What are the major dark web facts which are threats to us and what is ‘as a service’? The world of cybercrime is now so much more than cyber criminals taking their chances. In fact, cybercriminals now have the ability to leverage new technologies that make it easier than ever to carry out cyber attacks. The idea of cybercrime ‘as a service’ comes as more and more cybercriminals have their own marketplace, similar to that of the modern, ‘ordinary’ business world, such as Ransomware-as-a-service and phishing kits. All of these support the sophisticated attacks we see being carried out far more often than ever before. Data connect, cyber security service providers, have helped to further explain.

What is ‘as a service’?

As you would see or expect any technology company to offer their technology software to other businesses on-demand, as do hackers. Those skilled, or possibly considered ‘professional’ hackers have been able to harness the existence of the dark web to sell their capabilities as types of ‘service packages. This can include pay-per-use-services, available to anybody to use. They are allowing the cybercrime industry to develop into a managed services industry, existing on the elusive and ungoverned dark web.

This growing trend has truly changed the face of these dark operations. Not only can inexperienced individuals carry out attacks or get help with phishing, but with no or little inability to code, “advanced hackers” can carry out swift attacks.

There are two key areas where this use of the ‘as a service’ model is popular.

Ransomware as a service

Often referred to as RaaS, ransomware as a service refers to offering a pay-for-use malware, available to purchase via the dark web. The author or the creator of the ransomware creates software and makes this available to customers that are referred to as affiliates. These affiliates will then utilise this software to take advantage of an organisation’s data, holding this ransom, with very little experience. Almost identical to the ‘ordinary’ SaaS packages offered by service providers, RaaS kits may include support from the authors, reviews, and other features to help those in completing their attacks.

Paid per month by subscribers, those who create these kits have developed a successful business model, with lots of potentials to make a big profit. Hard to locate, those behind these service models will often disappear copying and recreating their work under new names. Making it almost impossible to locate the minds behind these RaaS packages.

Phishing as a service / Phishing kits

Another popular area for this style of service is phishing. Phishing kits and phishing as a service is increasingly popular on the dark web. Again, allowing those with little knowledge or background in coding to carry out phishing attacks on their targets.

Phishing kits are pre-made, ready-to-use packages with very little effort required to use. Developers of these kits provide purchasers with all the information they require. These kits are most commonly designed to make copies of websites, posing as large brands with huge followings, these attackers can gain a wealth of data and information giving them access to other areas of the business.

To conclude, as the technologies advance and access to these ‘as a service’ models grows through the dark web, cyber-attacks become easier and easier for cyber criminals to carry out. With phishing kits and RaaS to people will lower skill levels, the world of cyber crime draws in more people looking to make quick wins with very little evidence left of proof of their crimes. With this in mind, it’s now more important than ever that businesses of all sizes, , particularly those at a heightened risk of attack, have sufficient cyber security strategies in place to secure their networks, protect their teams and deal with the attempts of cyber crime on their businesses.


As we’ve seen, the dark web is a major threat to our cyber security. With the rise of ‘as a service’ offerings, it’s easier than ever for criminals to carry out sophisticated attacks. Data Connect’s cyber security services can help keep your data safe.