Do you have a successful website? No? Yes? How will you know? Have you ever considered this question?

When a web design company for small business begins to talk to a prospective client about their new site, they always ask them the following questions:

  • What do you have a desire for a visitor to do as they land on your site?
  • How are you going to know if they have done it?

For many small businesses that are getting started with their first site, those are questions they are not certain how they should answer or never had considered. Their answer typically is, “I want visitors to see what our business offers.” And that is true; you want prospective customers to do just that. However, your goal should not just be to “see” what your business offers, you want prospective customers to buy in, and take the next step. We have to have a goal that it’s possible to measure. And while a web design company for small business is able to measure the number of users who visit your site, and we’re able to measure the number of pages they view, the point can be lost if that individual does not become a customer.

We are here to attend you in figuring out the answers to these questions and select a measurable goal, in order for you to know if your site is working for you. To know if your site is doing what you need it to do, you have to have goals. What is it that you want the individual who lands on your site to do? It may be easy, like if you’re selling mugs and the goal includes getting people to purchase mugs. You’ll know if they’re purchasing mugs because you’ll receive orders.

Not just will you know if your site is working if orders begin to roll in, you also can use analytics information to check what percentage of your website visitors actually are purchasing your products. Then it is possible to use that information to find out what is working and what isn’t in order for your web design company for small business to be able to make adjustments to boost sales. Seeing results and tracking sales in that way is simple.

Web design Company for Small Business

Web design company for small business: What if the goal is not to sell something?

Consider what you want from a visitor. Do you need them to hire your services to wash their windows? Clean their carpet? Design them a website? If you provide a service, the most typical measurable goal includes a form submission. This way, it is possible to measure the number of times the form is submitted, and you may compare that figure to the number of users visiting the website, the number of page views, and then learn what’s working and what isn’t. This objective is lead generation, getting visitors to fill out your form. We can track how many people visit your website then go on to fill out the form.

And what about calls? What if what you really want prospective clients to call you? It’s also a measurable goal, yet it is a little more challenging to measure and might be expensive depending on which method you select. Of course, it is always possible to ask individuals how they heard about your business when you answer the telephone, yet there also all call tracking programs it’s possible to get which will track visitors from your site to your telephone. Those are not free though; therefore, it’s something you should consider as you determine how vital that information is for you. I am a huge fan of data and having the ability to use that information to make meaningful decisions to help small businesses.

What if you do not want prospective clients to call you?

Receiving a lead for a service or making a sale sometimes is not the goal. You may have a blog you write, and your goal includes generating traffic in order for you to sell advertisements on your website. Your objective includes getting more traffic so you can get more folks to click on the advertisements. In that case, you’d measure your goal within the traffic you receive to your site, and you’d do that with the use of a tool such as Google Analytics that measures the length of time on the website, the number of visitors, the number of pages viewed, and even more detailed data on your traffic, like location, gender, and age.

Your web design company for small business will inform you that you must show proof to advertisers that your website is receiving visitors if you want to sell advertisements. If you want to earn money at AdWords, you have to have more traffic to generate clicks on these advertisements. If no one clicks on these advertisements, you will not earn any money.

Additional measurable goals

Subscriptions: You might want to get subscribers to a newsletter; therefore, a measurable goal might be the number of individuals who subscribe to the newsletter.

Downloads: If you provide any type of downloads, complimentary PDFs for whatever you might want individuals to read, your aim might be to get those downloaded; therefore, it is vital that you also keep track of your downloads. With the use of a plugin such as Download Monitor, it will permit you to keep track of the number of downloads. It is also possible to keep track of downloads in Google Analytics; however, it’ll take a bit of configuration to do.

Gain Followers: Your objective might be to use your site to boost your following on social media; therefore, knowing the number of your visitors, which includes the number of people who visit your social media pages is important.

It is important that you discover how to know if your site is working for your business. If you do not have a measurable, specific objective for your site, how are you going to know if it is working? How are you going to know if you ought to make changes? What is the point of owning a website if it isn’t helping you? Websites are no longer set it and forget things. More than 80 percent of customers perform research online before they make a decision. Knowing your website’s performance is crucial to using it to obtain results.

If you need assistance with how to measure your goals on the internet, speak with a reputable web design company for small business.

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