Whenever one starts a new phase in the development of online business, the moment arrives to think about its evolution, and it may lead to the need for improving SEO strategies and tools. 

The most efficient way to succeed with that task is by buying backlinks. Nevertheless, if you decided to go this way, you may stumble upon a series of questions. How much will you have to pay? Where to get backlinks which are quality links? Are there any risks?

Don’t fuss; you now have a chance to get all the answers and clarify the situation. We advise you to read this article carefully and decide for yourself whether it’s what you want and need.

How Much Do Backlinks Cost?

Acquiring links is a long-existing method of improving SEO. It turned into a debugged industry with the years, and the cost of buying backlinks went through a number of fluctuations. Many credible sources provide their investigations on these price changes in different years.

Considered to be a sort of commodity, links were always the subject of interest to people purchasing and selling them. No wonder that the ways one could get them were multiple.  

  • For instance, in the nineties, paid directory submission was the most widespread form of getting links for increasing Google rankings. 
  • In the mid-2000s, it all transformed into an industry selling sidebar links on a rental basis for a certain fee that depended on a site’s metrics.  

Back then, the lowest price was around 30 dollars per month for a link from a PR site. If you wanted the one from a high-PR website, you’d have to pay 100 dollars or even more. 

What about the most recent data, you may wonder? Well, the research of trustworthy SEO sources, such as the one done by Loganix state that in 2018 or beyond, the link-buying pricing would be the following: 

  • The cheapest one from the parenting blog with a DR of 32 would cost about 50 dollars;
  • The most pricey link from a blog with a DR of 56 would be around 3.312 dollars per year  .

In general, the average price for selling links was and still is around 360 dollars. However, take into account that these are the approximate calculations, and the exact sum hangs upon several factors that one needs to consider before starting to buy. If you are eager to start gambling as a whale, read the article made by experts from https://exycasinos.ca. The experts talked about crucial attributes of high roller casinos for CA players. It will be much less difficult to pick a perfect platform. 

What Determines the Price?

When we calculate the backlink price, the factors that impact the cost are necessary to reckon with if we want to start acquiring backlinks to boost the website’s SEO. 

1. The quality of the content

One can rely on landing pages or sales pages only and not bother about filling the site with quality content. But then be ready for very few people willing to visit and link to it. In addition, such actions will cause an increase in the link cost.

So we recommend ensuring that the site provides its visitors with catchy and well-designed content. If you see it’s unique with flawless design, the readers will more likely want to link to it! For sure, it will also mean a lower price for the backlinks.

2. Creativity and flexibility

Some brands want to play safe and are extremely against any out-of-box concepts. They allow no creativity in content, its style, and topics to tell about their company.

However, such an approach makes it incredibly difficult to reach the audience! Enclosing yourself like that will only lead to the rise of the link cost, besides, it fatally cuts down the number of people the brand could reach if putting itself out there.

3. How strong the brand is 

The strength and popularity of the brand also matter a lot. People will much more gladly respond to reputable and trustworthy brand names, which means the cost of the links will get lower.

4. The quality of a link

This is a crucial factor! Here you just need to decide what you are up to. Are you willing to relatively easily earn links from small independent blogs? Or you would rather go for a reputable website, which, however, will take you way more effort to get a link from?

Consider that the more popular the blog or site is, the more valuable the link will be.

5. Industry

It’s not a surprise that the price of a link hangs upon the area we work in. In some industries (e.g., finance), the bloggers will ask for enormous fees, whereas, in others, they will gladly share the links with you.

Where to Get Backlinks?

So, where do we get those links from? We can name two significant sources that one can use for backlinks acquisition:

Buy them from bloggers

This is the first thing that comes to mind if we think of purchasing backlinks, which is where most of such deals occur. So, basically, you buy them directly from bloggers. 

However, the frequent trick is that they can ask you to review their sites in exchange for a product.

 And the ploy is that they imply the review will contain the backlink.  

Get them through paid guest posts

Another option is to go directly to one of the sources that sell links, organically planted in guest posts, for a certain fee. Those can be either link-buying mediators or authentic backlink-selling services. 

As an example, LinksManagement is a safer alternative with an option to choose any backlink pricedepending on the site’s domain authority, from 10 dollars per link. Such links come from credible web pages and will make your backlink profile look natural to Google.

We warn you to be aware of hidden PBNs that sell their services as real outreach. The simplest way to spot them is the price, which is usually suspiciously low (less than 100 dollars per post). 

Possible Hazards to Consider

If you ever asked yourself a question like “Should I buy backlinks?”, you are probably aware that acquiring backlinks is dangerous because of the possible risks of doing that.   

  • Buying backlinks is against Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • If they catch you doing that, be ready your website will get punishment, e.g., by losing the traffic
  • Messing with PBNs often ends up pretty bad for the site owners

So, in terms of safety, it is better to acquire placement on real sites (even though a certain amount of risk remains anyway) rather than playing Russian roulette when dealing with the fake ones.


Link building is vital in the SEO world, but we must do it reasonably and carefully. Besides, since it turns out to be quite pricey to buy backlinks, it’s better to ensure that you’re acquiring them from credible sources with no risks. Hope you have gotten the answers to the questions How Much Do Backlinks Cost And Where to Get Backlinks.

So make a plan, research the competitors, decide what keywords and pages you’ll target, and only then set off to the goal.

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