How an online recruiting software does work actually? The HR department plays an important role in talent acquisition. Because of their hard work, the organization can maintain the flow of talented individuals in the organization. However, with the change in recruiting landscape, automation is infiltrating the HR space. 

Advancement is happening at a rapid pace, and it is hard for the organization to keep pace with the change. This is where an online recruiting software is useful. Online recruiting software offers a convenient medium to filter out the best candidate for the organization.

What Is Recruiting Software?

Recruiting software is an umbrella term used by HR to categories the software application and tools used for talent acquisition. It covers various technological solutions that take part in forming the recruitment funnel. 

Recruiting software is sometimes referred to as an applicant tracking system. Although the two are entirely not the same thing, they kind of showcase the same features.

Advancement Of Online Recruiting Software

Technological advancement has streamlined almost every business operation. This includes even the recruitment process. Online recruitment encompasses online sources to recruit new employees for the organization.

Here are a few advantages that online recruiting software brings to the table.

  • Efficiency with the hiring process.
  • Reduced hiring costs.
  • Automated resume screening.
  • Track applicant status.
  • Customizable recruitment workflow.

How An Online Recruiting Software Does Work ?

The workings of online recruiting software are quite simple. It is designed to support a variety of recruiting functions. The process can be divided into four steps:

  • Sourcing.
  • Selecting.
  • Engaging.
  • Onboarding.

Let’s discuss more about these steps.

Step 1: Sourcing

Sourcing is where you look for candidates with the necessary qualifications for the job. Working hand-in-hand with recruiters, the sorcerers are responsible for creating a bridge for the new candidates to get in touch with the organization.

Some of the traditional sorcerers are as follows:

  • Resume database.
  • Social search.
  • Social networks.

If this whole process is done manually, the process takes months to complete. However, integrating the online recruiter software in the process will speed up the pace at which candidates are reviewed.

Step 2: Selecting

Once you have got all the applications for the job, the next step is the selection process. This process involves resume screening, assessing, scheduling and interviewing with the candidates.

When we are talking about talent acquisition, the software that is used for selecting is ATS. ATS allows HR to have a dashboard that reports KPIs and the source of hire. One of the HR trends is the use of technology by organizations to automate the resume screening process, streamline interview scheduling and reduce bias in assessment.

Step 3: Engaging

The next step is engaging with the candidates. The organization communicates with the candidates with SMS, Emails, and phone calls. The purpose of these engagements is to make them convert into applicants. 

The software that is used in this phase of the recruitment process is CRM. It helps HR track the applicants and their current status. 

Step 4: Onboarding

Now the final step – Onboarding. It involves the training and orientation of the new hire. The new recruits are taught about the company policies, introduce the recruits to their colleagues, and create a strategy to ramp up their performance.

Onboarding facilities often include the use of ATS software or HRIS. These are tools used to conduct seminars, online tutorials, and templates. 

Recruiting Software Can Help You Streamline The Talent Acquisition Process

One of the pain points of the HR department is that there is just too much work that goes into the process to get the best candidate for the organization. Looking after the employees, hiring new recruits can be a challenging job.

However, with the recruiting software, the process is streamlined, and most of the task gets automated. This saves the HR valuable time, which they can invest into something valuable.

The Recruitments technology market is estimated to grow by $700 Million by 2023. This shows just how much potential this industry has in the future. Hopefully, now you know how an online recruiting software does work and you may found it useful.

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