There isn’t only one way to promote your website using the power of search engine optimization. Fortunately, there are many paths to achieving a goal of promoting a website to greater traffic, stickiness and revenue gains.

Here we explore three strategies that use SEO in a smart way to get ahead.

Promote Your Website: Write High-Quality, SEO-Optimized Content

Widening your reach genuinely means giving value to your audience. When promoting your website, you shouldn’t focus solely on numbers and figures for every successful search engine visit. The key to promoting your website sustainably is to write high-quality content that is search engine optimized.

Through SEO content writing, you’re providing meaningful content to your readers while encouraging them to check out other content on your website. This strategy is also less costly than other marketing strategies out there.

If you want to achieve search engine optimized content without writing them yourself, you can seek out reliable SEO content writing agencies or search for services near you like SEO content writing Perth, to create compelling content that follows the best SEO practices that can certainly help boost your website’s performance.

But before writing any content, it’s important to find a topic that people will read or find valuable. You can accomplish this through a niche market analysis, where you’ll focus on keywords with a great deal of search engine statistics. You can also choose a topic that people are already frequently searching for online. There are tools that can help you determine this.

Also, the organization and efficiency of your content will matter to your readers. Write your search engine optimized content in a structured format and break them into smaller paragraphs, shorter sentences, and simpler vocabulary to increase readability. Most importantly, utilize proper tag hierarchy with the use of headings and subheadings.

If the level of your writing can’t meet these SEO requirements, it’s always best to find a superb writer that’ll help you translate your ideas and represent your brand’s voice and identity.

Promote Your Website: Going Social for Followers

When you have a website that’s suitable for building followers, turning them into raving fans and selling to them, then social media is made for your site.

With every social channel, there needs to be a hook. What’s the reason that they’re watching your story on Instagram or checking out your pinboard on Pinterest?

People respond to stories, ideas and emotion. Infuse these things into what you post on social media to build followers who will support your brand and even defend it online.

To learn more about how to build a rabid following of social media users, check out The Guerrilla Agency. This agency can help define the right social strategy for each platform and craft a message that will appeal to each respective audience individually.

Promote Your Website: Building Pillow Links for Diversity

Link building is important to slowly improve how Google and Bing see the site. You can get some low-lying fruit like blog and forum comments in the early days, but sooner or later you’ll start to get some higher-quality backlinks pointing to your website.

You’ll need to pay attention to link diversify to ensure you’re not overoptimizing your link anchor text (the text in the link itself) by using targeted search terms too often. Click here to read more about the anchor text optimization strategies for promoting your web site.

When used too often, it seems forced and manufactured, possibly leading to a manual penalty from Google if it becomes noticeable.

promote your website

Building pillow links is advisable to balance out powerful links that lead to an over-optimization of anchor text. Many of these new links will be branded, relate to the website URL or be non-sensical.

Therefore, the linking text will include the website address in various permutations, the name of the site, and random things like ‘click here’ or ‘learn more here.’

The idea is not to have more than 3-5% of link anchors using the same keywords pointing to a single page or post to achieve a reasonable balance.

Having the right anchor text hyper linked is maybe one of the most important things to do right while having a link building campaign. Read more about it here.

Promote Your Website: Guest Posting for Referral Traffic

While many white hat SEO teams will pursue guest posting for the quality links, there’s another way. When you get an agreement to provide content for a new post on a website related to your niche, then you share a similar audience.

A well-targeted piece of copy can attract the attention of that readership. This makes some of the readers curious and they’re likely to click over to your site to see more of the same.

This is also where you need more quality content already published on your site to retain their interest once they’ve arrived. Provide the opportunity opt-in to a newsletter or interact on your site in some other way too. Otherwise, the opportunity is lost.

Along with the above methods, using infographics for brand recognition is an interesting spin on the idea of infographics for SEO.

Depending on the quality of the presentation and usefulness of the data to the audience where the infographic is published, readers notice the creator of the infographic too.

Hopefully, it’s been linked below the infographic and is clickable which can drive fresh traffic to the site too. These ways you can perfectly promote your website.

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