Can You Dropship on Temu?


Can you dropship on Temu? The short answer is no, you cannot dropship on Temu.

The long answer involves the risks in purchasing from dropshippers, and selling Temu items through dropshipping.

Not only does dropshipping hurt manufacturers and local businesses, but it often entails a massive profit margin for the seller which the buyers pay for.


Temu’s popularity has been skyrocketing since its launch in September last year, and the platform has gained traction within shopping communities for its affordability, quality, and services.

Temu has been the subject of drop shippers as well, noting the wholesale prices offered by the site.


Despite the growing prominence of dropshipping in the e-commerce industry, Temu refuses to allow this onto their platform as it risks the experience and satisfaction of its customers.

In fact, Temu specifies on its website that dropshipping is prohibited, and that anyone who tries will be penalized and banned from the platform.


The Downsides of Drop Shipping

Dropshipping refers to third-party sellers who purchase their products directly from manufacturers or other retailers, then adding a high profit margin on top of the wholesale price.

The number of retailers adopting this practice is growing as it allows them to get started without needing any start-up capital or warehouse storage for any inventory.


Dropshipping has been identified by many as a scheme done to explore a lucrative business opportunity that requires minimal effort but reaps high profits.

Many dropshippers trick their customers into purchasing items that are too good to be true, and refuse to disclose the country of origin, materials, and other details of the products they’re selling.


They may also be posting inaccurate information on the item listings by stealing photos from other sources, which may lead customers to falsely believe what is being advertised and make a purchase.

Another risk of dropshipping is that the products being posted on the listings may not be the product that is ultimately shipped to the customer, or customers may not just receive a product at all.


What Makes Temu a Target for Dropshippers?

To ensure the best shopping experience for their customers, Temu has decided to ban dropshipping from its platforms, encouraging users to purchase their goods directly from the platform, and not to stray from Temu to buy the same products at higher prices.


But why would dropshipping be prevalent in Temu? Temu is known for offering high-quality goods at wholesale prices, and this business model, while advantageous for consumers, attracts dropshippers and third-party resellers in the process.

Temu has standardized its product photos and specifications as well, which dropshippers tend to copy for their own products.


Temu also has a wide array of products in its catalog, with over 250 categories ranging from the typical clothing and fashion categories, to niche goods like gardening supplies, and even intimacy products.

This makes the platform a target for dropshippers and resellers as well.


Temu warns their customers to exercise caution when making a purchase and to never make any purchases outside of Temu’s official platforms.

Customers who buy items outside of Temu will not be able to avail of Temu’s after-sale services or qualify for Temu’s product issues because these transactions happened beyond Temu’s official sites.


Temu, the Trendy Online Shopping Site

Answering the question – Can you dropship on Temu; it’s essential to state that Temu only sells its products through its website or its iOS and Android mobile apps.

The platform sells various products from a wide range of categories and subcategories such as men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, beauty and health, home and electronics and many more – with thousands of new products being added everyday.


Despite its relatively recent launch in September 2022, Temu’s popularity among American consumers is already rapidly growing due to the lower and more affordable prices of their products compared to other competitors like Amazon and eBay.


Temu Promises to Keep Prices Low and Quality High

Temu manages to sell its products at wholesale prices and avoid any additional markups from third-party sellers because of its ties to PDD Holdings, a multinational commerce group publicly listed on Nasdaq (NASDAQ:PDD).


Because of these connections, Temu is able to leverage the supply chain capabilities and expertise of PDD Holdings and ship their products directly from suppliers, rather than incurring additional costs by having to establish a network of warehouses in the United States, to give their customers great quality products at cheaper prices.


Hope now you know, can you dropship on Temu or not.

To learn more about Temu’s policies and processes, visit their website at or download their mobile app available on iOS and Android! You can also head on over to Temu’s Youtube channel for some ideas for your next great purchase.