Last week I passed the Cisco DEVSAC DevNet Associate Exam 200-901 to earn the Certified DevNet Associate exam. It has been a great experience as this is my first ever certification exam. In the following paragraphs, I will share my experience with you regarding the exam and an overview of the Certified DevNet Associate exam and DEVASC DevNet Associate Exam (200-901) for those who are planning to take this exam to earn the certification. 

First, I will share my Cisco DEVSAC 200-901 Certification Exam story. The story begins with my introduction. 

I’m an IT graduate seeking a professional career in the same. I did my Bachelors In Computer Sciences last year. During my studies, I developed a special interest in software development.

I preferred it over networking as a choice for my future career. After getting my bachelor’s done, I decided to initiate a professional career while setting aside future studies for a while.

I started looking for a job but was unable to get it in the first place.  According to the recommendation of a senior professional, during that period, I joined a computer training institute for a short course in Python development platform.

After completion of the diploma, I got an internship in a software house as a Python developer. It was a great opportunity to test my programming skills.

During a project, I came across the Cisco DevNet platform. I found it very interesting and decided to pursue a career in this growing platform. Due to my professional routines, I can hardly find spare time for formal training so as advised by my colleague I decided to go for the certification

He encouraged me that with my Python background I can do it with a little effort. He gave me a lot of professional tips about the preparation for the certification exam.

He guided me about how to make an effective study plan. I started executing the same according to his direction. For the training resources, he recommended to me Marks4Sure to be a trustable source.

So, I got the PDF and Testing Engine package from MarksSure for the preparation of the Cisco DEVSAC 200-901 Certification Exam. I found the braindumps from Marks4Sure to be very authentic and professionally compiled. Marks4Sure offers a money-back guarantee for all the training material they provide.

Everything went well according to the plan and I was able to go for the exam after 4 weeks of preparation. I took the exam and succeeded by securing an 89% score on the first attempt. That’s How I achieved my goal. 

For those of you looking for the Cisco DevNet Associate qualification, the following is an overview of the certification and the DEVASC DevNet Associate Exam (200-901). 

Cisco DevNet Associate – The network of the future can be your future, too 

Programming and IT substructure are growing more and more linked. The operating system lets you mechanize infrastructural tasks that used to be manual and tedious. And with applications, you can establish organizational technology that enhances connectivity. But writing code for base requires a new, variety set of skills. How can you show recruiting managers that you are familiar with your stuff?  

One word: Certification

71% of hiring managers say that certification increases their confidence in an applicant’s abilities. Cisco DevNet Associate qualification is your passage into a career in network mechanization. This certification authenticates your capability to deliver basic network implementations using Cisco platforms as a base, and to utilise automation workflows around the network, security, cooperation, and computing infrastructure. With one assessment and one training diploma to prepare, the Certified DevNet Associate qualification educates you and provides industry recognition that helps finding jobs. Cisco-certified professionals join a global community that’s enriching the future of technology. Cisco Certified DevNet polishes your skills in designing applications that influence Cisco platforms, from code that aids in running the infrastructure, to apps that bring that infrastructure to life. 

DevNet Associate Exam v1.0 (200-901)

Exam Description: DevNet Associate Exam v1.0 (DEVASC 200-901) comprises 120-minutes long assessment linked with the DevNet Associate – Developer Qualification. This exam tests a person’s grasp of operating system evolution and design including know-how and using Application Programming Interfaces, Cisco principles and development, application development and security, and substructure and mechanization The system, Creating Applications and mechanizing Workflows using Cisco Fundamental Platforms, helps individuals to prepare for this assessment. 

200-901 DEVASC: DevNet Associate

The DevNet Associate Qualification v1.0 (DEVASC 200-901) exam is a 2 hours long assessment linked with the Cisco DevNet Associate qualification. This certification measures an individual’s knowledge of software blooming and style including comprehension and implementing Application Programming Interfaces, principles and development, application creation and security, and infrastructure and mechanization. The plan, Developing Administration and Automating Progress Using Cisco Core Platforms, helps candidates to prepare for this exam.


Cisco is the market leader in enterprise networking solutions. Cisco is also known for its top-of-the-line certifications which are globally recognized to be one of the most valuable IT certifications. These factors make Cisco DevNet one of the strong contenders for future application development platforms. This makes Certified DevNet Associate a great future-proof certification for developers in the early stage of their professional career. By successfully attempting the DEVASC DevNet Associate Exam 200-901 you can earn the Cisco DEVSAC 200-901 Certification Exam that opens the door to amazing career opportunities.