At the core of every good software product is a unique feature that makes it special. When it comes to delivering outstanding products that present news from around the globe, relying on an outstanding API is a necessary approach.

Best news API will enable you to introduce a couple of useful features to your next product. Your users will be able to swiftly manage your news content by filtering categories and searching for the most relevant news.

In this article, we’ll explore several Best news API that’ll make the next product an appealing news aggregator. But before we explore the best options, here’s a brief explanation of news APIs, what they are, and how they help.

What’s a news API?

Application programming interface (API) allows developers to connect two platforms easily. Whether we’re talking about apps, websites, or any other product, an API enables smooth communication between platforms, systems and programs.

When it comes to news, using a news API would allow someone to display news content from different sources in one place quickly. For example, your next product might be a news aggregator app that uses a wide range of Best news APIs to serve the latest news to its readers.

We’re here to explore what are some of the best options in the market. Let’s see what they are.

1. Google News API

Google News API is one of the biggest news aggregators currently available in the market. Hundreds of thousands of developers rely on its vast library of 50,000 news sources. It packs access to numerous languages across dozens of countries.

Furthermore, you’ll find plenty of flexibility with this platform. You can quickly filter which news sources you want to offer to your readers. There’s also the possibility of pre-loading news or delivering them when users search for them in the product.

When it comes to pricing, the API is completely free. However, there are some limitations when it comes to daily requests.

2. Bing News Search API

Being a search engine, it’s no wonder Bing has its own News Search API. You can use it to allow your visitors or app users to search for the news they want to read. You can also use the API to filter news topics and create categories in your app.

Your users will have the latest stories at their fingertips at all times.

Pricing is very competitive: you don’t have to subscribe to a fixed monthly plan. You pay on the go, only for how much you use the API. The usage depends on the number of API requests (transactions).

You can find all the pricing fees on the official website.

3. Yahoo News API

Yahoo News API is a massive platform with numerous news pieces on different topics. It’s a great news source, especially for US-related news. Like Bing, the platform offers excellent search functionality. Your product’s users will quickly find the latest articles in their favorite category.

The API data format is XML and JSON. The implementation process is straightforward as there’s plenty of documentation available.

When it comes to pricing, you’ll have to pay $1.80 per 1,000 queries. When you compare it to other APIs, the pricing is fair.

4. HackerNews API

Y Combinator has been running this social news website for a long time now. Started back in 2007, the platform is a source of fantastic technology content.

HackerNews is the API to choose if you’re planning a product around an audience that cherishes computer science topics.

It also comes equipped with various tools, making it possible to make API calls for news comments, polls and other updates.

You’ll also like the fact that this API is entirely free for public use.

5. Guardian API

Guardian is a news giant that covers thousands of new topics every day. The publication is at the top of British journalism, as it covers countless stories from around the globe. Access to its API is a true gold mine since it counts over 2 million content pieces.

Some of these pieces date back to 1999, which you’ll rarely find available with other APIs.

You can use the JSON format to filter content the way you need it quickly. Furthermore, documentation makes implementation simple. Implementing this API is an excellent investment if your readers enjoy reading news from different spheres of interest.

When it comes to pricing, there are two models. The first is the free developer subscription. It comes with many limits, as even some content pieces aren’t fully available to read.

On the other hand, commercial use costs differently from one use case to another.

6. Bloomberg News API

Bloomberg is another news source with years of authoritative reporting. On top of that, readers enjoy consuming financial content that adds a lot of value to their daily activities.

If you’re planning a financial aggregator app, you’ll need the Bloomberg News API to deliver the most relevant news to your readers. There’s something for everyone. Younger generations also have something to see in the cryptocurrency section of the site.

The platform’s customer service will let you know what their pricing is.

7. Financial Times News API

Much like the Bloomberg publication, Financial Times is another important finance news platform. All the latest news posts quickly appear on the news site, making it one of the most relevant players in the industry.

Besides the outstanding financial content, the platform branches out to numerous other categories. It’s an excellent resource for a wide range of audiences. Access to this API is a valuable resource for your next product, especially if it revolves around finance.

You’ll have to reach out to customer support to learn more about the pricing.

8. Mediastack API

If you’re looking for an API gathering content from a wide range of sources, Mediastack is an excellent option. It picks up blog posts from over 7,500 sources. It provides content in 13 languages from 50 different countries.

Implementation is simple, and there is an accessible starting plan. Unlike many of the competitors, Best news API is very affordable. It offers several plans. They are:

  • Free for non-commercial use
  • Standard at $24.99 per month
  • Professional at $99.99 per month
  • Business at $249.99 per month
  • Enterprise custom plan

You can go through plans as your product grows, as the primary difference is the number of monthly API calls you can make.

Concluding thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve found this list to be helpful. Explore each of these Best news APIs to find the one that perfectly fits your product needs.

Each of them has its pros and cons, but they bring a lot of content to your product. Once you implement these APIs, your product’s users can enjoy high-quality news pieces from reliable sources.

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