The cell phone repair industry mainly repairs and sells cell phones and tablets.

A few technicians may also fix other electronic gadgets such as drones and gaming systems, which are additionally good for industry-specific income.

Cell Phone Repair Technicians operate physical stores that empower clients to get their phones repaired locally, and makes it very convenient.

A few stores also offer their clients mail-in repair services.


Phone Repair

New phones are something we really need every day. When there is an issue with our device and cellphone repair is required, many of us are at the mercy of repair technicians to repair the issue.

We also have hopes they will repair it correctly, within a reasonable budget, and not take days.

Every city across the USA requires cell phone repair shops. The sheer volume of people compared to techs allows technicians to earn top dollar.

Cell Phone Repair Technicians are needed all over the USA to repair screens, batteries, malware, charge ports, power issues, and more.

Our Training Center, CellBotics in Atlanta Georgia, sets Technicians on the correct path to servicing these issues.

A cracked screen or a broken housing? A failing battery? A damaged camera? Touch issues? Or software problems?

We teach Technicians to repair anything related to mobile phone repair, no matter iPhone or Android operating system. We are here to teach you to resolve all repair problems in your city.

Call us, or visit our website, we receive students from all over the United States including Texas, California, Washington, New York, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and all in between! 


Costs starting a retail cell phone repair business?

According to the location of your repair shop, the majority of the expenses involved in the new venture will be rent and utilities.

Rent can be one of the highest expenses depending on the location. You want a small location that has amazon visibility, an anchor store, and easy access.

On average it costs at least $20,000 to start a retail space, this can be less if you attend our course and find the shortcuts that can be taken and space negotiation techniques.

CellBotics also provides vendors and discounts for all types of services and products. Check out our YoutTube channel for more details.


Cost to start a mobile cell phone repair business?

Some cell phone repair Technicians operate kiosks within a mall, but malls in the USA are questionable as to longevity.

Some Technicians start mobile from home, which is less expensive to start but does not reward the same income.

To start a mobile can be as much as $200 plus your Training costs which start at $1200 and goes up depending on the course you choose.

CellBotics offers Cell Phone Repair Training, Computer Repair Training, and Micro Soldering Training, all hands-on.

There are also safety issues with fixing from home, never meet customers at your home.


The Business side

Gaining the knowledge of the business side, plus experience in repairing cell phones is the CellBotics specialty, and why students from around the United States travel to visit us weekly. Here are just a few tips we give in class to help you earn an income:

  1. You may need to approach existing mobile phone repair shops to be able to see if they require any extra help. 
  2. Post on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp, other apps and notify local businesses of your new services to drum up commercial repair. We also teach you how to post ads so they do not get blocked on these platforms.
  3. Work with schools locally
  4. Work with Carrier stores like Verizon, Cricket, Boost, and others to drum up referral business. We give you a template to follow when talking to these businesses.
  5. Kill your competition by doing repairs they refuse
  6. Connect with leading USA vendors to lower defective rates on parts
  7. Get a company mascot

Once you acquire some experience, one could arrange from $5,000 a month profit up to $80,000 or more! The sky’s the limit and is only limited by your drive and dedication to implementing and growing your business. 



A cell phone repair business in the United States can be a huge income driver. Americans love their devices and have multiple per home. Americans also upgrade their devices frequently.

Take advantage of your fellow citizens’ needs and capitalize on the profit. Become a repair Technician and open a repair store!

All you need to do is work with CellBotics and you will be on your way to owning a profitable business. Read our reviews and you will see, this is more than possible, it’s a guarantee.

Visit our website, give us a call or come on down to CellBotics Atlanta GA and talk with a Trainer today!

A shop owner earns $50,000 a month with repair watch his interview on youtube.

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