Working remotely from home is not that great for some people. Adjusting their situation because of the pandemic takes more effort than some have expected. Since they need to finish the work regardless, it is easy to get stuck in a loophole when you work at night to meet the deadlines and sleep later than usual.

It is difficult to tell when things will go back to normal, so having a proper approach to working from home would save you some nerve. If you have been struggling despite your best efforts, consider taking pieces of advice in this article. The steps below should improve your work life.

Step #1 – Get Rid of Distractions

You must have had plenty of distractions while working at an office, but staying at home creates even more opportunities to procrastinate, especially when there is no supervision.

You may want to play video games, read books, or browse social media while ignoring the work and leaving everything to the last minute. Sure, some people have a pretty flexible schedule, but that does not apply to everyone.

In addition to distractions like smartphone notifications and google chrome turn off notifications, you should remove desktop icons for video games, avoid social media, and stop looking for other excuses not to work, such as cleaning your room.

Step #2 – Stick to Schedule

Stick to a schedule just like you did before you start working remotely from home. Set the alarm, so you wake up on time, know when to take a lunch break, and when you need to finish the job.

There may be days when the schedule needs some adjustments, but you should stick to regular hours for the most part. This way, it will become easier to get into the rhythm and be more productive.

Step #3 – Have a Morning Routine

Waking up early is hard when you can sleep for an extra hour or two because there is no need to drive to work and stay in a traffic jam. However, putting the extra time you have to a better use would be a better approach than just sleeping in.

You should look for a morning routine. Some people find it nice to read a book before they start their work; others spend an hour working out, which is harder due to gyms closing down.

Step #4 – Go Outside When Possible

Restrictions vary depending on where you live, but if the situation allows for it, go outside when you can. A breath of fresh air will help you relax and forget about the problems, even if only for a little bit. 

Step #5 – Take Proper Lunch Breaks

Speaking of taking a break from work, your lunch should not be different from what you had before the pandemic. If your office allows for a one-hour long lunch break, do the same while you are at home.

The time to relax is there for a reason, and if you rush to get back to before having a proper meal, it will not take too long until you feel fatigued, and your productivity drops.

Step #6 – Create a Dedicated Workspace

A dedicated workspace is a good way to separate the time you can spend at home relaxing, and the time you should spend doing your job. 

There is no need to turn an entire room into a home office, but if you have such an option, go for it. After all, it is easier to concentrate when you are surrounded by work tools rather than distractions.

Step #7 – Socialize With Others

Keep in touch with coworkers. Even if it is a casual conversation online or a short video call, do not lose the connection you had before the pandemic. Socializing with others helps you maintain sanity, particularly if you are stuck at home. Not to mention that some of your colleagues also need someone they can talk to.

Step #8 – Establish Ground Rules With Family

If you have a family, it will take some time for them to readjust as well. It is important to set the ground rules early. Unless it is something important, you want to avoid disturbances when working. Failing to reach a compromise will lead to conflicts that can escalate even more, making an already difficult situation worse. 

Let the family know when you are available and when you are not. Respect each other’s space so you can enjoy some quality time together after a long day.

Step #9 – Reward Yourself

Giving yourself a reward after finishing work is a good trick to find some motivation, especially if it is a slow day and it does not seem like you are making any progress with your work.

The reward could be a new book you have just ordered from Amazon, the most recent episode of your favorite TV series, or a tasty snack waiting in the fridge.

Hope these steps will increase your productivity while working remotely from home.

Belayet Hossain

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