB Cable

After enabling USB debugging a window will be appeared on the screen of your device. You must click on “OK” (It will permit USB debugging from your pc).


Kingo Android Root allow debugging


Kingo Android Root tool will install the device driver (for the very first time only). After that, it will detect your device model and will make visible rooting status of your android device.

 Kingo Android Root device connected

Step 5: After reaching to this level, press or click on “ROOT”

Now time to read out “ROOT Notifications” attentively and understand well its benefits and harms. And then you click on “ROOT”. It will start rooting your device.


Kingo Android Root_rooting

Step 6: Now click on “FINISH”

When the rooting process got finished, once you see “Root Succeeded” message with “Finish” button; just click on “Finish” and get your device rooted.


Kingo Android Root_succeeded

Step-by-Step “Unroot” instruction using Kingo Android Root with Computer

Kingo Android Root tool has “Root Removing” functionality. Following below steps you can unroot your device:

Step 1: Connect the device with computer using USB data cable.

Step 2: Firstly what you will see is a request “Superuser Request”

Step 3: To proceed it you now Click on Grant (Kingo will detect your device)


Kingo Android Root Grant


Step 4: Check Root status: “YES”

Step 5: Finally you can hit on “Remove Root” button. Within few it will remove root.


Kingo Android Root_remove root

Step-by-Step Rooting instruction using Kingo Android Root but Computer

Start rooting your device confirming following issues:

Confirm that your device’s power is on.

Minimum 50% Battery charge level required.

Ensure internet connection (WiFi connection recommended).

Confirm that Application installation from unknown source is enabled. You can enable it in Settings in Security option.

Step 1: Download Kingo Android Root apps which name is KingoRoot.apk from here. After downloading this app to your PC, you can just move to your android device and install it.


Kingo Android Root_download


Step 2: Installation of Kingo Root APK on the device you want to root.


Kingo Android Root_one click


Step 3: Rooting any android set using “Kingo Root” app is quite easy. Go to the app, Launch it and then hit on “One Click Root”; it will start rooting.


Kingo Android Root_one_click


Rooting process…      


Kingo Android Root_rooting process


Step 4: When the rooting process is completed, a confirmation screen will appear. If the rooting was succeeded or failed.


Kingo Android Root_rooted



Some of the device may not support by Kingo or goes to root unsuccessful. You can take following steps:

  1. Go to “Troubleshoot” Section
  2. Save the log file. You can learn here saving log of Kingo Android Root.
  3. Or you can email to Kingo team.


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