Remote working can become a pain if you are unable to find a reliable channel of communication. After all, communication is the backbone for any organization and business and failing to get the message across, especially when working remotely can lead to a lot of issues. In that case video conferencing tools can be the best solution.

Video conferencing is an effective way that can help you connect with your colleagues and employees especially during a remote working setting. IT support los angeles has compiled a list of the best video conferencing tools that are reliable and dependable.

Some of them are free whereas others have paid versions. You can pick anyone that is suitable based on your needs and requirements.

1. Flock

If you are looking for a reliable yet affordable video conferencing software, Flock would be an ideal choice for you. It is a paid software where users are asked to pay around $4.50 per month.

It is not just a video conferencing platform, but it also features other functionalities like file sharing, screen sharing, team management channels and even team messengers. Therefore, you can use it to not only communicate with your team via video calls, but can also utilize this channel to send messages to the entire team.

Overall, the interface and usage of the software is quite simple and easy to understand. Plus you can allow up to twenty users in a video conference call and there is no limit on the duration of the call.

Thus, if you are looking for IT Consulting Los Angeles recommended video conferencing software that can serve as an excellent communication channel for businesses when they opt for remote working practices.

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the most renowned virtual conference platforms. It is freely available for those who have a gmail account. You can not only use Google Hangouts on your laptop but can also download the mobile application and use it on your phones.

The software has both a free as well as a paid version. The free version has a limit of only ten users per call which makes it a perfect choice for small teams.

But if you have a larger team, you can sign up for the paid version and enjoy a total of twenty five users per conference call. There are two different subscription packages and you can opt for either the six or twelve dollar per month subscription plan based on the needs of your business or company.

3. Cisco Webex

The list of the top rated and highly recommended virtual video conferencing platforms would be incomplete without the mention of Cisco Webex. It is one of the most acclaimed and small business IT services recommended platforms for holding virtual conferences, seminars and even communicating with your team of workers.

The free version of the Cisco Webex platform allows a total of fifty participants in the same meeting with a total time limit of forty minutes. But if you want to make custom video conferencing URLs and have no limit on the duration of the calls, you can sign up for the subscription of the platform that will cost around $13.50 per month.

This package also increases the number of participants allowed in the call and you can have around one hundred participants in the call.

4. UberConference

If you want to have small meetings with a small group of people, you can sign up for the free version of UberConference. The free version will allow you to have a total of ten participants in a conference call that can last for around forty five minutes.

But if this limit is not enough, you can pay for the UberConference subscription for $20 per month that can allow a total of one hundred participants at the same time with a call duration of five hours.

It is one of the easiest video conferencing platforms to use which makes it a great choice for those who have no experience using video conference softwares before. You can simply search for UberConference, open the website and join the video conference through your computer’s browser without having to install or download any application.

Another perk of this platform is the fact that it supports an amazing and impressive screen resolution of 720p so that the users can enjoy video conferencing to the fullest.

5. High Five

High Five is a video conferencing software that is specifically developed while keeping business needs in mind. From the quality of the video to the audio, each and every aspect of the video calls is nothing less than amazing and commendable.

They offer three different packages for the customers to choose from so you can pick a package that best suits your needs. The prices of the packages are a bit towards the higher end, but the quality of the services surely justifies the price tag.

Users do not have to make use of any pin code or dial in to become a part of the call when using High Five for conducting video calls. Plus this software is also compatible with other video conferencing softwares like Zoom, BlueJeans and Lifesize etc.

Hope you can choose the perfect solution from the above discussed video conferencing tools.

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