Unlock new opportunities and boost your career by taking it to the next level! If you have been working as an Azure Administrator for quite a while now, you should consider validating your talent for a higher tier. Author: ALBY Q That means, take the Microsoft AZ-104 exam and get ready for a brighter future lying ahead of you.

Exam AZ-104 rewards you with the commendable certification named Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate. You will be the master when it comes to the execution, management, and monitoring of Microsoft Azure functions in an organization. Not only that, but it will also present you with a golden opportunity for professional growth. So, let us put your current experience and knowledge into more valuable use with this famed credential.

Stepping up your game for a fruitful career

As an Azure Administrator, having a profound understanding of cloud services is pivotal. Your prior knowledge must include storage, security, networking, and computing capabilities. In one way, Author: DANIYAL A this will shape your success for this intermediate-level credential. Here are the important things and skills you need to know for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam.

● Prior training experience and knowledge of Azure features are required.

Becoming a certified Azure Administrator Associate needs a firm grip on the different core Azure services, workloads, security, and governance. At least six months of hands-on training on the administration of Azure is strongly suggested before delving into the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. Author: DREW Z Having experience with Powershell, Azure command-line interface, Azure portal, as well as Azure Resource Manager templates will give you an edge for the assessment. These experiences are crucial in helping you understand the test concepts more efficiently.

● Demonstrate real-world mastery of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure.

For this assessment, you should sharpen your abilities in implementing and deploying the Microsoft Infrastructure in your organization. Author: JAI W Your exam prep will train you to become a cloud professional who thinks critically and decides unmistakably. In particular, you need to have mastery of the following skills: dealing Azure identities, conducting storage, arranging Azure compute resources, monitoring Azure resources, and configuring virtual networking.

Using relevant materials that will hone your abilities

Taking AZ-104 is just the first step of your triumphant career journey. All those skills you train for during your exam prep must be taken into your conscious mind. If you just memorize for the sake of passing, Author: REHAN A then your talents and even prospective company will be at stake. Don’t just study for the test but study and train like you are in the real-world scenario. Remember, your organization relies on your capabilities, which are then dependent on the amount of training and hard work you put into.

So here’s a question what are the steps, a student should follow for every exam scenario to secure good grades, Let’s have a look on these steps.

Best Guide to Get Good Grades

  1. Tips to urge Good Marks.
  2. Concentrate within the exam and relax.
  3. Study in phases. Each phase shouldn’t exceed 40 minutes in time. Take an opportunity after each phase (up to twenty minutes).
  4. Studying while having something in mind that you simply want to try to maybe a waste of your time. Do everything you would like first then study; as your brain won’t beg you to prevent studying. However, if you’ve got nothing in mind, then don’t play (for example) before studying – finish your job towards school then enjoy it within the remainder of the day. Author: NIKOLAS C.
  5. There is no shortcut to success. this is often the primary thing you ought to remember. For this reason, you’ve got to form an excellent deal of effort.
  6. Each subject features a unique way of preparing, studying and answering its questions. Some competitive exams (university’s exams, for example) need an extended and sophisticated preparation, while your school exams may have preparation of 1 or a fortnight.
  7. Studying while containing fear inside yourself may be a waste. Get obviate fear and the other possible bad feelings before studying.
  8. A good timetable will assist you. you’ll organize it in such how that a long/hard subject takes more room than a short/easy subject. Remember, however, that each one subject should be studied.
  9. Get obviate any unnecessary ‘time wasting mechanisms’ while studying. This includes TV, computer (only if you would like Internet access), mobile phones, tablet, or maybe your younger brother!
  10. Make notes while studying. Write a synopsis for your subject if you’re studying it for the primary time/ within the beginning of the varsity year. this may assist you within the future examinations by allowing you to recollect the contents of your subjects.
  11. Eat well and sleep well.
  12. Write clearly and be direct to the purpose. Don’t write any irrelevant information. Don’t wrap the proper answer during a wrong answer. Write full sentences. Don’t expect the examiner to link your sentences, fill within the space, or the other thing. Think that the examiner is your brother, and you’re explaining to him.
  13. Some studying programs just like the GCSE, SAT, and IB could be expensive. Remember that your parents are those behind paying these amounts of cash, which your failure will cause them to pay more. Author: KADEN X
  14. Make an inventory of all the items you would like to try to to to review for every subject, and the way long you think that it’ll take you. Use this information to form up a study timetable. be sure that you simply have given yourself all the time you think that you would like, plus a touch extra per subject, in your study plan. Also confirm your study plan has enough space in it, so if something comes up at some point, you’ll shuffle around your plan so that you don’t lose study time.
  15. Attempt the questions which are easy first than those that are hard for you.
  16. When you’re preparing for a test or exam- ditch the particular test or a exam and just know that what you are doing exactly.
  17. Don’t be disappointed at your previous result.


Get out of your comfort zone, aim high, and enhance your skills. Be the next valuable and in-demand Azure Administrator in your organization by taking the Microsoft AZ-104 assessment. Being ambitious will take you nowhere but to the top. And the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification will certainly give you the most competitive advantage to strengthen your career.

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