What are the golden apps / best apps for dissertation writing?

Writing a dissertation or thesis can be an overwhelming task.

With so much information to research, organize and write, it can be challenging to stay on track.

Thankfully, various helpful apps are available to make the process easier.

This article will shed light on some apps to help you stay organized and motivated while working on your dissertation or thesis.

From organizing your notes to tracking your progress, these apps can help ensure that you succeed in your academic journey.

best dissertation software

Best apps for dissertation writing


Grammarly is crucial for writing your dissertation or thesis as it ensures that all your written work is grammatically correct and free from typos and other errors.

This can be particularly important when writing a master thesis as it can be challenging to maintain the same focus and attention to detail throughout a long work.

Grammarly can also help with citing sources accurately, ensuring that all references are correctly formatted and that all sources are correctly credited.

Additionally, with its range of features and tools, Grammarly can also help you improve the quality of your writing, providing helpful suggestions on improving your style and language.

Whether you use the master thesis help services or not, Grammarly can help make sure that your dissertation or thesis is of the highest standard.


Scrivener is a powerful writing tool explicitly designed for long-form writing projects such as dissertations and theses.

It provides a simple, intuitive interface and a suite of features to help you manage and structure your research.

With Scrivener, you can easily break down large research documents into manageable chunks, create and store multiple versions of your work, and collaborate with other researchers on shared projects.

Additionally, Scrivener provides an integrated toolset to help you with everyday tasks, including creating bibliographies, formatting citations, and setting up footnotes and endnotes.

This makes it ideal for dissertations and theses.

It allows you to easily organize and structure your research, collaborate with other researchers, and present your work in a professional, consistent format.

Focus Writer

Focus Writer is an excellent tool for writing a dissertation or thesis because it is designed to remove all distractions and enable the user to focus on writing.

It offers a full-screen mode that eliminates all visual distractions and allows the user to focus solely on the task.

Additionally, Focus Writer includes features like customizable backgrounds, timers, alarms, spellcheck, and auto-save, which can help keep the user organized and on track.

Finally, Focus Writer allows users to easily export their completed work in multiple formats, making it easier to share with others.

These features combined make Focus Writer an ideal tool for writing a dissertation or thesis.


Ulysses is an excellent tool for writing a dissertation or thesis because it offers an easy-to-use interface that allows writers to format their documents quickly and efficiently.

It also provides a distraction-free environment to help writers focus on their writing.

Ulysses also provides an extensive library of templates tailored to the conventions of academic writing.

It supports collaboration features that make it easy to share documents with supervisors and collaborators.

Additionally, Ulysses allows writers to easily export their documents to popular formats such as Word and PDF, making it easy to submit the final draft of a dissertation or thesis.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an excellent tool for writing your dissertation or thesis because it provides a comprehensive suite of writing assistance.

It has a built-in spellchecker, grammar checker, and readability analyzer, all of which help to ensure that your paper is clear and error-free.

It also offers helpful feedback on your writing style, allowing you to improve and make it more engaging.

Additionally, the editor offers a distraction-free workspace, enabling you to focus on the work.

Finally, the editor provides an overall score for your writing, helping you to identify any areas that need to be improved.

These features make Hemingway Editor an invaluable tool for dissertation and thesis writers.


Evernote can be an excellent tool for writing your dissertation or thesis.

With Evernote, one can create notes, to-do lists, and checklists, allowing one to keep track of all the tasks and information related to your dissertation or thesis.

Evernote also allows you to store and organize all the research material you’ve collected, including articles, PDFs, and other documents, helping you easily access all the data you need.

Furthermore, Evernote allows you to store images, audio recordings, and videos related to your project, helping you keep a digital archive of your research.

You can also easily share notes and documents with your supervisor or peers, allowing for an easy collaboration process.

Lastly, Evernote is available for all devices, making it easy to access and work on your dissertation or thesis anywhere.


Now you have the best apps for dissertation writing or thesis writing.

Writing a dissertation or thesis can be daunting, but with the right tools and advice, it can be made much easier.

This article has looked at some of the best apps available to help you write your dissertation or thesis.

Whether you need help with planning, organizing, research, or proofreading, there is an app to suit your needs.

By using the right tools, you can make the process of writing your dissertation or thesis much easier and more enjoyable.

With the right apps and advice, you can be sure to succeed in your dissertation or thesis.

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